The Greyhound Lab Mix (Greyador): Facts/Information

Greyhound Lab Mix

The idea of a greyhound lab mix sounds a little comical at first, but there is actually an interesting hybrid dog here.

In this brief guide to this Greyador dog, we will look at some of the key greyhound lab mix info to help you understand this breed a little better.

We will start with the physical traits, such as the size and coat. This leads to information on their health and care needs.

We will then look at the personality of this dog, its behavioral issues and training needs.

Finally, we will look at where to get a lab greyhound mix for the family.

Important information on physical greyhound lab mix characteristics

The first question on the minds of many dog lovers is what does this Labrador and greyhound mix even look like?

We probably all have the same image in our minds when we hear the word greyador of a stretched out, skinny Labrador.

This isn’t too far from the mark in terms of its build, but probably not to the extent that you expect.

The size of this dog can vary depending on the dominance of the genes towards either the greyhound or Labrador side of the parentage. 

greyador guideImage Source

This generally means a lab greyhound mix size of about 25-30 inches hight and lab greyhound mix weight of 65-80 pounds.

They are a curious looking dog with the lean frame, long greyhound face and big floppy lab ears.

Another important physical feature is the coat – both in type and color

These dogs, like their parents, can come in a range of colors.

We see this in the cute lab greyhound mix pictures online. This often reflects the type of Labrador the greyhound bred with.

This means many lab greyhound mix puppies with the same coloration as a yellow lab, but also much darker coats too.

greyhound yellow lab mixImage Source

It all depends on whether this is a yellow lab and greyhound mix, chocolate lab greyhound mix or black lab greyhound mix.

As for the coat quality, they are sure to be short-haired and easy to look after with moderate greyhound mix shedding. 

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Taking care of a greyhound lab mix puppy at home

The size of the dog leads us to some interesting issues with their care and diet.

If you know your greyhounds and Labradors, you will know that they are active breeds that require plenty of exercise to stay fit and healthy.

This is no different with this Labrador greyhound mix, as the eagerness to play and the love of running will keep owners on their toes.

You need to be sure that you can give these dogs enough space and attention.

golden lab greyhound mixGolden Lab Greyhound mix – Image Source

A good exercise regimen and playtime in the yard is also important for staying fit. You want them to keep that lean look, and diet alone wont be enough.

It is especially important to watch their exercise regimens and portions when we consider the fact that both parent dogs are prone to weight gain.

labrador greyhound mixImage Source

On the subject of health, there are some small issues to watch out for here with this greyhound and lab mix.

There is a chance that these dogs may inherit some conditions from their parents, so make sure that there isn’t a history of illness in the line when talking to breeders.

Watch out for gastric issues, the usual allergies and hip problems.

Unfortunately, a number of Greyador owners say that hip dysplasia is the biggest problem they have encountered.

Also keep in mind that the typical greyhound lab mix lifespan is 10-12 years.

There are some great tools available to help new owners provide the best healthcare.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health from Kingdom of Pets is a great resource for information on different topics.

The Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test provides a more detailed look at the genes and risk factors your Greyador puppy may face.

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What about the lab greyhound mix temperament?

There shouldn’t be too many surprises with the personality of these dogs because the two pure-bred parents are quite alike in many ways.

This is an affectionate, happy and friendly dog where owners often praise them for their roles as guard dogs and companions.

The differences between them are that the lab is more outgoing and playful, while the greyhound is sweet and quiet.

However, there are negative traits, often from the greyhound, that may come through in this pup. They aren’t too big an issue if the dog is trained well, but could be a problem otherwise.

There is an independent side to the greyhound, as well as a stronger hunting drive and impulse to wander.

This all means that you need a good training regimen with this Greyador from an early age.

Training shouldn’t be too difficult, with the right approach, as they are smart dogs.

Those that struggle with greyhound lab mix behavior should try the helpful step-by-step guide of Doggy Dan the online dog trainer .

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Finding greyhound lab mix puppies for sale

If this dog sounds like a great companion for your family, and you have the right experience and confidence to handle one, you need to find a good breeder.

This is not a well-known or popular cross breed. This isn’t like many other mixes where there is high demand due to media attention or a fad.

The greyador is an oddity that we come to love once we get to know it. therefore, there are fewer breeders and less options. 

This may mean travelling and paying a higher price for a good pup.

Take your time to research lab greyhound mix breeders and spend time with the litter and parent dogs. This will give you a better idea of their linage and traits.

Also, ask plenty of questions about their health and other information you wish to know.

The alternative option here is to look for a lab greyhound mix for adoption.

Again, this could be a rarity. But, you never know what types of dogs will turn up in a shelter for whatever reason.

There could be an unwanted litter of cross bred pups from a greyhound owner. Or, there could be an older dog that a family couldn’t handle.

This is a chance to save a life and give them a second chance.

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Is this greyhound lab mix right for you?

There is a lot to consider with these dogs before rushing out and buying or rescuing one.

They may have the sweet nature of the greyhound, friendliness of the lab and smarts of both, but there are potential downsides.

It is vital that they are trained well to eliminate the behavioral issues mentioned above. It is also crucial they are looked after in the right home by an experienced family.

That means a family that understands this greyhound lab mix and will provide all the exercise, dietary needs, healthcare and attention they need.

Featured Image: Greyhound Black Lab Mix (Instagram/furballs_atx)


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