The Ultimate Guide to The German Shepherd Coyote Mix (With Pictures)

German Shepherd Coyote Mix

Are you wondering what the mix between a German Shepherd and a Coyote would look like? Crossbreeding a German Shepherd dog and a coyote results in what is known as a German Shepherd Coyote Mix or Coyote Shepherd.

This hybrid creature is often called a Coydog, which is the result of crossbreeding a male coyote and a female German Shepherd dog (or any dog breed for that matter). If the male is a German Shepherd and the female a coyote, the offspring is known as a dogote.

Fast, active and with wild instincts, the Coydog is not the breed for the fainthearted. These dogs require an experienced and active dog owner who can control and keep up with them.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the characteristics and general requirements of the German Shepherd Coyote Mix.

What Is a Coyote Shepherd?

A Coyote German Shepherd mix or Coyote Shepherd is a canine that combines two different but closely related animals together: a dog and a coyote.

When the two creatures mate, they produce a very active animal that is loyal and loving but one that requires strong leadership.

A coyote dog mix is also known as a Coydog. However, they usually don’t come about naturally. Generally, human intervention is the primary source of these creatures, and they are usually raised at home like dogs.

For a creature to be classified as a true Coydog, one of its parents must be a pure coyote. One should understand the difference between a coywolf and a Coydog since these terms are sometimes confused for one another.

As its name implies, the coywolf is the offspring of a coyote and a gray wolf. Additionally, the coywolf is so common that there are few gray wolves in North America that don’t have coyote genes in them.

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A Coyote Shepherd is a beautiful dog and generally has the following characteristics:

  • Upright ears
  • Slanted back
  • Medium-length coat
  • Combined coat of the German Shepherd black or brown with coyote’s tan.
  • Long tail
  • High-pitched whine

The main advantage of this hybrid is its unique appearance. Many breeders and owners desire to have unique looks of their dogs and other pets. With that said, crossbreeding is a great way to create one.

Moreover, it’s believed that crossbreeding can help prevent some genetic conditions. By combining one breed with another, genetic health issues from the purebred parents might be mitigated or even completely removed from the hybrid.

As a result, the offspring will begin a generation of higher quality dogs. The Coyote German Shepherd Mix will most likely be more active, more energetic and more intelligent.

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Quick Facts about the Coyote German Shepherd Mix

Other names:Coydog, Dogote, Coyote Shepherd
Breed Type:Hybrid
Size:Medium To Large-Sized
Average Weight:60 to 120 Pounds
Average Height:22 to 27 Inches
Suitable for first time owners:No
Lifespan:5 to 15 Years
Suitable for apartment living:No
Coat:Medium-Length, Dense
Coat colors:Black, Brown, White, Sable with Markings
Apartment Living:No
Ideal For:A good choice for active and experienced dog owners
Temperament:Energetic, Agile, Fast, Intelligent, Shy, Loyal and Loving, (Some coydogs can also be unpredictable)
Space Requirements:A large space with a fenced-in yard is preferable (Rural homes are best suited to these dogs)
Energy Levels:Quite high, need at least 2 hours of meaningful exercise each day
Good with Cats and Other Dogs:Unpredictable (Early Socialization Is a Must)
Kids friendly:Unpredictable, not recommended for homes with small kids
Price:Anywhere from $400 to $1000

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Coydog History

The history of the German Shepherd Coyote Mix is not well documented, and some people even believe that the breed doesn’t exist despite many breeders producing puppies.

However, it is believed that the breed has been in existence for centuries, and evidence shows that the Teotihuacan people started breeding coyote dogs to create a strong and loyal hunting dog.

To better understand where the Coydog came from, let’s take a look at some basic facts about both the German Shepherd and the coyote.


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The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the second most popular dog breed in the world. They fall under the herding group, which means they are naturally inclined to herd or control livestock and other animals.

They were commonly used in Germany for herding sheep, controlling them in the fields and protecting them from foxes, wolves and coyotes (yes, you read that right!).

German Shepherds are medium-to-large-sized dogs, with males weighing around 65 to 90 pounds and females being 50 to 70 pounds. However, some of these dogs can be larger than this.

The breed made its way to the United States in the early 20th century.

German Shepherds are very intelligent and easy to train. The German army relied heavily on these dogs during the First World War, thanks to their loyalty and courage.

Americans have kept German Shepherds as guard dogs for decades.

