Why does my dog stare at me? (5 Reasons)

why is my dog staring at me

Have you ever gotten that feeling that you are being watched? When you slowly turn your head, your instincts are right, you actually find your dog staring at you.

Why then is your dog staring at you? Is he plotting in his head to prank you or to dominate the world?

Could there be a reason he is worried about you? You end up wondering what is my dog thinking when he is stares at me?

When you catch your dog staring at you on several occasions, you are bound to get curious as to what could be the reason.

I want to share with you a few tips on why your dog is staring at you.

1. It is a sign of affection

Just like humans, dogs have emotions too.

When you find yourself asking why your dog stares at you, one of the most probable answers is that he is simply showing his admiration for you.

You have probably experienced those moments where you just sit and gaze at a person that your heart loves, could be your spouse or baby. This is the exact same feeling that your dog might be expressing through his soft stare.

what is my dog thinking when he stares at me

When you find your dog staring at you in a most adorable manner, you can gaze back into his eyes so that he knows the feeling is mutual.

Dogs are very intelligent animals and they can be able to understand our facial expressions. So don’t fret it too much if you catch your dog staring at you lovingly, it just means that he loves you as his owner.

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2. He could be needing something

Dogs have needs, just like we do.

One of the reasons why your dog could be staring at you is that he actually needs something. He might need to go to the potty to ease himself or he just needs to go out for a walk.

As a pet-owner, you need to be very keen to know what your dog needs. Your furry friend can’t talk to you directly, all he can do is either stare or simply do something to get your attention.

If your dog was playing with his favorite ball and it slipped under the couch, he could be staring at you because you are the only one who can get it for him.

Learn to pay attention to your dog’s needs because he could be staring at you because he needs your help.

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3. Your dog might be looking for tips

Having established yourself as his leader, your dog is definitely aware that your decisions and actions directly affect his life.

Your dog could be staring at you because he is monitoring your every move. He simply wants to know what his master is up to.

He typically understands that you get to call the shots about every aspect of his life. You dictate when he goes out for a walk, which kind of canine friends he gets to interact with, just like you do your kids.

dog stares at me

Dogs are very smart and are able to read our body language much better than we can theirs. They can tell when you are about to leave, when you are stressed out from work or even unwell.

The next time you find your dog staring at you, there is a possibility that they are just concerned and want to find out what is going on with you.

4. You are eating something he wants

Most of us pet owners think that simply because your dog has never had a meat-pie in his life, he probably doesn’t want to have a taste.

It will cause no harm at all to just give your dog a bite of your snack just to let him have a taste.

There is this funny clip making rounds on social media of a dog owner having an ice cream and his dog right behind him staring.

So whenever he felt his dog was staring at him and he turned round, the dog simply looked away very fast like he was too proud to ask his owner for some.

This did convince me that yes, one of the reasons why your dog could be staring is because he wants to have a taste of your meal.

This is especially the case if you have ever fed your dog when you are eating. He expects you to continue doing so hence will stare at you.

If this is a behavior that you don’t like as it may be really embarrassing to have your dog stare at your guests when they are eating. You can command him to stay in another room as you and your guests use the dining area.

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5. It could be a sign of aggression

There might be those moments that your dog is staring at you with an aggressive look.

You might notice that he has this killer cold stare, not blinking at all and is also very stiff in posture.

This is a sign that something is wrong, could be you just handed his favorite toy to another dog who is visiting or someone has taken something that he is guarding.

This stare is not a really good one and you better take all the necessary caution so that he stops staring.

If your dog exhibits this kind of aggressive staring behavior, you can try to consult a professional dog trainer to help you train your dog to leave this behavior.


In a nutshell, in case you were wondering why your dog keeps staring at you, you definitely have an idea why by now your dog could be staring because he wants to communicate something to you, or it is just one of his ways of showing affection.

He might need something and wants you to help him or he might be staring because you are eating something he wants.

Whatever the reason, learn the character trait of your little furry friend, understand his needs and you will share a much tighter bond with your dog.

1 year old Akita Inu dog

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