20 Amazing Facts About the Russian Bear Dog

Russian bear dog Caucasian Ovcharka

Most dog lovers look for dog breeds that can not only make good pets, but also be able to protect their families in case of danger. The Russian bear dog can easily fit the bill.

Here are some amazing facts about the Russian bear dog that might clear all your doubts about this amazing breed.

The origin of the Russian Bear Dog

The Russian bear dog is also known as the Caucasian shepherd.

This dog breed originates from the Caucasus Mountain region. It was kept mainly because of its ability to guard and protect the farmer’s animals in the environment.

The Caucasian bear dogs are a descendant breed of the pre-historic Molosser breed which was also kept to help protect the natives and their livestock from attacks. This was all because of the Russian bear dog courageous trait.

The Caucasian shepherd is also referred to as the “Ovcharka” which means sheepdog in Russian native language.

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The Physique and appearance of the Russian Bear Dog

The Russian bear dog will definitely strike you with its attractive appearance.

The Caucasian Ovcharka is popular among the Russians because of its beautiful appearance. From Russia, the Russian bear dog moved into East of Germany in the latter years.

The fearless and faithful character of this gigantic breed will simply strike you at the first sight of it. It boasts of a great masculine physique that makes it be on top of the list of the biggest dogs in the Caucasian mountains.

The name of the Russian Bear Dog

The Russian bear dog is known by many different names. This may vary depending on where the dog lives.

The dog is commonly known as the Russian bear dog or the Russian fear fighting dog. This is because it has a tendency of being protective of the people it loves.

Sometimes it is referred to as the Russian mountain dog or the Russian bear hunting dog. Other people call it the Caucasian Ovcharka which is Russian for sheepdog.

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Strength of the Russian Bear Dog

The Russian bear dog is popular because of its great strength and the power it possesses. This is the sole reason why the Russian bear dog was used as a sheepdog.

The name itself suggests that this particular dog breed had the abilities of fighting with the huge mountain bears and wolves. They had sharp teeth that could easily tear the fur or skin of any predators.

Research shows that the biting force of the Caucasian bear dog is around 500-700 psi that is very high compared to a lion’s. 

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Environmental conditions of the Russian bear dog

Unlike other dog breeds, the Russian bear dog can be able to live under any weather or environmental conditions.

The Caucasian bear dog is mostly kept for commercial purposes. Security firms see the potential in this fierce dog hence in this modern age, the Russian bear dog is mostly trained to help conduct searches and enhance the security of such places.

The size of the Russian bear dog

The Russian bear dog gets its name due to its huge gigantic size.

It has a muscular appearance and is very huge. That is the reason why it is likened to a bear hence the name the Russian Bear Dog.

One of the most striking features of this Russian bear dog is the combination of its height and weight that will leave you awestruck.

The weight of the Russian Bear dog

This particular dog species is bigger compared to the average dog.

The female Russian bear dogs tend to be much smaller compared to their male counterparts.

On average, a male Russian bear dog weighs at least 110 pounds, an equivalent of 50 kgs. A female one weighs approximately 99 pounds, which translates to about 45 kgs.

This essentially means that the average weight of a Russian bear dog is approximately 45-70 kgs, which is quite heavy for a dog.

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Height of the Russian Bear Dog

The Caucasian ovcharka or the Russian bear dog’s height ranges somewhere in between 28-30 inches.

A male Russian bear dog is about 27 inches tall in height, while its female counterpart is at least 25 inches tall.

This means that on average, the height of a Russian bear dog is approximately between 26-28 inches.

The Russian Bear dog’s colors

This amazing species comes in a wide range of colors. You can get yourself a Russian Bear dog that has your preferred fur color.

They come in white, black, grey, fawn, creamy and red-brown rust-like shade. Most popular one is the white one because it looks very adorable and furry.

Furthermore, when you get to interact with this dog, you will notice that it has a very thick coat that is also quite fluffy and warm. This makes it a very nice pet to cuddle.

Some species of the Caucasian shepherd have long fur coats while others have short fur. You can get one depending on your preference.

If you pick the one that has long fur then you must groom it more often as compared to the ones with shorter fur hairs. Generally, you will need to brush and comb it regularly in order to maintain the texture of the coat.

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What is the price of the Russian Bear Dog?

The price of the Russian Bear dog is largely dependent on the particular breed that you prefer.

The average price range of the Russian bear dog is roughly between $1200 to $3000.

If someone wants to sell a Russian bear dog at a lesser amount, you need to be careful. This is because, the dog might be having health issues and the seller simply wants to get rid of it.

Remember, when the deal is too good, you need to think twice. The price may go even much higher if the Russian bear dog that you have is a talented one that can perform a number of tricks in shows.

You need to be extra careful and get a Russian bear dog at a fair price and have him or her checked for any health conditions. Cheap can be expensive too due to the vet bills you are likely to incur.

The Russian Bear dog puppy

Getting a Russian bear dog puppy for your kids can be a really exciting thing. This is because kids love puppies and the puppies can make great companions with your kids.

Make sure that you get a nice puppy that is healthy because this is crucial for the health of the kids as well.

On average, a Russian bear dog puppy can weigh approximately 80-100 pounds.

A good Russian bear puppy will be sold at around $450-$850. This price range may vary depending on the region you are in.

caucasian ovcharka puppy

What is a Russian Bear dog’s diet?

Just like human beings, dogs need to be given a balanced diet too in order to stay healthy.

You need to buy dog food that is of high quality in terms of nutrition.

Make sure you get natural food that has no additives or preservatives. You can also mix some protein like fish and healthy vegetables.

Carefully consider the amount of proteins in the food because too much protein can be harmful.

