How To Teach Your Dog To Bring You His Leash (7 Tips)

teach your dog bring his leash

It is every dog owner’s dream to have a dog that is obedient to every command.

It makes you feel accomplished and definitely very impressive to anyone interacting with your dog.

Going on a walk or outdoors makes every dog wag his tail with excitement. You can train your dog to get his own leash every time you want to go out.

The time that you would have spent on going to get his leash, you can spend the extra minutes putting on your shoes or even getting a bottle of the water and anything else that you might need for your walk.

Here are a few tips on how you can teach your dog to get his leash.

1. Teach basic commands

You can never put the cart before the horse. First things need to come first. You need to teach your dog basic commands.

Training your furry friend to bring you his leash is not a very difficult task. Once he learns the basic commands, the rest will be easy.

Teach him to understand basic words like “leash” or “get your leash!” Your dog will look smart and will also help you with this simple chore any time you need to go out.

2. Get everything you need for training

Make sure that you have all that is required to effectively train your dog to bring his leash to you.

Your dog needs to have a leash that is the correct size for his kind of breed, size and weight.

You also need to have a clicker to click every time when the dog touches his nose to the leash.

You need to also make sure that you get his favorite treats to reward your dog every time he obeys your commands.

Positive reinforcement is recommended because it acts as motivation for your dog and he will gladly obey your command because he knows that a treat is in the offing for him.

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3. Make the leash accessible

Ensure that your dog’s leash is within his reach. Never put your expectations too high.

If your dog is a small or medium-sized breed, you need to put the leash at a very strategic place where he can easily access it. This will make it easier for him when he goes to fetch his leash after your command.

4. Reward him

Have your dog’s favorite treat ready to reward him when he brings his leash to you.

Dogs, just like children love to be rewarded and praised when they do the right thing.

Shower your furry friend with praise and even give him a pat on the back when he comes back to you with a leash in his mouth.

5. Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Be very consistent and persistent in your training.

When you are teaching your dog to bring you his leash, make sure that you repeat the above steps every day for at least 30 minutes over the next few days until your dog learns how to bring you his leash.

Your dog is very smart and will learn to bring you his leash within no time.

6. You can forgo commands

Once your dog has learnt that the word “leash” means that he needs to bring you his leash, he will equally understand when you stop using the “take it” and “ drop it” commands.

The word “leash” alone is sufficient enough to have him fetch his leash and bring it to you.

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7. Reward your dog with a long walk

Dogs are generally very energetic and playful creatures. Physical exercise is equally important to help keep your dog healthy and strong.

Once your dog has brought you his leash, make sure not to disappoint him by failing to take him for a walk.

Reward your puppy with his favorite treat and take him on a long walk.

In a nutshell, teaching your dog to bring you his leash should not be a difficult task.

Make sure that he understands the basic commands like “fetch” or “ take it” and even go a step further to make sure that he learns the word “leash”.

Put the leash at a strategic place where your dog can easily access it anytime you are ready to go out for a walk.

If he follows through with your command, be sure to reward him with his favorite treat and repeat the same every day until he learns how to bring you his leash.



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