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white chihuahua

There are some dog lovers, especially with small companion dogs, that know precisely what they want from the dog.

This means they have a clear idea of color, not just breed. One such example is the White Chihuahua.

In this brief guide we will look at some of the different colors of chihuahua and the chance of an all white dog.

We will also cover some of the issues in training and caring for these chihuahuas, as well as considerations when buying a white chihuahua for sale.

What colors are available with chihuahuas, and is a white one rare?

Chihuahuas come in more colors than many people assume.

There are lots of fawn and browns in the coats, but there are also lots of shades and markings across the scale. These include, blacks, creams and lavenders.

There are also some dogs that go beyond the cream to pure white. White and lavender are quite rare, by comparison, and sought after.

Other breeders will find a mix with white coats with markings. This could mean a black and white chihuahua or a white chihuahua with brown spots.

The problem is that those that really want a white one will pay more for a pure white one. This could lead to breeding issues.

The color may be rarer, but there are still two coat types

White chihuahuas are found in both coat types – there are long hair white chihuahua dogs and short haired ones.

Both are highly attractive, although the long haired are little more difficult to maintain than the white short haired chihuahua.

They both need regular brushing for a quality coat and a white fluffy chihuahua. Bathing will also keep the coat clean, but be careful not to bathe too often.

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Does this color make any difference to the other physical features of this little dog?

The full grown white chihuahua still have a typical size of 15-23 cm and a weight of 6 lbs. Buyers must be aware of all those breeders with “teacup chihuahuas” for sale. 

Undersized dogs may have health risks, poor breeding or mixed genes.

However, there are some other differences.

Some pure white, or “snow white”, pups have paler skin and eyes than the cream dogs. This indicates a lack of pigmentation across the whole body.

This means there are some white dogs with the dark black nose but also some white red nose chihuahua pups. This also means paler eyes. Some look for a white chihuahua with blue eyes as a result.

This is actually a rare defect. It looks nice, but is not the natural dark color of a chihuahua.

white chihuahua dogImage Source

Are there any white chihuahua health problems to watch out for here

There is always a risk with white dogs that there will be an increased likelihood of eye or ear problems.

This could mean that the white pups are deaf or prone to eyesight issues. The risk of this increases depending on the inbreeding and responsible handling of the breeders.

We will talk more about finding the best breeder later. Then there are the other issues such as infections in those protruding eyes, hypoglycemia and tracheal collapse. There is also an issue with temperature control due to their small size.

Anyone with concerns over the health care of this dog should check out the Ultimate Guide to Dog Health. It offers great advice on a range of subjects, with accessible information for new owners.

The white colored chihuahua’s temperament

The temperament of an all white chihuahua shouldn’t be too different from that of other colors – as long as they are still pure-bred dogs and not mixed with other breeds.

This means a loyal, confident little dog that many will love as a companion pet.

The potential problem here is that there may be some incidences of small dog syndrome.

Little dogs like chihuahuas can rule the home and dominate newcomers and strangers. They are also a little neurotic if not treated like other dogs.

There is a risk of this occurring with new owners that treat this little designer dog as a possession and mollycoddle it. This is something even more likely with these rarer colors.

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Training white chihuahuas

This risk of small dog syndrome means that all chihuahua owners need to start with a strong training program from an early age.

The sooner these little dogs know their place in the pack, the easier it is for them to get along with others. This means consistent socialization and obedience training.

They may also get a little vocal, so barking training is a must. Be aware that those with hearing problems may be a little more difficult to train. They can’t hear clicks and praise and will rely on visual cues and rewards.

Anybody that does find that they have issues training these dogs can turn to an online guide such as doggy dan the online dog trainer.

This guide is full of helpful information on all kinds of behavioral issues in these small dogs, as well as some more generic issues that new owners have to deal with. The information is all presented in a nice step-by-step guide.

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Finding breeders of white chihuahuas or choosing white chihuahua adoption

There are two options here when looking for white chihuahua puppies for sale.

The first is to look for white chihuahua pups from a reliable breeder

This means one that understands the best way to breed these little dogs and isn’t too fixated on color. Any breeder that risks inbreeding and illness for an all-white litter should be avoided.

Then there is option of adoption

This is a great way to find a chihuahua in need of a good home – whether white, black spotty or any other color.

all white chihuahua infoImage Source

Are these white chihuahua puppies really that desirable?

There are many people that will be drawn to these white dogs for their look. But, that really is the only selling point over other chihuahuas.

They are beautiful looking, but are no better behaved or healthier. In fact some owners may struggle a little more when raising a white one because of the health risks.

Be smart with chihuahua colors. If you find a white chihuahua in need of a home, by all means rescue it. But, color really isn’t everything with these dogs.

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