The Pomsky: The Truth Behind The Cute Facade

Pomsky The Pomeranian Husky Mix

The Pomsky is something of an enigma for many dog lovers. There are all of these adorable pictures online of puppies that barely look as they should exist in the real world, with claims that they are half Pomeranian and half Husky.

There are people declaring love at first sight at these tiny cute faces, and insisting that they buy one as a family pet.

The question is, is this rash decision to look for a Pomeranian Husky for sale a good one? Are these cute little animals really desirable family pets, or are there hidden issues behind the facade?

As with all designer dogs, there are many sides to the story, and this is one of the most infamous designer dogs there is.

In this guide we aim to help with all the important topics regarding the question of what is a Pomsky, and whether they are as good as people hope.

There are lots of expectations on this breed based on their appearance, so it is important to provide plenty of important Pomsky information on their true features, coat and the other factors that go alongside.

In addition to this, we will also look at some of the important aspects of their healthcare, diet, exercise and other needs.

For example, you may be keen to have these pups in your life, but have you considered the Pomsky life expectancy and the amount of care they need across their adult life.

Then there are all of the important elements regarding the personality of these dogs. They have a sweet face, but that never guarantees that a dog will have a sweet nature.

are pomskies real

Then we will end by looking at how to obtain one: where to buy a Pomsky and how to rescue one.

With all of these considerations in mind, it will be easier for you to understand whether this really is a dog that you can commit to.

Let’s begin with looking more closely at how this breed came about.

One of the big questions for dog owners that see Pomsky pictures online is simple: are Pomskies real?

This is an important question for two reasons.

First of all, there are many people that will look at some of the more famous shots of these dogs that can be found online and wonder if they are real dogs. To be honest, some of the photos do look as though someone has taken a snap of a stuffed toy. The fur is too plush and features too perfect.

The other reason is the logistics of the breeding process, as it were. How exactly can we get puppies from such a large Husky and such a small Pomeranian.

The good news here is that there is an answer to this issue of the Pomsky size, and those advertising a Pomsky for sale aren’t necessarily lying. Some may be, but we will get to that much later.

Also, these dogs are recognized by the Dog Registry of America (DRA). Rest assured that these dogs are entirely real and it is possible to breed them in a safe, responsible way should people require it.

There are two factors involved in this process.

First of all, these dogs are bred via artificial insemination. This is essential as natural forms of breeding would be far too dangerous. We can’t have a male Husky mounting a tiny female Pom.

In addition to this, there is the issue of a female Pom carrying the larger pups of its cross breeding with this larger dog. To avoid these health and safety issues, Pomsky pups can only come from a female Husky and male Pomeranian.

This element of parentage is essential in order to understand precisely what you are getting here. This is not some whole new breed of dog that is a rarity, but rather the careful cross breeding of two very different breeds of dog. The idea is that the best of both animals merges to create a better hybrid but, as we will see below, this can often be a case of wishful thinking.

Pomsky puppy husky mixed with pomeraniannSource: pomskyheaven/Instagram

We will start with the father involved in this genetic cocktail. The male in this equation is the Pomeranian. The Pomeranian is best known as a toy breed these days, a small dog that comes from a long line of companion dogs. There is no working profession here, just a loyal dog for a loving owner.

Then there is the Husky parent, the mother of the Pomsky puppies in this instance. Huskies, or Siberian Huskies to give them their full name, are the polar opposite to the Pom in many ways. They are larger working dogs that are much more closely related to the primal ancestors of the domestic dog. This is seen in their pack mentality and the fact that some still have a tendency to howl. They are sled dogs that work well in the cold of Siberia, while the Pom would be more comfortable curled up in a home with central heating.

With all of this in mind, it is no surprise that many question the realism in adverts of a Husky x Pom dog.

pomsky puppy characteristics

These dogs clearly do exist and are available to buy, but what are we meant to call them when looking for them?

As you will have seen, we have used the word Pomsky a lot here already, this is pretty much the official name of this hybrid.

