How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping Up (5 Easy Steps)

How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping Up

Dogs are fond of greeting other dogs by jumping up on them. It is a natural way for them to show their affability.

In other words, it is good for the dog! Jumping up is a self-rewarding behavior for dogs simply because the dog gets the attention he craves.

However, this does not mean that you should put up with this irritating behavior.

If your dog has a jumping habit, below are tips to help you teach your pooch a more acceptable way to greet you and your visitors.

1- Ignore Your Dog When He Jumps

Bad behavior attracts attention, even if it’s not always positive attention. Believe it or not, ignoring your dog when he jumps up on you can be a great way to get him to stop.

The main reason why dogs jump is to get attention. Therefore, giving your pooch the cold shoulder when he jumps up on you can be a great way to get him stop.

While simply ignoring him will reduce the jumping, it might not stop it completely. It is important that your dog has another way of greeting you and your visitors that will attract attention and praise.

When he sits down, reinforce the good behavior with praise and petting. Within a short time, he will learn that keeping all four paws on the floor will attract the best rewards while jumping up on you reaps nothing.

2- Withhold Attention

One way of stopping your dog from jumping up is withholding attention.

As soon as he tries to jump up on you, turn your back on him. Fold your arms across your chest and keep quiet.

If he tries to move around to seek your attention or to jump again, quickly turn your back on him again. Repeat this process until he stops jumping.


3- Add a Sit/Down Command

When your dog jumps, start commanding him to sit.

Once you walk into the house, give him the command sit/down. Once your dog sits, offer him his favorite treat. Repeat this during various training sessions.

With more and more practice, your pooch will stop jumping, no matter who enters the room or walks through the front door.

4- Do Not Push On the Dog When He Jumps

Sometimes, people will try to push on the dog when he jumps. This touch may feel like a game to the dog and it may reinforce the jumping behavior.

5- Practice with Friends and Family

It is advisable to practice this training with your friends and family. If not, your dog will learn that it’s only unacceptable to jump on you, but acceptable on others.

Therefore, have your friends and loved ones help with teaching your dog not to jump on people.

Need Help With Dog Training?

Dog training can be quite overwhelming at first, particularly if this is your first dog. In reality, training your dog is a huge responsibility. Sometimes, getting help from a professional dog trainer can help detect and address such behavioral problems before things get out of control.

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