How to Train an Akita Puppy

How to Train an Akita Puppy

When training an Akita puppy, you probably know that it can sometimes be difficult. This is simply because it is a spontaneous, very smart, and fearless animal. These are striking characteristics, but they can make the training process rather difficult. On the other hand, this breed is powerful, stubborn and aggressive by nature.
However, they are loyal dogs, which once trained; they make good protective companions.

Are Akita dogs good with kids?

The answer is yes; are extremely protective of their owners and family, this means that it is excellent with children.

What to Feed a Japanese Akita?

New Akita owners frequently ask what to feed the Akita puppy. In most cases, new owners have their ideas about what the best diet for an Akita is.
Avoid cheap supermarket foods since they are not fit for your Akita. In case you do this, expect some behavior issues and health problems.

The best dog food for Akita puppy is fresh food. Some fresh chicken and fish, Akitas especially love fish. Prepare some food separately for your Japanese Akita, for instance, vegetables, fish, and chicken with some quality-dried food will keep the Akita happy and healthy.

We are responsive to the diets we take. Therefore, if we consume poor diets, then we will not absorb the nutrients we require for our bodies to function properly. This may result to health problems and feelings of irritability and lethargy. The same happens with your Akita.

How to Potty Train an Akita Puppy?

Potty training is the process whereby you give adequate training to a young one in the use of a potty for defecation and urination. Just as a child requires potty training lessons, a puppy too needs to be trained.
As soon as you bring your puppy home, it is important to know how to train an Akita puppy to use a potty.
This process requires a lot of effort, patience, and time for it to be effective.
Besides committing your time and energy teaching your pet proper hygiene around the house, it is vital that you understand the manner at which animals behave when it comes to getting rid of their waste as it will help you to know how to handle them during the training.

The very first step of potty training is to prepare a particular area in the house, which will be your puppy’s den. Of course, it has to be very comfortable and clean for your pet. Once you have assigned them a place in the house, introduce them to the outdoor area where you have their potty.

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Potty training for Akita puppies is best done in routines. Make sure that you have a schedule, and you stick to it in potty training as well. Keep in mind that puppies cannot hold longer than adult dogs do, so make sure you bring him to the designated potty area every one to three hours so that he does not mess in your house. The most regular schedules should be as follows. Send him outside to the potty area

  • Before putting him to bed
  • After waking up
  • After training
  • After meals
  • After play

Sticking to these schedules will help your pet follow the same routine even after he learns everything.

Tips on How to Train a Japanese Akita Puppy:

Here are some simple tips that you should keep in mind when potty training your Akita puppies. These tips will give you a good start and will help a great deal during the training:

• Ensure your pet is in a concrete or tiled room to avoid accidents that may ruin your rugs or carpet. Also, have in mind that your puppies require a place to sleep. Hence, it is necessary that you spread a warm and comfortable bed where they will spend their nights.

• Most people designate an area outside which their puppies use as a potty area. At night, it could be cold, and your puppy could catch an infection. Therefore, you should make plans, such as buying puppy stuff and pads so that you begin training them on the pads.

• Make sure you designate a particular corner in the house, which will act as the potty area. Just like human beings, they too do not like playing and eating where they discharge. This means that you should set a place that has some privacy aside. Each time your dog wants to drop, you should take him there during the initial stages of training. Strap your dog and take it to the potty area any time and within no time, it will begin to take itself.

• You should maintain a good routine to be followed. Thus, create some daily routine that both you and your Akita puppy will follow, from the time you wake up to the time you retire to bed. One thing that is guaranteed to make your potty training difficult is your puppy getting confused and unable to predict what the day schedule is like. If you maintain a good routine, your puppy will soon catch up with you.

• Rewarding and punishing are essential parts of potty training for puppies. Whether you are giving obedience training, teaching him tricks or teaching him where to potty, rewarding and punishing is a useful technique that you can follow. However, there are important things to keep in mind if you want to follow this procedure. It is essential that you reward your puppy immediately he obeys a command. Delaying your punishment or reward can mess the training, skill or thing that you would like him to learn.

In conclusion, is an Akita a good family dog?

Yes, Akita puppies are playful and very loving. They need a lot of play and love since they easily get bored if they are left alone for a long time. Try to incorporate online puppy training sessions and you will enjoy the quality time spent together with your new lifetime friend. Socializing is imperative because the Japanese Akitas are usually bred as guard dogs; therefore, they may cause trouble later in life in case they are not trained to respect you and other people from a tender age. In addition, they should be trained not to be dominant and aggressive to your family and friends.

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