If you are totally green about dog food, you consult your vet so that you get proper recommendations on the kind of dog food to give to your Russian bear dog to keep him healthy and strong.

It is also advised to consult on the amount of food your dog should take. This might be dependent on the size and average weight of the particular dog. Consult your vet and let him or her advice you on the best food for your Russian bear dog.

Do Russian Bear dogs shed?

Russian bear dogs do undergo shedding once every year. They heavily shed their old coat in order to make way for fresh, fluffy fur.

Vets recommend that when this happens, you need to move the dog away from people who might have allergies and you also give it a warm bath and a nice brushing. This will help the fur coat shed faster and will help you maintain good hygiene standards.

The Russian Dog’s temperament

The giant shepherd dog, has quite a cool temperament as compared to other species. This is because, naturally, the dog has been trained to be a protector.

The Russian bear dog tends to be very gentle and loving to people he is familiar with but it can be quite aggressive when it senses predators are around.

You should train the dog to be able to control his temper because it can be quite dangerous when it gets out of control.

Keep the dog away from strangers and animals it does not get along with well to avoid chaos. They can have quite an aggressive side too.

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What is the Russian Bear Dog’s Lifespan?

A normal Russian bear dog can live up to 10-12 years. This is a good number of years to live with and spend time with your dog.

However, just like other animals, the life expectancy shortens due to the presence of illnesses, some of which can be genetic.

Generally, the lifespan of a Russian bear dog is quite long. Simply make sure that you feed him a well-balanced diet and take him for regular walks and exercise to make his lifespan even longer.

Training of the Russian Bear dog

Training is a primary need once you get yourself a good Russian bear dog. This is because, the dog needs to be taught certain important skills and good mannerisms too.

Training can commence as soon as you get the dog or even when he is still a puppy. This will help him grow up with good behavior and will be able to be a good guard too.

You can engage the services of a professional trainer like Doggy Dan the online dog trainer who might be quite useful. The trainer will also have to train you on how to take good care of a Russian bear dog.

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Where can you get to buy a good Russian Bear Dog?

You can get a good Russian bear dog from breeders who are known to sell dogs who are healthy and fit. This is one of the important considerations you should have before settling for a particular Russian bear dog.

Make sure that the breed you are buying is healthy and free from genetic diseases and other illnesses.

You can also get a good Caucasian shepherd in Russia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The advancement of technology has made life even much easier, you can now be able to search online for the type of breed that you want and get a breeder that lives near your area.

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What are some of the health problems Russian Bear dogs face?

Russian bear dogs can fall ill if not well taken care of. Generally the breed itself has quite a good and strong immunity system and hardly falls sick.

However, there are certain factors that need to be constantly checked to keep the dog healthy and happy. You need to give him a well-balanced diet and also maintain good hygienic standards.

Some of the ailments that befall Russian bear dogs are like cataracts, heart diseases and hip dysplasia. Take your dog for regular check-ups in order to prevent some of these illnesses from befalling him. Prevention is way better than cure.

Adoption of a Russian Bear dog

Adopting a Russian bear dog can be a hard thing, especially if the dog is already grown and big.

If you adopt a puppy, then training him into the family traditions and how to have good manners generally is not a very difficult task. Adopting a fully grown Russian Bear dog into your family is not easy due to the temperamental nature of the dog around strangers.

You can hire the services of a dog training expert to help the Russian bear dog transition smoothly and fit into the new environment.

Is it wise to keep a Russian Bear dog as a pet?

A Russian bear dog naturally has a wild temperament that makes him fierce and aggressive. This might make him not to be a good pet to have around the home because of his aggressive nature when provoked.

However, if you can hire the services of a professional dog trainer to train him especially if he is a puppy, he can make a good protector of your home and children.

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Before I conclude, I would like to share a few useful tips that can help you take good care of your Russian Bear dog:

✔ Feed your dog a well-balanced diet. Always make sure that you give your dog a well –balanced meal so that he grows up strong, healthy and disease-free.

✔ Make him exercise regularly. Regular exercise can be good for your shepherd dog. This will prevent ailments like hip dysplasia and will strengthen his bones as well.

✔ Give him proper attention so that you can be able to understand his needs better. Once you get to know what your Russian bear dog needs then you will live together in peace and harmony.

✔ Bathe him with warm water and shampoo during his shedding time. This will make it easier for him to shed off his fur coat faster and enable a new coat to grow smoothly. Brush his coat in order to maintain the texture of the coat.

✔ Maintain good hygienic standards of his beddings. Air his beddings or disinfect his kennel regularly to keep off termites and fleas. This will help your dog to be healthy and avoid certain allergies that occur due to unhygienic conditions.

✔ Brush his teeth every single day to keep his breath fresh. This also ensures that your dog has healthy teeth and good oral health.

✔ Take your Russian bear dog to the vet for regular check-up. A vet will be able to address some of the concerns you might have concerning the dog and even make early diagnosis of illnesses.

✔ During the summer, you can take him out for a swim or you give him a warm bath with dog shampoo at least twice in a week to keep ticks and fleas at bay. This will keep his fur clean and always smelling fresh making him huggable.

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[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]In a nutshell, a Russian bear dog is a great companion to have around you. Train him well from the time his is a puppy and he will grow up having good manners. [/thrive_text_block]

The Russian bear dog is a protector because of the aggressiveness and power that they have. Engage the services of a professional trainer to help you tame his temperament and be able to understand the dog as well. This will help you and your family to socialize well with the Russian bear dog.

In case you notice any symptoms of disease, you need to take the dog to a vet for check-up.

In general, a Russian bear dog is a loyal friend, aggressive defender and a faithful companion.

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