German Shepherds are recognized by their shaggy coat, long muzzles and pointy ears. These dogs shed heavily and mud tends to stick well to their hair.

German Shepherd Running

So, what about the Coyote?

Coyotes are considered to be canines, but unlike dogs, coyotes are wild animals with traits that reflect that. They are very clever, just like their cousins: jackals, foxes and wolves.

They use several forms of communication to talk to other pack members, though they tend to travel separately.

In many parts of North America, you’ll hear the howl of coyotes at night. They usually howl at the moon. Their trademark howl is usually passed on to their offspring.

The coyote is slightly smaller than a German Shepherd. They generally weigh around 20 to 50 pounds, putting them in between wolves and foxes when it comes to size.

Coyote Dog

The General Appearance of the German Shepherd Coyote Mix

The main similarity between coyotes and German Shepherds is that they both fall under the Canidae family or dog lineage.

Both are noticeably similar to wolves in terms of appearance. In fact, the German Shepherd is said to be the closest breed of dogs to coyotes when it comes to appearance.

So, what does a German Shepherd and coyote mix look like?

Generally, the most recognizable feature of a German Shepherd Coyote Mix is a face mask, which is usually white in color. They also have a downward-bent shaggy tail, piercing eyes and long, triangular ears.

Coyote German Shepherd Mix Size. Height and Weight

The Coyote German Shepherd Mix is generally a medium to large dog that weighs around 60 to 120 pounds.

The height of a full grown Coydog also varies, with most of these dogs being around 22-27 inches tall.

Coat and Coat Colors

German Shepherd coyote mixes are thick-coated dogs that can tolerate very cold conditions. This makes them a good choice for anyone who lives in northern America and wants their pet to be comfortable during the winter.

They also shed a lot, so you’ll want to buy a quality vacuum before adding this fur baby to your family.

Coyote Shepherds will have different color variations. There’s generally some black or brown, but there can also be some tan, grey or white dogs.

Some Coyote Shepherds can have a light-colored chest or a face mask due to this strange combination of genes.

German Shepherd Coyote DogImage Source

German Shepherd Coyote Mix Temperament, Behavior and Personality

Coyotes are generally not pack animals. This trait is often passed on to the Coydog, and the coyote Shepherd is often unpredictable.

These dogs have unpredictable behaviors because they are half German Shepherd and half coyote, a wild animal. Therefore, owners should know that the personality traits of this breed will vary even within the same litter. Their unpredictable tendencies also make them unsuitable for first time owners.

Coyote Shepherds tend to be more aggressive and less cooperative compared to other dog breeds. Moreover, they don’t always do well in homes with other pets.

With German Shepherds being generally even-tempered, however, chances are your coyote Shepherd will be calm most of the time.

These pups are also very alert. They are always observant, constantly looking for potential threats.

Coyote Shepherds also tend to react very quickly, so quick movements around them should be avoided.

Timely socialization is important for all breeds, but for a coyote Shepherd, it’s a must.

Coyote Shepherds tend to be one-person dogs, since they crave attention. If socialized and trained early, however, they can become calm and loving family pets.

Anyone interested in owning this dog must be a confident, firm and a patient pack leader.

They should do well with other dogs provided they have been sufficiently socialized as puppies. However, their interactions with kids, cats and other pets should be supervised because of their size and wild instincts.

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Living Conditions

The coyote German Shepherd is not suitable for apartment living. These dogs require a fenced-in yard to play and exercise.

Coydogs generally tend to be territorial and aggressive. Their wild instincts can cause them to wander. This makes them dangerous in urban areas or apartments. Rural homes are best suited to these dogs.


Your German Shepherd coyote mix will require proper training from puppyhood to get them used to people, children and other pets.

Socialization is a must at a young age since these dogs are sometimes shy and quite aggressive towards unfamiliar people or other family pets.

You should be firm yet patient when training these dogs since coydogs are some of the most difficult dogs to train and control. That’s why they may not be good family pets, especially for first time dog owners.

If you intend to adopt a coyote Shepherd, be sure to set the rules first and use positive training methods. Coydogs tend to be pack leaders, and they can go against you if you’re not smart enough with them.

Even with a properly trained coydog, you’re not guaranteed that he will always obey you. Avoid leaving a German Shepherd coyote mix unattended with small kids and avoid leaving them off leash in places where they could cause trouble or get themselves into trouble.

