The Potential Problems With A Saint Bernard Husky Mix

saint bernard husky mix

The idea of a Saint Bernard husky mix sounds pretty adorable when you consider the look of the parent dogs.

There is the big, cuddly St. Bernard and the beautiful Husky, with those piercing eyes.

Online pictures of St. Bernard husky mix dogs show that there are indeed some cute pups in these mixed litters, but what about their health and personalities?

In this guide we will look at what to expect from the St. Bernard husky mix.

This means a closer look at some of their behavioral quirks, like their attitude with children and prey drive, as well as their physicality.

We will consider their grooming and exercise needs, as well as other health issues, before looking at the best place to find one of this crosses.

How big does a husky St. Bernard mix get?

It is important to consider the size of this St. Bernard husky mix.

We have a large parent breed in the St. Bernard and a smaller, medium sized parent in the husky.

This means that new owners should expect their pups to reach a size somewhere in the middle. This will vary depending on which parent that they most take after and their gender.

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This means a weight of anywhere between 60-120 lbs and a height of around 25-30″.

Therefore, you could have a dog that acts like a husky, but with a lot of extra weight to throw around. This means that there are some issues to consider.

The first is the importance of a good exercise regimen

The problem here is that you now have the high energy of the husky plus the extra weight of the st. Bernard. This means the need for a good diet and exercise regimen.

They will need a lot of exercise, with long walks in the park, and will benefit from a large yard to play in.

On the subject of play, it can also help to use some interactive dog toys and the Brain Training for Dogs during play time. This is great to aid with the bonding process for a good relationship and better socialization.

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Exercise and dietary issues are covered in The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health by Kingdom of Pets.

This guide could help those struggling with issues of obesity and the best portions of dry dog.

Other health issues here are the lifespan of around 8-12 years and some possible joint issues.

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Then there is the problem of socialization

An issue with the St. Bernard is that it can be a little sensitive and unaware of size. Meanwhile, the husky is not good with children.

Therefore, they will need some strong socialization training from an early age, and aren’t well suited to families. 

Other behavioral issues to consider here are problems with boundaries, a possible prey drive and mouthiness.

Good training should allow for good natured dog, but this needs some work. This is where guides like Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer and Secrets to Dog Training can really help.

These hybrid dogs are smart animals that can pick up commands well. But, there are stubborn, independent streaks in both parents that could make housebreaking and leash training more difficult.

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Finally, new owners of this Husky St. Bernard cross need to consider their grooming needs

Both parent breeds experience moderate shedding, which means regular brushing and vacuuming with their offspring.

A furminator might help with that thick dense coat during the worst shedding seasons.

This coats means a high tolerance for cold climates but some issues in hot climates.

The colors of this coat will vary. Some are pale like a husky, while some have the reds of st. Bernard and even their markings around the face.

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Looking for a Saint Bernard husky mix for sale or adoption

The first option here is to find breeders with St. Bernard husky mix puppies for sale.

There will be many people that specialize in this cross, taking the time to raise healthy, happy litters with the best traits.

Make sure to find the breeder with the experience and appreciation of the parent dogs and breeding needs.

Where possible, meet the pups and parents before buying. Also be careful with the Saint Bernard husky mix puppies price tag.

Some breeders may try and charge more if they are the only breeder in the area, or if they have desirable coat colors and pups with blue eyes. Others will charge too little, which is the sign of an irresponsible breeder that may not put the health of their dogs first.

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Secrets to dog training solution

The alternative is to find a Saint Bernard and husky mix for adoption.

There is a good chance that these dogs will end up in shelter as owners fail to understand their needs and behavioral traits.

Those that don’t get on with the kids, or become destructive due to pent up energy and boredom, could be given up.

Check local shelters for any of these dogs in need of a second home. It is a great way to give a dog another chance and to save on the cost of these dogs.

The potential issue with these rescue dogs is that it is not always entirely clear what the true parentage of the dogs really is.

For example, they may have the markings of the St. Bernard, but something about the tail or the build might not seem right for a husky mix.

This is where a DNA kit like the Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test can really help.

These kits highlight breed heritage in cross breeds, sometimes with some surprising results. They can also help to uncover potential genetic health risks to watch out for.

Is this Husky and St. Bernard cross a good idea?

Whether you get a full grown Saint Bernard husky mix or a puppy, there are some important traits to keep in mind.

There are potential problems with their energy levels, training and health care. However, those that are trained early by couples – not young families – should do well.

Patience and experience will create a great St. Bernard husky mix temperament.

This beautiful Saint Bernard husky mix will do well in the right home. Just make sure that you can provide it before buying one.

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