Some people may use a different spelling, such as Pomskey or Pomski, but this is more common.

This is seen for two reasons. First of all, all designer dogs that are this year’s favourite pup have to have one of those portmanteau names. Sometimes the words are a cute blend, like the Pomsky or Borador, other times they are a little forced, like the Corgimatian.

Secondly, it is much easier to say when discussing the dog with other dog lovers or breeders. You need to be sure you are both talking about the same type of dog when making a sale.

So let’s get onto the key physical features that can be expected with these dogs.

physical features of pomsky

If you look at a picture of Pomskies online, you will see that the pups all tend to share many of the same physical traits. They include the curved tail, medium sized head and medium sized muzzle.

They are often referred to as a small version of Husky, and in many ways this is true.

Others take a different approach and talk about all the Spitz-type traits that are seen, Poms being descended from this type of dog. These features include pointy ears, that curly tail as well and thick coat, which we will discuss further below.

On the subject of those ears, this idea of pointed ears may confuse some people that are only familiar with the Pomsky through these puppy pictures. There are some that describe this pup as having Pom ears that are small and pointed or rose. With age, those ears can grow and the pointedness is often more defined.

Then there are the eyes. There are hopes for a Pomsky with blue eyes from many expectant owners, because of the Husky genes, yet many pups appear to have almond-shaped darker eyes. The blue eye gene is possible. Also remember that some Huskies are prone to heterochromia, where they have eyes of different colors. The best way to understand the likelihood of eye color is to see the parents.

The next question to ask here, with this idea of the adult dog, is how big do Pomskies get?

It is important to consider what it means to have a Pomsky full grown, rather than just a puppy.

Generally speaking, a Pomsky weight can range anywhere between 15-30 pounds, although some have been bigger. Also, the Pomsky height tends to be between 10-15 inches.

this may comes as a surprise to some people that see the small bundles of fluff and all the hype about these tiny dogs. They could well get much bigger than anticipated.

The risk of these genetic mixes is that you never know. Also, the puppy looks may fade with age, never go for a dog like this purely on looks alone.

What do new owners need to know about the coat of a Husky mixed with Pomeranian

The coat of these dogs is one of the reasons that they are so attractive. There are many coat color seen. There are the typical brown, white, and black colorations that come from the Husky parentage. Also, some can exhibit red, orange and tan from the Pom parent. This coat, whatever the color, is soft and fluffy.

Are Pomskies hypoallergenic? No, not with all that fur to deal with.

Do Pomskies shed?

Absolutely. Pomsky shedding is pretty moderate. There are no excessive moult with this dog, but they do shed hair frequently. As a result, they have clear grooming needs to keep the coat looking at its best.

Daily brushing, regular bathing and the usual eye, ear, nails and teeth checks are essential.

do pomskies shedSource: Rose Meltzer‎/Facebook

What do new owners need to know about home life and general Pomsky care?

There is plenty to consider when housing both a puppy and a Pomeranian Husky full grown. They need a house with plenty of space, ideally with a yard.

However, they do have the potential to wander so be careful with boundaries. They also have a lot tolerance to solitude, so may struggle if left alone.

As for their temperature tolerance. This is a Siberian Husky and Pomeranian mix, with the thick coat to match. This means that it is great in the cold, but not as good in the heat.

the Pomeranian husky exercise needsSource: Stephanie Farrell‎/Facebook

The diet and exercise needs of the Pomsky dog

This may be a smaller version of a Husky, but it is still a fairly active with a good mind and energy to burn.

It needs plenty of exercise and play, so that backyard is still helpful as long as it is secure. Also, there need plenty of mental stimulation and games because of their intelligence. The last thing that you want is them bored at home and becoming destructive.

As for the diet, they need a strong, healthy diet to fuel this energetic nature. Many recommend 1 1/2 to 2 cups of dry dog food a day, split across two meals.

