6 Indoor dog games! Great for hot summer days

indoor summer dog games

Summer is here! Are you worried that the hot weather conditions might be bad for your puppy?

It does not really matter whether the weather conditions are harsh, your little furry friend needs to get his regular dose of mental and physical exercises.

Research has shown that the lack of mental and physical exercise might lead to aggressive traits in your dog. When a dog turns aggressive, he can bite even people he lives and interacts with every day.

Luckily, here are some of my favorite 6 indoor dog games that are great for hot summer days.

1. Tug-of-War

Tug-of-war is your surest bet if you are looking for a game that is fun and tiring.

Erase the popular myth that tug-of-war is not a safe game to play with your furry friend indoors, because it actually is fun. You simply need to play by the rules and it will be a fun game and bonding session with your dog.

The rule of thumb is that you should be the only one to initiate the game and not your puppy. It is therefore important to let your dog understand simple orders like “drop!” or “leave it” before you go ahead to teach him how to play tug of war.

Let your puppy win a few times to make him develop more interest in the game.

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2. Jump- the -Obstacle

This is also a fun way of helping your dog physically exercise indoors on a hot summer day.

The game will depend on the amount of space that you have in your living room or bedroom. You simply put or build an obstacle for your dog to jump over.

You can build one using a pile of blankets, or empty boxes among other things. Just be creative! You can start with simple obstacles then advance as you go along.

Make sure that you also have your bag of his favorite treats to reward him once he passes all the obstacles successfully. Your dog should enjoy this game.

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3. Stairway Dash

Stairway dash can be a pretty exhausting game. It can be a great option if your dog is hyperactive and very energetic on that particular hot summer day.

If your home has a staircase, you can turn it into a gaming space. When teaching your dog how to play stairway dash, you need to have your puppy at the bottom of the stairs and then throw a ball to the top of the stairs.

Simply command your dog to race and fetch the ball as fast as he could. Make sure that he comes down slowly to avoid injuries.

This game requires your dog to have healthy joints hence might be too tiresome for smaller dogs and those with hip problems.

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4. Toy naming

This can be a good mental exercise for your dog. Teaching him how to name his toys can also be a fun way of spending a hot summer afternoon.

If your dog already knows the basic commands, then the game should be a walk in the park.

Simply get a clicker, your dog’s favorite toy and treat to begin playing. Start by picking up a toy, tell your dog the name of the toy and start playing with the toy.

Repeat the name of the toy several times as you both play with it. This will help your dog to easily associate the name of the toy with the toy itself.

Mix and juggle the toy together with others then ask him to “fetch Bunny” assuming the toy is bunny. Reward him with his favorite treat if he brings bunny to you.

You can play the game for at least 3 days with the same toy and repeat with other toys until he correctly learns all their names. This will help to develop his brain and cognitive skills.

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5. Treasure Hunt

Play treasure hunt with your dog and instead of using chocolate you can use his favourite treat.

Make him stay away while you hide the treat in the house and let him find it afterwards. You can start with spots he can easily find and advance as he learns the game. It can be super exciting for your dog.

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6. Hide and Seek

This is a popular indoor game even for kids. You can involve one more person in the game to make it more fun. Let the person hide and command your dog to go find him/her.

Make sure the person hides at easy to find spots to allow your dog to sniff him/her out easily. Give your dog a treat once he finds the hideout.

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In a nutshell, spending hot summer days indoors need not be boring and dull. You can spend time playing some of these great indoor dog games that are simply great for hot summer days!

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