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Exercise Needs

Both parent animals are agile, and to prevent your coyote Shepherd from becoming destructive, he needs plenty of exercise. To be compatible with your coyote Shepherd dog, you need to be someone who jogs or runs for at least 2 hours each day.

Physical activity, mental stimulation and a fenced-in yard are also necessary for this crossbreed to be a happy and healthy dog.

Shedding and Grooming Needs

Both parent animals have a thick coat and they shed a lot. A coyote Shepherd should be brushed like other pups of the same size and coat type.

Brush your dog’s coat when necessary and keep him clean and tidy to prevent any allergies or skin irritations.

You should also trim their nails at least once a month.

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Feeding and Diet

Since Coydogs are highly energetic, they need high quality dog food with high protein and fat content.

They tend to do well on dry kibble, but do better on a raw diet comprising a lot of raw meat. Therefore, you should choose a dog food brand with meat as one of its main ingredients. Or you can consider feeding them a raw meat diet.

With the coyote parent animal being a scavenger, it’s very important to set aside anything that could harm them.

You should feed them two to three times each day, with easy access to raw bones throughout the day. You should also offer them fresh water throughout the day.

Moreover, adding Alaskan salmon oil to your dog’s meals will help keep his coat smooth and his joints in good condition.

Coyote GSD mixImage Source

Coyote Shepherd Life Expectancy

The Coyote German Shepherd Mix has an average lifespan of around 5 to 15 years. Proper care and attention can help prolong their life span.

Health Issues

Coydogs are very hardy dogs, just like their wild counterparts, strong and fit enough to do well in the wilderness.

Therefore, there are a few health problems that can affect these dogs. The German Shepherd coyote mix is unique because it is a cross-species creature, which might make this a sturdier hybrid.

Some of the health issues that are specific to the coyote Shepherd include:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Bloat
  • Heartworms
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How Much Does A Coyote German Shepherd Mix Cost?

It may be very difficult to find German Shepherd Coyote mix puppies for sale. When you do, however, you want to buy one at a good price.

A German Shepherd coyote mix for sale may cost anywhere from $400 to $1000, depending on the breeder and the location.

Before bringing your puppy home, you also need to consider the normal costs of raising a puppy. These include medication, vaccines, vet visits, dog food, toys, and any other things you would want for your beloved pet.

For a German Shepherd coyote mix, you’ll also need to buy a strong crate that can accommodate your dog as he grows.

Crate training a coydog like this can be very beneficial in the long run since they can develop destructive behaviors when bored.

The overall cost of buying and maintaining a coyote Shepherd will most likely depend on the cost of the German Shepherd parent. Knowing the general costs of German Shepherd dogs can give you a good idea of how much time, money and effort would be required for the mix.

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Is The German Shepherd Coyote Mix The Right Breed For Me?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the coyote German Shepherd mix is not a dog for the fainthearted, and it’s important that aspiring owners have a good understanding of the coydog temperament and behavior before adopting this mix.

Coydogs are not suitable for first time owners. They should only be adopted by experienced dog owners who are firm, confident and patient with dogs. Novice or inexperienced owners will be overwhelmed by the aggression and wild instincts associated with these dogs.

Lastly, coydogs are not ideal for suburban or apartment living. They require plenty of space to roam and are best suited to rural areas and a fenced-in yard to exercise.

The coyote Shepherd is also not recommended for homes with small kids.

Are Coydogs Good Pets?

Coydogs tend to be shy, calm or aggressive. Coydogs are often one-person pets that form strong bonds with only one member of the family.

However, there have been many cases of coyote dogs being properly trained and socialized from an early age to become loyal and loyal family companions.

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Are Coydogs Dangerous?

Although coydogs are undeniably beautiful, they are also very unpredictable. Due to their size and wild instincts, they are also potentially dangerous.

You should not aspire to get a coydog if you’re not knowledgeable about canine behavior and confident in your ability to handle a wild animal.

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In summary, a coyote German Shepherd mix is a unique breed that would be a good choice for active and experienced dog owners.

These dogs tend to be very intelligent, energetic and adventurous. However, some coydogs can also be unpredictable.

Expect to put a lot of effort maintaining your dog and be prepared to get a professional dog trainer to prevent aggression.

Bear these things in mind if you are considering getting a German Shepherd coyote mix. With these dogs, training, socialization and exercise are a must.

But if you’re confident you can maintain them, then getting a coyote Shepherd might mark the beginning of a wonderful adventure for you and your dog!

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