Is The Frenchton Dog Really Any Better Than The Frenchie?

frenchton dog

There has been a surge in popularity in recent years for the French Bulldog. They are one of the preferred smaller pure breeds because of their cute features and comical nature.

However, this is not the only dog out there with these looks and personality.

In fact, some believe that the Frenchton dog – a French Bulldog mix with Boston Terrier – is actually a better option.

Some feel that this modern genetic mix brings together the best of two fairly similar dogs and should not be overlooked as an option for new owners.

So what is a Frenchton dog, what do you really get and are they all that appealing?

In this guide to Boston Terrier French Bulldog mix we will look at some of the most important Frenchton dog information that all prospective owners need before taking on one of these dogs.

French Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix PuppyImage Source: Mardi Youngflesh/Pinterest

Naturally, there will be plenty of information on French Bulldog Terrier mix personality traits and physical traits.

However, we also plan to go deeper into the genetic make-up of these dogs and the reason for their existence. This means a closer look at their build, behavior issues and health care.

From there you can see if you really want to look further into getting French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix puppies.

How did this Frenchton breed come about and what are we meant to call it?

As we mentioned above, we get this cross breed by breeding a French Bulldog and Boston Terrier.

Some may see the term Frenchton Bulldog around and believe that the standard Bulldog may be involved, but this is all about using the genes of the Frenchie with those of the Boston.

Many talk about this dog being 75% Frenchie and 25% Boston in terms of build, looks and character. This is important because of the reasons behind the hybrid’s conception.

This new companion breed came about in the 1990s with the main aim of eliminating some of the health risks of the French Bulldog and improving their build.

The similar Boston Terrier was a great choice, as you will see below when discussing build, health and other factors.

Boston FrenchieImage Source

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As for the names, there are many names that may be used in different blogs and breeders sites when describing these dogs. These that say that there are no other Frenchton names are wrong. Terms like French Terrier and Bulldog Terrier are too vague to really describe this unique cross breed.

More commonly, they are referred to as either Frenchtons or the more complicated Faux Frenchbo Bulldog. In all honesty, the name Boston Frenchie is much cuter.

What can we expect from the physical characteristics of these dogs?

Anyone that goes searching for pictures of French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix dogs shouldn’t be too surprised by what they find because there are some clear traits of both dogs, although it really does look like an alternative Frenchie in many ways.

There is the round head, flat face and short tail.

One feature that may come as a surprise to some is the set of large erect Frenchton ears. Many pups look as though they will never grow into them.

Another key physical trait here is the eyes, as the bugling eyes of the Boston are rarely seen here.

Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix SizeImage Source: Tyrani Kimmet Wells/Fb

Then there is the issue of the Frenchton size.

As was mentioned above, this dog was bred to provide a slightly different build to the Frenchie. It is still a sturdily build dog, but it is also a little more athletic.

Generally speaking, these dogs tend to have a height around 14-16 inches while the Frenchton weight is usually around 15-25 pounds.

As with all of these mix breeds, there will be variations in the size and shape.

Then we have the issue of the coat type with a French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix.

Again, there are few surprises in store here as the two parent breeds are quite similar. This dog has a short, fine coat with minimal grooming needs.

Gentle brushing once a week and a wipe down is often enough here. This also means that Frenchton shedding is minimal, so this shouldn’t be too difficult to handle for those that don’t want hair all over the home. 

As for the colors, many owners will find that there are many black and white dogs, with the typical facial markings and saddle of the Boston Terrier. Having said that, it is also also possible to see golden, cream and brown dogs with colors similar to Frenchies, as well as all black or brindle dogs.

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Boston Terrier mixed with French Bulldog FawnImage Source: Wes-Tara Eisan‎/Fb

Finding the right home for Frenchton puppies

It is important that all pups within this Bulldog Boston Terrier mix are given a good, loving home that can support them.

There are some concerns about the place of this dog as a family dog, mostly because of the idea that the Frenchie isn’t great with young children.

However, this hybrid does tend to be much better with kids and more adaptable to the family environment.

Furthermore, some make great guard dogs because they will bark at intruders.

The problems come in providing enough space and activity for these playful dogs. Also, they can have sensitivity to extremes in temperature, so aren’t great in some climates.

This notion of plenty of space for exercise and play leads to some important points about the exercise regimen of this dog.

This Boston Frenchie cross tends to require more exercise than the pure Frenchie because of that aforementioned athletic build.

You want to keep them trim and healthy and offer an outlet for their playful demeanor and energy. This means a home with a yard and plenty of walks are a must.

As for the Frenchton diet, it is important that these dogs get a healthy diet that supports their needs with the right portion sizes. Anyone that struggles here is advised to turn to the Dog Food Secrets e-book for further advice on a natural, healthy diet and portion controls.