This need for nutrition is where the e-book Dog Food Secrets comes in handy. This guide talks about natural ingredients and portion sizes in an accessible way. It is a simple approach to healthy eating that can help your Pom Husky mix stay lean and fit.

Pomsky health concerns: how long do Pomskies live and what illnesses do they get?

The good news with these dogs is that they can be pretty healthy and long-lived, if cared for well. The Pomsky average life span is about 13-15 years.

There are some potential Pomsky health problems to watch out for. There are some health problems due to the Pom genes, such as a collapsed trachea from pulling on a lead. The larger size of the Pomeranian Husky means that this is less likely, but they may still pull a lot.

Also a half Husky half Pomeranian has some risks of developing epilepsy, eye problems, patellar luxation, hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, VWd and dental problems.

Next we need to look more closely at the temperament of these dogs

There is an expectation of a sweet little puppy that comes purely from looks alone.

However, there is no guarantee that this is what buyers will get, especially if they don’t work on training these pups carefully. There are Pomsky personality traits that are desirable, but there are also some elements of the parent breeds that may shine through and cause problems.

Pomeranian Husky Mix Temperament Source: Graham Cook/Facebook

Starting with the positives, many owners love the fact that this is a highly intelligent hybrid, with a playful nature that makes them great fun to play with. Many also talk about the confident, social, extrovert nature. Some attribute this to the dog simply being a friendly dog.

However, there are potential issues that can arise with these hybrids that are not quite so desirable.

In order to better understand these potential behavior problems in the Pomsky temperament, which need to look at some of the downsides of Husky ownership.

While there is every chance that these traits will be lost through cross breeding with another dog, like the Pomeranian, there is also the chance that they may linger.

One of the biggest issues for owners is the independent nature of the Husky. It is an issue that many try and breed out of it with other breeds. An independent streak means less likelihood that they will come back when called, that they will be high spirited and wander too often. This could even lead to them breaking out of gardens.

There is therefore the chance that a Husky Pomeranian will do the same. This independence and the sense of confidence and cockiness could combine to create a dog that is a little difficult to handle.

This mix of traits are largely due to some of the behavior problems seen in the Pom. This is where this idea of cockiness comes from. There is something in the dog world that many owners will have encountered. It is called small dog syndrome: small dogs that think they run the place and bully other people or animals in order to get their way. They are indulged by owners because they are sweet little toy dogs and they become a nuisance.

The personality of the Pom, this stubborn, self-assured breed, means that they are prone to this. Furthermore, Poms have a tendency to form attachments to one person and aggression to outsiders. This therefore means that there is a chance that a Pomeranian mix with Husky can be a rather confident dog that isn’t so good with strangers.

300 x 250

This all leads to an important question about the potential of Pomsky dogs as family pets

This potential for small dog syndrome, although reduced, does mean that they may struggle in family homes. If they form this attachment to one family member, and snap at others, these could be bad news for large families.

Also, there is the chance that these dogs may struggle to deal with smaller children and cats.

Ideally, they should be brought up in a home with older couples, or older children. Their ways with children and pets can improve with socialization training from a young ages, but some may not feel that it worth the risk.

pomsky health problems

What about having a Husky Pomeranian mix as a working dog?

There are clear pros and cons to buying one of these dogs as a family pet, but what about working roles.

As we saw above, Huskies are very good working dogs in the right environment. However, the Pom’s resume is not as good. This hybrid has been known to be a good watchdog. They are classed as an occasional barker, with the potential for the Husky howl, and are fairly likely to bark at intruders or security risks. Their wariness of other people and animals is a possible bonus here.

These behavior issues could potentially lead to some training problems with Pomsky puppies.

When you combine the dominance of the Pom and the stubbornness of the Husky, there is a good chance that new owners may struggle with some basic training situations. It is essential that all owners assert their position quickly to stop the pups from running the show.

It is also important with Pomeranian and Husky mix training to be consistent with training methods and rewards. Never allow them to gain control. These dogs are intelligent enough to get the idea, which should be great, but also stubborn enough not to show it.

