7 Tips to protect your dog from the hot summer sun

tips protect dog from hot summer sun

Most dog owners think that because dogs are covered in fur, they do not need protection from the hot summer sun.

This is a myth and the truth of the matter is, dogs can actually get serious sunburns just like people.

I want to share with you a few tips to protect your dog from the hot summer sun.

1. Groom, but do not shave your dog

You will probably be doing more harm than good if you shave your dog’s fur during the host summer season.

Shaving off the fur leaves your dog’s skin exposed to the sun. This can cause your puppy to get sunburnt.

The fur not only prevents your dog from getting sunburns but also helps to regulate their body temperature.

The best thing you can do for your furry friend is to leave at least an inch of fur on him. This will be enough to protect your dog from the hot summer sun.

2. Always have clean water available

Whenever you take your dog outside to play, make sure that you carry a clean bowl and plenty of fresh water.

Even when you are out swimming, it is important to carry along fresh water with you. This might be particularly useful if the swimming pool water contained too much chlorine that could irritate your dog’s skin.

Always ensure that your puppy has access to clean, fresh water in order to stay hydrated during the hot summer season.

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3. Keep your pet in the shade

During hot summer days, the best time to take your dog out is early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is not very hot.

If you have to take your dog out when the sun is at its peak, you need to keep him in the shade.

Never leave your dog inside the car, even if the car is parked in the shade. This will reduce the chance of your dog getting a heat stroke or even dehydration.

On very hot summer days, you can let your dog play inside. There are a lot of fun indoor games that you can play with your dog that will keep him occupied and entertained.

4. Invest in a good sunscreen

Shocked are you? Oh, yes, there are sunscreens that are meant specifically for dogs. It is wise for you to get a good sunscreen lotion for your puppy.

One important factor that you need to consider when you are out to purchase sunscreen for your dog is that you need to pick one that does not have zinc oxide.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]Zinc oxide is dangerous and toxic to dogs. Never apply human sunscreen on dogs. This is because most human sunscreens contain zinc oxide. [/thrive_text_block]

With a range of dog sunscreens to choose from, it is important to consult with your vet before picking out one for your dog.

5. Consider protective clothing

One of the ways you can protect your dog from the hot summer sun is to let them wear some protective clothing.

You can be creative and customize a t-shirt to fit your little furry friend. This will help your dog avoid direct contact with the hot scorching sun. This might be particularly useful if you know that you are likely to spend a good number of hours in the scorching sun.

6. Dogs undergoing hair loss need specialized care

Just like humans with conditions like albinism need specialized care to protect them from being adversely affected from the sun, dogs that experience hair loss need more care and attention. This is because such dogs stand a higher risk of getting sunburnt.

According to a certified dermatologist at New York Veterinary Specialists, a dog can experience hair loss due to allergies or hormonal imbalance.

Dogs undergoing chemotherapy may also experience hair loss. You need to offer extra sun protection to your dog if he has such conditions.

7. Control your sunbather

There are dogs that just love to bask in the sun. If your dog is one of those sunbathers, then you need to be more protective of them during the hot season.

Be extra careful if your dog likes to sunbathe while lying on his back. This puts him at a high risk of developing tumors on the inguinal area, the part where the belly and his hind legs meet. There is little or no fur at all to protect him from the hot sun.

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In conclusion, you can protect your furry friend from the hot sun and lessen the risk of him getting sunburns.

Play inside if the sun is too hot or get him a good sunscreen lotion that will help protect him from the hot summer sun.

Always carry along fresh water whenever you go out on a hot sunny day.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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