How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost And Why Are They So Expensive?

french bulldog cost

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dog right now. Many dog lovers are won over by their looks and personality and want to bring one into the family.

The problem is that many go searching online for these dogs and get a bit of a shock when they see the prices many breeders are asking for.

We all know that a pure bred dog from a good breeder isn’t going to be cheap, but there are some price tags on these dogs that can seem a little bit excessive.

So how much do French Bulldogs cost and what is it about these animals that means that they warrant this high price tag?

In this guide to these cute little animals we will look at some of the key issues that affect the high costs of this breed.

This guide is essentially broken into three important areas that all new owners need to consider.

First there is the issue of the costs that go into creating these dogs, and the impact this has on the prices that breeders will charge for a healthy pup. As you will see, the breeding and rearing process isn’t that simple.

Then we will look at the issue of supply and demand with these dogs. Factors such as small litters and “rare” colors play their part here.

Finally we will look at the costs of caring for these dogs at home. The expenses of Frenchies goes far beyond that initial sale, and some owners may be surprised at the prices.

At the end, we will consider the true cost of this breed and help you decide if they are really affordable or not.

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Why are French Bulldogs so expensive?

Let’s start with the issue of the high sale prices expected by breeders. Why are they all so confident that they can charge so much for their animals?

The simple answer is that they feel they are owed a good return and profit for their efforts. One of the main reasons that French bulldogs cost so much is the amount of money and effort that goes into their breeding.

This is a dog that is not easy to produce in high numbers. Those that try have no understanding of the genetics and physicality of the dog and no interest in the well-being of the animal.

In the best scenarios, with other breeds of dog, breeders will have a healthy, well-bred male that can easily mount a female and produce a strong litter of pups. These pups then go through a healthy, natural gestation period and birth and stay with the mother until it is safe to sell them on.

The problem with French Bulldogs is that this natural, healthy cycle cannot occur.

First of all, the breeding of these dogs, and the shape of the limbs, means that it is very difficult for these male animals to mount a female for natural insemination and fertilization. They may have the desire to, but it just doesn’t work. The solution here is artificial insemination, where human intervention is required to fertilize the eggs. Understandably, this automatically increases the states when questioning how much is a French Bulldog.

This is just the start of a long, difficult process for these dogs. The pregnancy can be tough on these animals and there is no guarantee of a safe birth because of the narrow birth canal. You will see some breeders that insist that their pups were born naturally, but you have to question this. If it is true, how much suffering took place and were the breeder happy to put the pups at risk.

Therefore all Frenchies must go through a c section at precisely the right time to ensure a healthy litter. Again this means a lot of human intervention and high costs. It is not cheap to arrange all these check ups and surgical procedures.

Already, this breeding process requires a lot more effort and financial support than many other breeds.

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Understandably, breeders want to make a profit on these expenses in order for it all to be worthwhile. Therefore, they have to charge over the odds compared to other popular breeds.

The costs spend by the breeders don’t end there. There are other expenses and interventions required in order to get these pups to the age of sale in a safe and healthy manner.

The simple answer here is that Frenchies don’t make great mothers. They aren’t the sort to raise and protect their litter to the best of their ability, and have been known to roll over on them and kill them. No breeder wants to take this risk, so many Frenchie breeders spend their long nights hand feeding and caring for the pups to ensure their safety. These costs must be reflected in the final price.

Then there are those additional costs of vet bills for check ups and injections – or other interventions if the pups becomes ill.

Then there are the costs of all the paperwork and registration for these pure breed pups. It all adds up to a significant expense.

The French bulldog price range has a lot to do with supply and demand

The other thing that we have to remember here is that this is a big expense over a small number of pups. There aren’t that many dogs to sell to make a good return, so the costs are sure to be higher than the average.

Frenchies may only have 3 pups per litter, unlike some bigger dogs that can have triple that or more.

All the hopes and effort of the breeders are on three tiny little lives. This brings in the issue of supply and demand – with less pups to bring into the world, there are less available for the growing market. The higher the demand, the higher the cost.

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How much do blue French Bulldogs cost?

This all explains a lot about the general higher prices of these animals.

The starting point for these Frenchies is naturally higher because there are so few of them and it took so much effort to create them. Then we have to look at the issue of the different variants and colors within the breed.

Blue Frenchies are one of the most expensive of the lot. If you ask how much do brindle French Bulldogs cost, you might get a much lower figure in response. Still, this isn’t a guarantee, and location can play its part.

Some colors will go for more money than others. The more common, as a general rule, are the cheaper pups, while rare and desirable animals will fetch a little more. With Frenchies, blues and silvers tend to be a little more pricey than some of the others, like the fawns and multicolored animals.

Still, costs will always vary depending on the breeder and the supply and demand in the area. There may be a local trend for all-black Frenchies that sparks a price rise. There may be breeder claiming to have blue eyed French Bulldog for sale that then charges a lot more for the rarity of this genetic trait.

The important thing to remember is to take every ad in the paper, or online, with a pinch of salt.

Be wary of all those selling rare and special animals. Does this rarity, and potential for over-breeding of recessive traits, justify a massive mark up on the price.

Remember that a happy, healthy dog is more important than the color. Visit the breeder, make sure they have all the right information and health checks sorted out, and take the time to see the pups and their parents.