The good news for struggling owners is that there are training aids out there that can help you overcome the worst problems. Obedience are an option, but you may struggle to get the pup to conform properly in a room full of strangers.

It is much more beneficial to work in the safe home environment at your own pace. That is why systems like Doggy Dan the online dog trainer and the Secrets to Dog Training online program are so helpful. They offer easy to follow advice on a range of situations via step by step guides.

Finally, we need to take a closer look at where to get a Pomsky

The obvious first place to look here is with Pomsky breeders. There are plenty of people that are breeding these cute pups. However, you need to make sure that you find a breeder that is reputable.

You want to buy a Pomsky that is healthy and comes from the right breeding process.

Remember what we said above about the breeding practice and the importance of a Husky mother. The last thing you want to do is give money to breeder that don’t adhere to these rules and put their dogs at risk.

It is vital that all new owners visit with breeders to get a look at the litter of pups in their home environment. A good breeder will also offer advice on the linage of the dog and healthcare issues.

Also, there are lots of breeders trying to get in on this new fad dog to make a quick buck, which poses other risks. Some may be over-breeding their dogs to get large litters. Others may try and con people with the promise of a dog that doesn’t exist. It is too easy to copy a photo into an ad and fake it.

On the subject of the Pomsky price, how much are Pomskies generally?

The answer to this can vary depending on the breeder. There are some that ask for as little as $1200 and those that go up to $5500. This makes the Pomsky dog one of the most expensive hybrids out there.

Then there is the potential for finding a Pomsky for adoption. The likelihood of this is much slimmer, as there as sure to be far more people selling these dogs than offering Pomsky rescue opportunities at a local shelter.

However, you never really know what mixed breeds will turn up in shelters. All it needs is for an owner to find that they couldn’t handle the cute little dog as it grew up, or that it wasn’t a good match for their family, and they may have given it away.

This is a great way to find an adult Pomsky and even though there are the potential risks of behavioral issues and a lack of training, you could save a life.

Furthermore adoption means you don’t have to pay the extortionate Husky Pomeranian mix price expected by some breeders.

pomsky puppy namesSource: Roxanne Denise Stevens Ibarra‎/Facebook

What about naming your new Pomsky puppy when you find one?

Naming dogs can be difficult. You want something that is suitable that will stick with them for the rest of their lives, but it also needs to be short and easy to call out in the dog park.

Some of the best names for these dogs are the one most commonly associated with Huskies, due to their similarity in appearance. There are lots of names from Siberia or mythical celestial names that suit a pretty primal dog.

The final choice is up to you, and there is no wrong answer. There are plenty of online resources with cute Pomsky names to choose from. You may also get inspired by looking through Pomsky images and blogs.

What have we learned about this interesting Husky and Pomeranian mix?

There is a good chance that the information offered here was not quite what you had expected or hoped for when searching for information on this hybrid dog.

There will have been many people that saw the photos and decided they wanted this sweet-looking pup, only to be disappointed to find that it doesn’t have the personality traits to match.

Again, it is important to remember that you never really know what you will get with these pups. You could have a little angel with all the best traits that learns quickly and is fine with the family.

You could have a little nightmare with all the worst traits and that small dog syndrome. That is why it is so important to have these Pomsky facts laid out. There are important considerations with care, health, temperament and training that cannot be overlooked.

pomeranian husky mix behavioral problems

Is the Pomsky still a recommended option for new dog owners?

The best advice to offer here is that anyone considering buying one needs to think about the decision very carefully.

The high Husky Pomeranian mix cost and the risks with their personality mean that this is a big gamble to take based on a cute photo.

Pomeranian Huskies are adorable puppies and beautiful adults. However, if you bring one into a family home without the proper care or training, it could be a bad experience for all involved.

Ideally, the Pomsky should be with an experienced couple with the time, space and control needed to get the best out of these dogs. There are much sweeter, easy-going family dogs out there.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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