What do new owners need to know about potential French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix health problems?

When talking about the reasons behind the breeding of this dog, we mentioned the fact that these Frenchies were bred with the Boston Terrier for better health as well as better athleticism.

There are some clear health concerns with Frenchies, such as Hemivertebrae, Intervertebral Disc Degeneration and Stenotic Nares.

There is also a good chance that these dogs could develop breathing problems due to the shape of their head and airways. Many can deal with an elongated soft palate that leads to snorting and other issues.

Bostons, on the other hand, have few health issues to contend with, and their genetics do seem to help to make the hybrid healthier. Furthermore, the traits with the eyes could also lessen risks of eye problems.

As a result, the Frenchton life expectancy is pretty good at 12-15 years.

health problems of frenchton dogsImage Source: Tonya Holland/Fb

What are some of the important Frenchton personality traits and are there any important behavioral issues that owners need to be aware of?

The Frenchton temperament is pretty pleasing and there are some interesting traits with a French Bulldog mixed with Boston Terrier.

Many Frenchie owners love their dogs for their energetic, pleasing, comical, playful nature. They are also seen as being friendly loyal dogs. Often, these traits continue with the hybrid dog.

In addition to this, it is quite possible that these mix pups will inherit the obedience, intelligence and willingness to please that comes with the Boston. In many ways, it can seem like a match made in heaven, but there are still some issue to contend with.

Behavior problems with a Frenchie Boston mix aren’t too common, and the temperament is such that they are usually fun to have around.

However, owners cannot become complacent about raising these dogs. Some owners point out that the Frenchie Boston Terrier mix has a strong desire for human attention. There are positives to this, in that they are affectionate cuddlers with a lot of love to give.

However, it does also mean that they need a lot of love back. This neediness can be a problem in some home. It can also be a problem if the dogs need to be left on their own for a period as they may get stressed out.


What does this all mean when it comes to training a Frenchton puppy?

The good news with this French Bulldog Terrier mix is that it should be pretty easy to train if you have the time and drive to succeed.

Above we mentioned the obedience, intelligence and willingness to please that comes with the personality traits of the Boston Terrier. Pups that inherit this are much easier to train as these factors could help to soften the independent streak of the Frenchie.

In addition to this, we can’t overlook that fact that the playful, comical French Bulldog is actually a fairly smart dog.

For those that do struggle with a stubborn dog, or one that can’t master a certain behavior, there are online training aids for a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix.

Doggy Dan the online dog trainer can be great for a Boston Terrier Bulldog mix because he is able to provide great advice for many breed types. There are step by step guides on all areas of dog training for an adaptive approach.

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Where can you find one of these Frenchie Boston dogs?

The obvious place to start for most keen owners is with a reliable, experienced breeder that know precisely what to look for in a good puppy.

Frenchton breeders should understand the hybrid characteristics and provide information on the health and parentage of the animals.

The rarity of the breed, and its modernity could make finding Boston Terrier French Bulldog mix puppies a little tricky, but there are breeders out there.

Then there is the issue of the Frenchton cost.

As with all hybrids, there will be various prices for the offspring of a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog.

However, there are some that suggest that buyers should expect to pay around $900 for a pure Frenchie and $200 for a cross. This suggests that this new breed may not be as popular, but it is an affordable alternative.

Then there is the opportunity for Frenchton adoption.

While there are sure to be many people that are attracted to these odd little pups and relish the idea of raising and training one, there are others that would much prefer to take on an adult Frenchton instead. This is where shelters can come in.

There is perhaps more chance of finding a pure Frenchie than one mixed with a Boston, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t hybrids out there that are in need of a loving home.

Adoption can cut the costs significantly and allow you to save a life at the same time.

9 Weeks Old Frenchton dogImage Source: Kevin K Nelson/FB

What have we learned about this interesting breed?

The aim of this guide was to provide all the important Frenchton information to help dog lovers understand what to really means to have a Boston Terrier mixed with French Bulldog.

There is no doubt that this dog was created with good intentions, because of some of the flaws of the Frenchie, and these intentions seem to have paid off in the personality, health issues and other traits of this dog.

There are still some concerns with breathing, over-attachments and independence, but the obedience, athletic build and health shine through.

Just for fun here’s a cool video showing Boston terrier and Frenchton puppies playing:

Is the Frenchton dog right for your household?

There is still the chance that these dogs won’t be suited to the family home because of a lack of experience or space, poor climate or some dominant Frenchie genes. However, there are many of these crosses that do very well.

Just because these dogs are healthier with better temperaments, that doesn’t mean that new owners can become complacent about their needs.

It is important to do more research than simply looking at Frenchton pictures online.

If you still think that this cross is right for you, be careful with breeders when looking for Frenchton puppies for sale, consider options and make sure you can give this affectionate dog the loving home it deserves.

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