The Stubborn, But Affectionate Pug Yorkie Mix

yorkie pug mix

The pug and the Yorkshire terrier are two very popular little companion dogs.

While they are similar in size, their distinctive looks mean they definitely stand out from each other. There is no mistaking the squashed face and curled tail of the pug, or the beautiful coat and alert ears of the little terrier.

So, what happens when we bring the two together in a pug yorkie mix?

In this guide we will look at some of the important features and quirks in this little dog.

We will consider the physical features, such as the size, looks and coat.

We will also look at personality traits and training, as well as other care needs.

By the end, you should have a better idea of what to expect with this cross breed.

What should we call this yorkie and pug mix?

Before we take a look at some of the traits with this dog, we need to know its name.

There are a few different names for this cross breed.

Many will continue to refer to it as a pug and yorkie mix, but others prefer the name Pugshire. This blend of the two parent breeds sounds like the ideal name for this cross – as though it were a true breed on its own right.

With time, the Pugshire may be seen as its own breed, like some other crosses. For now, it is not recognised by the AKC or other leading organisations.

pugshire puppyImage Source

What does a pug yorkie mix look like?

As we mentioned above, there are some common traits with the Yorkshire Terrier and Pug that are very distinctive.

How many of these traits are common in this cross breed pup?

There are sure to be difference between individual dogs, even within the same litter.

Still, there are some common physical traits that appear with most dogs, such as the small, darker muzzle, floppy ears and well-proportioned build.

yorkie pug mix sizeImage Source

Then there is the pug yorkie mix size.

As you would expect, this isn’t exactly a large dog with those tiny parents.

They can be anywhere from 5-20 pounds in weight, depending on their gender and the leaning of their genetics.

Males that take after their pug father may be larger than females that take after a yorkie mother.

The height is generally around 12-15 inches.

There are many pug yorkie mix pictures online, mostly from proud owners, that also highlight the coat and coloration of this dog.

Many of these dogs tend to have a short coat, much like that of the pug, but with the golden browns of the terrier.

Some also retain that black saddle marking often seen with Yorkies. This is a nice distinguishing feature. Then there are others that have a more medium length coat like the yorkie.

Remember that pugs shed a lot, even though many class this mixed breed as a minimal shedder.

Take the time to brush the fur regularly to keep it looking at its best.

Alternative colors in this coat include black and blue. The black dog is a handsome little animal that can come from black pugs and Yorkshire terriers.

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What else do new owners need to be aware of when taking care of a yorkie pug mix?

These grooming needs are just the start when caring for these small dogs at home.

Their small size means that they don’t need the space or exercise regimen of larger dogs. This means that they will suit apartment living pretty well.

Even so, they still need to keep the weight off, stay fit and enjoy plenty of play time.

They have a tendency to burn off lots of energy in walks and playtime, and then enjoy a good nap.

This is a fairly long lived dog with the right care and attention. Most will live between 12-15 years, providing they don’t become too ill.

Unfortunately, there are a few important pugshire health problems that new owners have to watch out for.

These issues could limit that lifespan if not controlled properly.

Watch out for issues with the eyes and teeth, such as periodontal disease and cherry eye. Regular vet checks will help here.

There is also the risk of tracheal collapse and other conditions with the airways because of those pug genes.

Some will also struggle with joint issues like dysplasia and patellar luxation.

Finally, there is also the potential for weight gain from those pug genes. Don’t allow them to overeat, watch their portions and maintain that exercise regimen.

Those that struggle with the idea of caring for a new dog will appreciate the Kingdom of Pet’s guide called The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

This online guide offers simple information to help nervous new owners through the difficult first steps.

What can we expect from the yorkie pug mix temperament?

The personality of these Pugshire dogs should be positive and friendly with the right training.

Most are affectionate in nature, because of the traits of their parents, and make great companion dogs.

This affection is often clearly expressed with licking and touching. They like to be close to their owner at all times. They also tend to pretty good with children so work well as family pets.

Obedience can vary depending on training and personality.

Some dogs are highly obedient and caring, while others can be a little obstinate and act up if bored. This often comes down to their intelligence, so make sure to keep their brains active.

pug yorkie mix informationImage Source

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some behavioral problems to watch out for when we have a pug mixed with yorkie.

Because this is such an alert little dog, it has great potential as a watchdog.

It should have no problem barking at strangers or intruders. Some would say that it has no real awareness of its own size.

However, it can bark a little too much if not trained appropriately. This could get annoying if they vocalize too much.

There is also the risk of jealousy in this yorkie pug cross because this mix comes from two companion breeds. They may prefer to have owners to themselves, and try and fend off unknown dogs. This is where socialization can help.

Finally, this attachment and devotion to an owner could lead to some separation anxiety. Try not to leave this cross breed alone for long periods.

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The best way to avoid these problems is to train your pugshire puppy early

Training could be an issue here as this is a smart cross breed with that stubborn streak.

However, all barking, obedience and socialization training needs to occur from an early age. This is the best way to ensure the best results.

Those that do struggle when training these yorkie pug puppies should turn to Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer for help.

This online guide is full of helpful, step-by-step guides on a range of behavior issues.

It is accessible enough for new owners to use in the comfort of their own home. This means tricks on dealing with a stubborn streak or barking from a safe spot in the dog’s territory.

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Finding a pug yorkie mix for sale

If all of these pug yorkie mix characteristics are appealing to you, you will want to know where to get one for yourself.

There are two options here:

The first is to find a breeder with pug yorkie mix puppies for sale.

There are sure to be plenty of breeders that see the potential in breeding these two small dogs. They aren’t too difficult to breed and should be profitable.

Search the local area for one that is knowledgeable and willing to let you into their home to see the litter.

The second option is to turn to adoption.

There could be animals in need of a second home that didn’t suit their first family.

Check local shelters to see who needs a second chance.

How much do pughshires cost?

The Yorkshire terrier pug mix cost will vary depending on how you find them, and the reputability of the breeder.

Some suggest an average price of around $200 to $500 per puppy. Those that undercut this price may be overbreeding dogs for profit, so avoid them.

Also be aware that some may try and charge lots for a rare pug x yorkie, when there is really another dog in the mix. This is where it helps to meet the parents before committing to buying a puppy.

Also remember that adoption is cheaper in the short term, but may come with medical and training costs if the dog was abused as a puppy.

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Is the Pugshire right for you?

Hopefully all of this pug yorkie mix info has shown the true nature of this curious little cross breed.

The pug yorkie mix does bring some of the best aspects of the parent dogs together into a cute little companion.

They can be affectionate little companions and watch dogs, with minimal care needs.

However, there is also the risk of some behavioral issues if they aren’t trained correctly.

Make sure to find a healthy dog from a good breeder or shelter, give it the care it needs and enjoy their company.

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