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The Welsh Corgi and the Pug are two of the more popular smaller dogs around, although they come from very different backgrounds.

On the one side we have a happy little working dog that has herding genes and has since become a family pet. On the other we have the iconic Pug, which is perhaps the most loved companion dog right now.

In theory, a Corgi Pug mix should balance the best of the two animals. Perhaps a companion dog with a tougher nature. But what do we really get when we breed the two.

What is the right Corgi Pug mix name?

Before we look more closely at the different genetics and potential traits of a hybrid Corgi/Pug, it is important to note that this is not a common mix.

While some hybrids are classed as popular “designer breeds” with specialized breeders, like the Puggle or Borgi, this mix has gone under the radar a little.

Therefore, there is no clear breed name for this cross and many simply refer to it as the Corgi Pug. Others use Porgi, for want of any name at all, but this doesn’t bring up many breeders or guides in a Google search so isn’t that reliable.

Be careful when researching this breed because there are lots of Pug-related crosses out there and not all breeders are selling a Porgi.

What does a Corgi Pug look like?

Unlike some of the other Pug or Corgi mix breeds that are around, there aren’t too many photographs online from key breeders or owners of these dogs.

However, there are some physical features that stand out. They often have the light fawn coat and darker muzzle of the Pug, a muzzle size somewhere between the two parent breeds and the build of the Corgi. The ears are an oddity as they do not stand erect.

As for the size and weight of these dogs. The parent breeds are around the same height, so between 10-13 inches, but the weight varies. The heavier Pugs are 18 lbs while the lightest Corgis are 30 lbs.

corgi pug crossCorgi Pug Mix Dog – Image Source

Are there any shedding or grooming issues with a Corgi and Pug mix?

Unfortunately, as both parent breeds have coats that shed fairly frequently, there is no avoiding shedding and potential allergen risks with this hybrid dog.

This means that the coat of these dogs – which may vary in length depending on the most dominant genes in play – does need regular brushing. The grooming regime isn’t too strenuous if handled regularly, and gentle bathing can help.

What important ,Pug Corgi mix information do buyers need to know about their health care?

Corgis are at risk of Hip Dysplasia and IVDD and Pugs often have breathing problems and eye issues. However, the risks are reduced here. The eyes and muzzle of the cross reduce the risks of damage or infection and hybrid dogs tend to be healthier as responsible breeders breed out bad genes.

It is also important to feed these dogs a strong, healthy diet with portion control because Corgis are prone to overeating and this may come through in this Porgi hybrid.

The Dog Food Secrets guide is a great aid here as it can help owner to identify the best approach for a healthy pup without the need for too many unhealthy treats.

A strong exercise regime of walks, play and mental stimulation is also important to combat obesity and boredom, but these little dogs don’t need too long a walk and are also fairly well suited to apartment living. This leads nicely to our next point.

The Pug and Corgi cross breed as a family dog

These parent breeds share many similarities in their personality and behavior and are both seen as great family dogs.

They will get along with pretty much anyone, especially with good socialization training, and are great with kids. Their offspring should be the same.

Also, unlike some other smaller dogs, they have fewer issues with being left alone. Separation anxiety shouldn’t be as strong with these dogs and owners should be able to leave them unattended for short periods of time.

Are there any negative personality traits with these Corgi Pugs?

Everyone automatically focuses in on the positive side of these fun-loved, family oriented dogs.

However, new owners should not overlook the potential for negative aspects that may come through, especially from the Corgi side. Corgis have a tendency to herd children as primal instincts kick in. They are also more likely to bark than some other small dogs.

Training Corgi Pug mix puppies

Owners of these Porgi pups that find that they do have this traits, or other issues, may find that they need a little help when it comes to training.

Training isn’t always going to be hard here because both parents are smart dogs. Yet, they need a strong training program to deal with problems.

Training guides like Doggy Dan the online dog trainer also help for first time owners that have never dealt with the basics either. This online guide uses step by step instruction to keep newcomers on the right track.

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Where to find a Corgi Pug mix for sale?

If this Corgi x Pug sounds like a great addition to the family, you need to look for a breeder or a shelter.

This may not be a popular hybrid right now, but there will be breeders out there with good stock and a love of this dog. The rarity may mean a higher price tag, however.

The alternative is to ask around at local shelters. There is a chance that some Porgi puppies, or unfortunate adults, were left there in need of a good home.

corgi pug mix puppyPug/Corgi mix puppy –Image Source

What have we learned about this Corgi Pug mix and is it right for you?

This hybrid may be a completely new option for dog lover in search of a family friendly pet, but it is easy to see why it quickly steals people’s hearts.

The blend of Pug and Corgi traits make for an attractive little companion dog with a good heart and smart brain. The lack of major medical or training issues are a bonus too. Many families are sure to enjoy the company of this fun-loving pup.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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