Are Shiba Inus Good With Cats? Here’s The Answer

shiba inu and cats

Are Shiba Inus Good With Cats?

The short answer to this question is No.

However, you may be wondering why a dog breed that resembles a cat so much in appearance and attitude does not seem to get along with cats.

First Things First …. Just What Are Shiba Inus?

Are shiba inus good with cats? Even before settling this question, it is important to begin by understanding what this dog breed is.

Shiba Inu is a dog breed of Japanese origin, renowned for its amazing hunting abilities.

In terms of size, Shibas are not very small and not very large. However, they happen to be the smallest out of the 6 distinct spitz dog breeds that are native to Japan.

do shibas get along with cats?

The dog is known to be most adapted to mountainous terrains and closely resembles other popular Japanese dog-breeds such as Hokkaido.

The word Shiba means brushwood while Inu means dog. Therefore, it would be safe to believe that Shiba Inus, having been popular for hunting in wild shrubs, aptly earned this name.

Shibas are characterized by a compact frame and well-developed muscles. The dog features a double coat. The outer coat is usually stiffer and more straight than the softer and thicker undercoat.

His face and facial features are fox-like and the dog can spot a range of colors including sesame, red or black and tan.

If you own a Shiba, you may have been able to draw a striking resemblance between this dog and the cat.

Indeed, you may have been tempted into believing the two pets share many similarities as well. But do they? Let’s find out.

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Are There Similarities Between Shiba Inus And Cats?

Yes, a lot.

The most notable areas of similarity between shiba inus and cats include aloofness, stubbornness and independence.

These dogs are known to delight in self-appreciation, and will not need you to pamper them to make them feel great.

the relationship between shiba inu and cat

In fact, shibas have been known to be totally insensible to humans around them, continually pursuing their doggy interests.

Well, that’s much like our kitty friends. Both shibas and cats are known to turn to humans when they need something really important, such as food.

If they need cuddling or any other form of attention, they will demand it according to their schedule and convenience, not that of their owner’s.

shia inu playing in park

Another area of similarity between shiba inus and cats is in terms of grooming.

Cats are known to be clean pets that spend a great deal of their idle time grooming themselves. This is the exact opposite of what doggy life is like, though shibas have proven to be a great exception to that rule.

Aside from constantly grooming themselves, shibas will also only drink water that is sparkling clear.

Evidently, there are many behavioral and emotional traits that may leave you wondering, are shibas really good with cats?

Do Shibas And Cats Get Along?

Having looked at a host of similarities between these two pets, there is no doubt that shiba inus are good with cats, right? Well, not quite.

First, when all is said and done, a shiba is a dog and as you probably already know, dogs and cats are mortal enemies.

The only reason they live side by side is because they have one owner that supplies their every needs. Shibas are especially known to be highly territorial dogs, and will kick out whatever encroaches onto their territories.

orange cat with shiba inu dog sitting

Cats are usually marked for constant aggression, and the slightest provocation is usually all it takes to trigger a major fight.

Remember, cats are also assertive animals that do not take bullying very lightly. This makes it even hard for them to live alongside inus.

In most cases, both pets will lay claim to overlapping territories, constantly triggering aggressive behavior. And since no one of them wants to back down, what follows are usually endless confrontations.

Another thing to remember is that shibas were originally trained as hunting dogs. In fact, they are naturally adapted as such. That means that over the years, they have developed profound predatory instincts.

Shiba inus will easily chase your cats away and if it comes down to it, they might actually injure or even kill your cat. Years of predating on wild animals have only added them more aggression.

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What Is The Best Way To Keep Shibas And Pets As Cats?

Introducing cats and shiba inus requires skill and tact.

First, ensure that initially, the animals do not feed from the same bowl or even close to one another. Territories are often marked right from the feeding spot, and having them share such spots could be a call to aggression.

You may also want to train your shiba on the need to treat cats with less hostility. Training is usually targeted at shibas as opposed to cats.

This is for the simple reasons that dogs are fairly easier to train. Ensure you gradually familiarize the two pets with each other till they learn to get along.

Above all, ensure you introduce a smaller shiba to a larger cat. That way, the dog will not come off as outright intimidating. By the time he comes of age, he would have already grown fond of the cat.

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Conclusion: Do Shiba Inus Get Along With Cats? 

Shiba inus are not good with cats.

However, there is always a more tactful way to introduce the two pets with one another and have them make each other’s acquaintance.

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