How to Tell If Your Dog Trusts You (8 Signs)

signs your dog trusts you

For any close relationship to thrive, trust is certainly needed. Whether it’s a relationship or just friendship, if you don’t build trust, the relationship will crumble.

The same applies to the relationship between you and your dog. If you have recently acquired a dog, whether a puppy or a full grown dog, you want to know if they trust you.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that building trust is not an overnight process. It depends on the temperament and personality of the individual pup, but he needs to get used to the new living environment and everything around it.

If you’re asking, ‘how do I know if my dog trusts me?’, then read on to know all the signs your dog trusts you.

How to Tell If Your Dog Trusts You

Like other pets, dogs are very social animals. However, individual dogs will behave differently when around other family members, but most form strong bonds of love and affection with the animals and humans around them.

Individual dogs may have their own ways of expressing their moods and feelings. However, there’s a general body language that dogs use to communicate with their humans friends and with each other.

When dogs feel comfortable at home and get the much-needed care, love and attention, they will start to show their trust and appreciation.

If you want to know if your dog likes and trusts you, here are some signs to watch out for.

At the end of this article, you will also find some of the things you can do to strengthen the bond between you and your new furry friend.

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8 Signs Your Dog Trusts You

Want to read your pet well? Here are eight signs your dog likes and trusts you:

1. They Look You in the Eye

Dogs and other pets may consider eye contact a threat and that’s why they are likely to attack their counterparts.

Nonetheless, if your pup fully trusts you, he will look you in the eye even for a long period of time. This is one of the ways to know if your dog loves and trusts you.

A dog that has built a high level of trust and affection towards their owner will initiate and maintain eye contact.

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2. They Want To Be With You

Another way to tell that your dog trusts you is the fact that they simply want to spend more time with you.

When you don’t like or trust someone, you will certainly not want to spend time with them and the same applies to your dog.

Dogs only want to stay where they feel safe and secure. When your dog has confidence in you, he will trust you. Whether they’re sitting next to you or sleeping on your lap, the dog shows that he trusts you and feels secure in your company.

3. They Are Relaxed and Comfortable Around You

When a dog is comfortable around you, it shows that they trust you.

If you see your dog is relaxed in your presence, it is a clear sign that they feel safe and secure with you. When a pup allows you to come up to them while they are in their space, then that is a clear sign of trust.

Canines also prefer a comfortable and secure place to sleep. They don’t want to feel vulnerable while staying in their environment. So if that desired safe place is next to you, you should be happy with the love you quietly receive from your sleeping pet.

3. They Show You a Lot of Respect

If an animal shows you respect, it is a true sign of trust.

A dog that respects you will see you as the pack leader. They will trust your guidance and obey your training commands.

A dog that loves you is ready to follow your guidance, which is a sure sign of trust and respect.

Some dog breeds are also known to follow their human friends around the house. When a dog follows you around, they appreciate you and believe that you will take proper care of them.

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4. They Like To Cuddle

If you’re wondering ‘how do I know if my dog has bonded with me’, you need to know that a dog shows his love and affection to their masters through cuddling.

Studies have shown that petting and cuddling with your dog every day boosts oxytocin levels in both humans and dogs.

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, is said to increase bonding and trust. That’s particularly true after meals.

If your dog comes to you for a passionate cuddle straight after meals, then you should know that you mean so much to them. Some dogs will simply come over and rest near you, which is also a sign of trust.

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Keep in mind that dogs are very emotional creatures and will always show it when hurt, stressed or even excited. Be sure to watch out for various signs because these can help you know exactly how your pooch feels about you.

When you want to improve the bond between you and your canine friend, make sure to spend more time with them at the end of the day or during the weekend.

An interesting fact about canines is that they enjoy the outdoors a lot so you can always take them out to places like dog parks and even casual hangouts with colleagues, friends and family.

5. Doesn’t Become Anxious When You Leave

Boredom and separation anxiety are two of the most common behavioral issues among dogs. Such dogs panic when they see their owners preparing to leave and might get into serious trouble.

Even if you don’t consider your pup as suffering from separation anxiety, some pets cry and whine when they see their owners leave.

Sometimes, this shows that they would like to go out with you, but it could also imply that they do not fully trust that their favorite person will come back.

If your dog has full confidence in you, he won’t have trouble believing that you will finally be back for playtime and belly rubs. He may not be happy with the fact that you are leaving, but in most cases, he will remain calm.

He will wait patiently for you to complete whatever human tasks you need to perform. He will be waiting to greet you with both a smile and a wagging tail when you finally get home.

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6. They Understand Your Daily Routine

Another interesting fact is that pups see routine as normal. This allows them to build long-lasting relationships with their owners and family.

The pup will fully understand its owner’s routine if they trust you. That’s why you will find him performing stunts like reaching for his plate when it’s meal time and waiting by your door when it’s almost time for you to get back home. This implies that he trusts your regular routine will not be changed.

7. He Wags His Tail in a Given Way

Contrary to popular belief, when a dog wags its tail it doesn’t always mean that he is happy.

In a 2007 study, a team of Italian researchers found that the direction in which dogs wag their tail can tell the emotions an individual pup is feeling.

Generally speaking, left-wagging tails show negative emotions with right wagging tails being a sign of positive emotions.

This means that when your dog wags his tail to the right side, it shows that you are one of his priorities. This shows that your furry friend is truly happy.

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8. They Jump Up To Greet You

If a dog trusts you, he will usually come to greet you whenever they hear you approaching. They may be eagerly waiting for you at their door or at your own door.

If a dog comes up to greet you, then it is a sign that they like and trust you. When he comes to greet you, it shows that they are happy to spend some quality time with you.

How to Earn the Trust of Your Dog

As we’ve stated above, adapting a new dog to your home is a process.

One key factor is the personality of the dog, but every dog will need to feel comfortable and safe. Nonetheless, time is not the only factor.

Pet parents should devote themselves daily to strengthen the bond between them and their dogs. This includes positive interactions such as:

1 – Continuous reinforcement of acceptable behavior.

2 – Giving your dog treats and positive attention so he can associate them with good experiences.

3 – Avoiding scolding and punishment-based training methods.

4 – Finding time for quality play.

5 – Giving your dog love and affection.

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Although dogs tend to be naturally loyal and trusting, some owners do not know that a dog’s trust should first be built.

You can know that you have gained your dog’s trust by keeping an eye on his body language, observing how be behaves near you and whether he generally wants to spend time with you.

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