Introducing the Bea-tzu – A Sweet Shih Tzu Beagle Mix

Shih tzu beagle mix

There are beagle lovers that adore the personality of their little hound.

Then there are shih tzu lovers that wouldn’t want anything other than their cute, well-groomed little companion dogs.

This raises a few questions about the appeal of cross between the two. Is this a good mix? 

In this guide to this interesting shih tzu beagle mix we will look at some of the key traits to expect from beagle shih tzu mix puppies.

This means their personality and physical traits, as well as care needs and training issues.

We will also look at way of finding one, DNA testing and the shih tzu beagle mix price.

What should we call a beagle and shih tzu cross breed?

There is the potential for a few interesting names for this cross breed.

The one that seems to be the most common – and most fitting – is bea-tzu. This gives an immediate idea of the two breeds that came together to create these puppies. Shih-gle just wouldn’t have quite the same ring to it.

What does a beagle cross shih tzu look like?

There are lots of considerations to keep in mind with the looks and physicality of these dogs.

The physical features can alter depending on which parent they take after the most.

Some pups look a lot like the beagle, with a similar body shape and those large floppy ears. Others have a much shorter muzzle and rounded look like the shih tzu.

Other times there is more of a blend, with a muzzle mid-way between the two breeds, a slim body, short legs and curled tail.

beagle shih tzu infoImage Source

The beagle shih tzu mix weight can range between 15-25 pounds. This can depend on their genetic leaning and gender. Be careful not to let them get above this higher limit.

The beagle shih tzu mix size is around 9-15 inches high.

Then there is the coat and risk of beagle shih tzu mix shedding

There are many beagle shih tzu mix pictures online that highlight the length and coloration of the coats of these dogs.

It can get quite long if it retains the coat of the shih tzu, or may remain shorter with the beagle genes There is a range of colors too.

Some pale with some reds of the beagle. Sometimes the beagle markings show through a little too. Others are darker, and more like the shih tzu parent.

A major concern here is do shih tzu beagle mix shed and if so, how much.

Owners can expect moderate shedding from this fast growing coat.

This also means moderate grooming needs with daily brushing and regular clipping.

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Other care needs and health risks with this shih tzu/beagle mix

These adorable bea tzu puppies need a lot of love and care to thrive in the family pack.

Unfortunately, there are some health risks of spinal and hip problems, kidney, liver and bladder problems, epilepsy, hypothyroidism and eye issues.

They can live between 10-15 years depending on their care.

Be careful with portions and their diet as they can get fat quite easily, and this will place strain on the joints.

Luckily, this is a fairly active breed that will walk it off and enjoy play time to burn calories.

beagle shih tzu characteristicsImage Source

What should new owners watch out for with the beagle shih tzu mix temperament?

This is a great family dog with the right socialization training.

They can be great with kids and other pets and are often highly affectionate.

This is also a protective, loyal dog that will be a devoted companion and maybe even a good watchdog. Just make sure that the barking doesn’t get out of control.

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What does this all mean for training shih tzu beagle mix puppies?

This is a bit of a stubborn dog where their intelligence means that they may be a fast learner, but could decide not to play along if bored.

It helps to start socialization and obedience training from an early age, and to remain consistent and patient.

Those that have difficulty with any of these training issues may find help via Doggy Dan the online dog trainer.

This online guide provides great information on a range of subjects. The step-by-step processes are accessible for all experience levels and breeds.

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Finding a bea tzu for sale

The first place to look for these pups is with bea tzu breeders.

Be careful to research the best options for a reliable, responsible breeder.

This means one that fully understands the care needs of both the pups and their parents.

The bea-tzu price will vary between breeders, avoid anyone with prices that are too high or too low.

Another concern that comes with breeders is the risk that they may mis-sell a puppy under false pretenses.

It is easy to claim that they have beagle shih tzu mix puppies for sale, but actually have a different mix. Some may do this to dupe dog lovers into paying more for rarities. This is where a DNA kit like the Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test can help.

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Adopting bea-tzu dogs

The other potential use of this DNA test comes with shelter dogs.

There are sure to lots of interesting mix breeds up for adoption, with some dispute over their true identity.

There could be little dogs that look like they might be a shih tzu and beagle cross, but don’t have verification. A DNA test could help you to understand more about the dog you save.

Either way, shelters are a great way of finding a beagle shih tzu mix full grown in need of a second chance, at a reduced rate.

Is this beagle shih tzu mix right for you?

Hopefully all of this bea-tzu information paints a good picture of this little cross breed.

New owners will need to put in a lot of time, care and attention with this dog. This is the only way to ensure a happy, obedient family pet that is healthy.

In the end, the shih tzu beagle mix is a great family pet for patient, experienced owners.

Just be careful when shopping around for one.

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