How to Train a Beagle Puppy: Everything You Need To Know

How to Train a Beagle Puppy

So you have finally gotten the Beagle puppy you always wanted.
What’s the next step? Training, right?
But do you really know how to train a beagle puppy?
Unfortunately, most owners begin training at the wrong time. Some start off too early when the puppy is not ready to hold his bladder yet and is far from ready to start understanding basic commands.
Also, beagles are usually classified as being very stubborn to train. This is because many people wait till they are in their adolescence to begin training them. This is far too late.

Facts About Beagles

Before we discuss how to train a beagle puppy you should first know when to start their training.

When do you begin obedience training?

Basic training includes the simple commands like sit, lie down, stay, fetch, roll over, etc.
The training should begin between 3-6 months. Start the training with easy commands like sit and then move on to the harder ones from there. This is a good time to begin leash training too. Beagles can easily get distracted while out for a walk which makes leash training very important.
You could consider obedience classes if you want. But you need to go for these classes yourself too.
Believe it or not, you have just as much to learn at these classes as your beagle.
Click training is a great way to help speed up this process. Here, you will teach your beagle that a click equals a reward. This should not take more than a few minutes. Once they think of clicks as rewards, training will be speed up drastically.

How to Train and Teach Your Beagle to Come When You Call

Now, let’s look at a few of the problems which you may face with your beagle and how to get passed them:

When and how to house train a beagle puppy?

You should not begin house training your beagle before he is 10-12 weeks old and has properly acclimated to his surroundings.
Most trainers say that crate training is the best answer to the question, “How to house train a beagle puppy?” Do not let your emotions get the better of you. Beagles are den animals and treat their crate like a den, their safe place.
Another good thing about crate training is that it will reduce the chances of separation anxiety in your beagle.
Are you now wondering what size dog crate for a beagle? It should be just enough for them to nest there.
But instead of buying a small crate, it would make more sense to buy a large one and partition off the area.
This way you can keep increasing the size of the partition as your puppy grows and won’t need to buy a new crate.

How to potty train a beagle puppy?

The importance of proper potty training for your beagle is about more than not having to clean up their mess all the time.
Potty training is not something for you to put off out of fear either. It won’t take more than a couple of weeks for you to learn how to potty train a beagle puppy.

The first thing for you to do is figure out where it is okay for them to go potty. Make sure you take them there often.
It is also advisable that you hold the food and water intake of your puppy to specific times in the day until they are capable of holding their bladder for long periods. So do not leave food out all the time.
Always take them out within 5-10 minutes of a meal and take them out every hour too so that they get accustomed to the outside.
You also need to stay positive during the training process. This may be a little hard but you should never lose hope. Do not scold them for any mistakes. You would not want them to be afraid of you, right?
You want to share a pleasant bond with your beagle. If mistakes happen, just clean it up without saying a word. Do not forget to praise them when they get things right. They are always looking for ways to please you. Remember, it is more important for you to get them to respect you than it is to get them to fear you.

How to stop a beagle from barking?

The occasional bark is okay. But if it becomes excessive then you will need to do something about it. If you’re wondering how to stop a beagle from barking, the first thing you need to do is determine why they are doing so.

Note down the time of day when they bark, what or who they bark at, is there something which instigates them, etc.

Territorial barking:

If you feel like your beagle is barking to protect your home, then you should not get angry.
To get them to stop, you need to show them who the alpha is.
This will make them feel safe and help them calm down.
Simple things like closing the curtains can help too. You could also keep them in the backyard so that they do not see too many people walking by.


They may be barking because of anxiety. This may be because you give them a lot of attention when you are around and they consider this as a reward for all their barking when you were away.
What you should do here is to wait for 10-15 minutes after getting home so that there is no association between the praise and the barking.

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Best dog foods for beagle puppies:

Beagles love eating.
By nature, they are hunting dogs, but nowadays, they are kept at home and do not really get much exercise.
You would not want your beagle to be overweight or obese, would you?
A caloric intake of around 1010 calories is recommended for beagles. This figure will obviously vary depending on how active your beagle is.
The best dog food for beagle puppies should consist of around 20% protein and 6-7% fats. Yes fats too.
They are a great source of fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 and are important for their heart, brain, skin and coat.
I would recommend “Fromm family pet food” as the best one.


There are various online puppy training resources which can help you to learn how to train a beagle puppy. However, the most important is that you establish the right relationship with your puppy which means that you should treat it friendly, but in the same time as a master.
Your dog must be obedient to you. You need to learn how to take care of a beagle puppy if you want to share a good relationship with them.
Your puppy will for sure reward all your efforts with many precious and enjoyable moments which you will spend together.

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