How Does The Havachon Compare To Its Sweet, Loyal Parents?

bichon frise havanese mix

Both the havanese and bichon are popular little companion dogs because of their personalities and loving nature.

They are sweet and occasionally comical, with big hearts for the right owners. This mean that there are high hopes for the same traits in a havanese and bichon frise mix.

So, is the havachon as appealing as buyers hope for?

This guide will look at some of the key havachon characteristics to look out for within their physicality and temperament.

This means a look at their size, coat, potential behavior problems and training.

Then we will look at ways to find bichon havanese mix puppies for sale, or adoption.

By the end, you should have a better idea whether or not this is a good hybrid for your home?

What should we call this dog?

Havachon has become the common name for this mixed breed.

There are some designer dogs that have a few different names, depending on the breeders’ and owners’ preferences.

However, havachon seems pretty universal. There are a few that use the term frise havanese – but this isn’t as good.

Havachon at least tells buyers precisely what they are getting in the litter. That is as long as the breeder is honest. We will talk more about that later.

havachon sizeImage Source

What is the havachon average size?

There shouldn’t be too many surprises about the size of this havachon full grown because both parent breeds are pretty similar. They are both small toy dogs with a comparable build.

This means that owners should expect a havachon weight of around 14 pounds in an adult dog and a height of 12 inches.

This means that they are a small companion dog that isn’t too small and fragile – like a chihuahua – but small enough to suit apartment living.

Despite this size and living arrangement, there is a surprisingly high activity level in this havachon dog.

For such a small dog, they are able to keep up with other breeds pretty well and seem to have quite a lot of energy to burn.

This means that a suitable diet and exercise regimen are essential. You don’t want them getting overweight and bored.

Take the time to take them on long walks and offer plenty of play time.

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What about the coat of this bichon havanese cross?

There are some interesting qualities seen in this coat.

To begin with, it is noted to be hypoallergenic in many cases. This is a double coated, soft coat with a silky feel and sometimes curls.

This look is a clear trait brought over from the bichon genes. This continues in the curls on the long drooping ears and tail.

havachon puppy infoImage Source

The color of the coat can vary, as you will see from the many havachon pictures online.

This means some that are dark, with blacks and browns, and others with much lighter tones.

There are also many that have the two-tone markings and colors of the havanesse, with lots of cute black and white puppies around.

Beware of those that claim to have an especially rare color.

Grooming a bichon frise havanese cross

A regular grooming regimen is important with this dog’s coat because of the quality and thickness.

It needs regular brushing and clipping to keep it looking at its best. This can be done at home with a good grooming kit, or via a professional groomer.

These grooming sessions are also a great time to check the eyes and ears of these little dogs.

There are hopes that this dog will become recognized as its own breed in the future because of the look, coat and personality.

This mean that it would make a great little show dog. For now, owners have to settle for shows that don’t follow AKC standards.

The other bonus here is that there is little to no risk of a havachon shedding. It doesn’t loose too much hair, which is surprise with this coat.

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Health care issues to watch out for with this bichon havanese mix

The good news with the health of this little dogs is that they have a lifespan of around 14-16 years.

This means that they can be a pretty long-lived dog, depending on their health and care.

There are some risks of eye problems, bladder issues and joint problems with this dog. These different health risks means that is it is important to get your dog checked regularly.

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Important considerations with the havachon personality

The personality of this dog is one of the reasons that it is such a popular hybrid in the companion dog line.

They take on many of the traits of their parents, which means that they are generally a good natured dog.

Most owners would agree that they are loyal, loving and friendly.

They can also be good with kids so and a great family pet – as long as the dog is well trained and the children are well behaved. This is all possible with the right socialization training.

These dogs need to learn to act appropriately with others from a young age. The same is true of the children, as these little pups can be a little sensitive at first and a bit wary of strangers.

Unfortunately, there is a downside with the havachon temperament.

There is also the potential problem of separation anxiety. This is something that owners of companion dogs are often familiar with.

However, the problem is sometimes worse with the mix. The havanese can get very attached to its owners, and the bichon loves to be the centre of attention.

Therefore, it is understandable that the offspring of the two would show signs of distress if left alone for long periods of time. This means that this is not a pet for couples that work long hours.

Training a havachon

Training havachon puppies shouldn’t be too difficult.

There is a slight independent streak in the bichon, but the offspring of this mix is generally keen to please and obey.

They are also smart little dogs that love problem solving. This means that they should pick up commands pretty quickly for some fast, positive results.

Even so, there are still first time owners that can struggle with training. This is where a guide like Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer comes in handy.

There are step by step guides on everything from housebreaking to leash training for a great starting point.

300 x 250

Finding havanese bichon mix puppies for sale from a respectable breeder

If you think that this small, loyal pup is a good fit for your family, the next question to ask is where to find one.

The first option comes in finding local havachon breeders.

There are sure to be experienced breeders with healthy litters at a fair price.

However, it is worth taking the time to research carefully to find them. Look for the ones that will let you see the litter and the parents and are open about the health and linage of the dogs.

Beware of those that talk about rare colors or other traits that don’t quite sound right.

The more you know about a pup before buying, the better prepared you are to raise it.

havachon guideImage Source

What does this mean for the havachon price?

The cost of these dogs will vary depending on the parentage of the dog, the availability and the effort that breeders put into the breeding program.

Those that put lots of time and care into their dogs still need to make some profit. Try and find a puppy in the middle of the price range.

Don’t pay over the odds for a puppy that is no more special than one $200 cheaper.

Also, don’t go too cheap. You don’t know what those breeders are doing with their breeding programmes in order to accept such a low price. They may have cut corners on care.

An alternative here is adoption.

Adoption is a great solution to the problem of finding breeders.

Here you can find a havachon adult rather than havachon puppies for sale.

This is a great way to find a dog in need of a second chance, perhaps because of neglect or because they were just a bad fit for a previous home.

Check out local shelters to see if they have any. This option is also cheaper because of the lower fees.

havanese bichon frise puppyImage Source

Is this havanese bichon mix right for you?

If you meet the criteria of a loving family, with time to spare for training, exercise and play, this havachon puppy could fit in pretty well.

Those that provide the right home and socialization training should have a sweet, loyal companion for many years.

Their personalities and care needs are ideal for less experienced owners. Just make sure to give the havachon the attention that it craves and keep up with its health checks.

Featured Image Credit: luddehavachon


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