How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Everything

stop your dog from eating everything

If you have been wondering why “my dog eats everything”, including potentially harmful stuff, you’ll be pleased to know that you can train them to change their destructive behavior and stay safe.

Dogs sometimes get into non-nutritional items, and even with proper training, non-nutritional things will often find their way into their mouths.

So you may be wondering, “Why does my dog eat everything? Well, this chewing habit is often part of their normal development, but the problem can get out of hand if left untreated.

Your pup can learn that chewing is one way to get your attention, but the unacceptable behavior may be a sign of pica, in which the behavior is so reinforced that it gets out of control.

Perhaps your puppy eats everything simply because doing so elicits a response from you or anyone around him, and swallowing the object is a satisfying way for your puppy to stop the challenge.

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Stop Your Dog from Eating Everything

Chewing is an important part of entertainment for your dog when they are at home, all alone. It is a great stress-reliever. It also helps to keep their teeth strong and healthy. So you don’t want to stop the behavior permanently, but channel it into more appropriate ways.

So here are steps to stop your dog from eating everything on his path:

1. Limit His Access to objects with non-nutritional value

Make sure that the area around your dog is cleared of non-nutritional items. It might not be easy, but prevention is better than cure.

Get kid’s toy’s, cables, shoes, clothes off the floor. Use a basket-like muzzle while walking your dog as a preventive measure.

Also avoid retractable leashes as it is likely to worsen the behavior. If you don’t want it chewed, put it away.

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2. Add Physical and Mental Exercises to Your Dog’s Routine

Providing your dog with both physical and mental stimulation will help prevent boredom. And a bored dog is a destructive dog.

Therefore, make sure your dog gets enough physical exercise. And don’t forget mind training. Trick training, obedience training, manners training and various training games are all highly recommended.

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3. Get a Variety of Valuable Chew Toys and Treats

Dogs adore chew toys like Kong and rubber treat dispensers. Get these valuable chew toys for your dog.

Dogs that like kid’s stuffed toys will love a dog plush toy.

If your dogs eat grass or are fond of gnawing on sticks and pencils get him beef tendon sticks.

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4. Reinforce Any Good Behavior

Now that you have limited your dog’s access to the items he shouldn’t have, and set him up for success by filling his space with valuable treasures, reinforce any good behavior that you notice.

Rewarding your puppy during your regular walks with praises and treats for keeping his head up and ignoring chewable items on the way is important.

The best walking solution is to train your dog to walk with his head up instead of searching the ground for stuff to eat. As with any other training approach, it is recommended to first train your dog where there are no distractions.

Start on a clear driveway or sidewalk and build up to ultimately walking outside with your dog not searching the ground.

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5. Give Him the Freedom to Make Mistakes

After setting your dog up for success in a supervised environment, it is time to allow for mistakes. This will teach your dog what is and is not appropriate.

Get some valuable chews and also get some unacceptable items that he loves. Set them within her easy reach.

Keep an eye on him; if he picks up a dog toy, praise and offer treats. If he chooses a bad item, take the item away and put the right item in front of him in a disapproving manner. Repeat this several times each day.

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You Can’t Correct This Problem Behavior Overnight

If you have been grappling with the question, “How Can I Train My Dog to Stop Eating Everything?’ it is important to remember that these training tactics take time and effort.

Sometimes there’s an exercise that your puppy seem not to understand. Your dog’s inappropriate behavior didn’t happen at once, and a new behavior might take time. If your dog has a serious problem, contact an experienced dog trainer.


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