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Bringing the animals home

Of course the high cost of owning a French bulldog does’nt stop with the initial sale price.

The expenses linked to a breed have a much to do with their care and lifestyle over the course of their life as the price charged by a breeder.

This means that we also have to consider the cost of health care, the cost of food, the cost of training aids, the cost of living and the cost of treats and toys.

You don’t want to scrimp and save too much and risk neglecting the dog with poor choices. Still, you don’t want to blow too much money on expensive goods and find the animal is no longer affordable.

How much do French Bulldogs cost when it comes to health care?

If you have down your research on this breed, you will know that their health problems lie beyond difficulty breeding.

There are joint issues to contend with across their life, which can only worsen with age, as well as breathing problems due to that squashed in face that is so desirable.Then there are the regular checks with ears and eyes while grooming and cleaning the dog.

It is important that you make regular appointments with a vet for health checks, such as joint tests and vaccinations, and general check ups.

Be aware that this won’t be cheap so expect to pay a fair amount for your French Bulldog insurance.

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The cost of French Bulldog food

Then there is their food. A healthy dog needs a healthy diet with all the right nutrients and minerals for growth and development.

This could mean specialist puppy food, before a strong adult diet, and then alterations depending on their health.

Again, a vet will help you with the right choices for your dogs needs. This could mean some expensive brands, depending on health care needs and recommendations.

Those on a normal diet can get away with cheaper, more basic food. Still, you don’t always want to go for economy options with this breed. Find a good middle ground. More importantly, find something they will enjoy.

How much do French Bulldogs cost to train?

Training is essential in any breed, and you want to make sure that your Frenchie is socialized, housebroken and obedient as soon as possible.

There are different ways of going about this.

The first is to enrol them in an obedience school. This is great for socialization as there are other dogs to meet and interact with, but the costs can be high depending on the teacher.

The alternative is to opt for a much cheaper online guide, such as those offered by Doggy Dan the online trainer or the Secrets to Dog Training course. You will be working alone, but the step-by-step guidance allows for great progress at your own pace.

300 x 250

The cost of French bulldog furniture

Then we have to consider where the Frenchie will play and sleep in the home. What kind of bed will they have? Will it be a basic cushion or a more elaborate set up? Is the bed part of a den area in a crate? Crate training can be useful if you leave the animals alone for long period and want them to feel secure and happy. This means a long-lasting, spacious crate to add to the list of purchases.

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Other considerations with the French Bulldog price when raising these dogs at home

The final factor when looking at how much does a French Bulldog cost to raise is the little details in replaceable items such as toys, treats, harnesses and leashes.

All items wear out and need to be replaced. When we add in the fact that this is often quite a spoilt little breed, with a lot of money thrown at it in terms of these treats and toys, the Frenchie price increases further.

This is an area where you can shop smart to get good prices and watch your spending, but it is also an area where it is easy to go overboard when you take your eye off the ball. One extra bag of treats for being a good girl at the vet, or a cute toy that was irresistible, soon adds up.

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French Bulldog prices and adoption

Of course one way to cut the costs with French Bulldog breeders is to bypass them altogether and look for an animal in a shelter.

There are sure to be many dogs in need of a good home in local rescues.

Frenchies are such a fad dog that many families may buy them with little idea of the costs involved in the upbringing, the issues with their health and the other costs involved. These poor “designer” dogs are then left to shelter waiting for a new owner. These shelters ask for fees and costs that are minimal by comparison, as long as you are a good fit for the dog.

This is a great way to cut the cost for all those that know that they can raise this dog.

Still, it is important to take you time and carry out your research. Talk to the staff and carers about the animals, their backgrounds, personality and other needs. You may find that an animal was left there due to health complications that a previous owner couldn’t handle, which could be costly in the future.

So, what have we learned about the French bulldog cost?

Let’s take a moment to summarize everything we have learned about this breed and its costs when questioning how much do French bulldog puppies cost.

There is no chance of finding a cheap Frenchie for sale unless you come across breeders with some questionable practices or that don’t mind making a loss.

There are so many expenses involved in breeding a small litter, and so much time and energy, that breeders understandably want a fair price. Throw in the issue of supply and demand with the small litters and different colors, and breeders have even more incentive to hike up the price tag a little bit. This all leads to a cute pure bred pup that goes for a much higher price than more plentiful breeds.

When we take them home, we then have all the issues with health care, food, furniture, training, treats and other expenses to think about. This all requires a considerable chunk of a household budget.

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Can you afford to buy a Frenchie, or should you look at other breeds?

There is no easy answer to the question how much are French bulldogs aside from two words: a lot.

The short answer is that this is an expensive breed in regard to both the cost of the pups and the money spent on their health care and needs.

The long answer is that even with this in mind, there are so many variations in prices between variants and breeders, and in the options available in food, health and goods, that it is nearly impossible to pin down a monetary figure.

It is important that all owners take the time to really consider the costs involved from every angle and look at their budget. You don’t want to cut down so far that you buy a cheap pup and put it at risk with poor decisions, but you don’t want to overspend and find that you cannot keep it any more.

If Frenchies are within your budget, look for a breeder at a fair price or a rescue dog and consider sensible approaches to health, general care, training and other goods. If they are not within your budget, look for a cheaper dog.

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