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Bernedoodle Guide

There are some dogs that sound like a very odd mix when written down on paper, but are actually incredibly attractive and interesting dogs when seen in the flesh. The Bernedoodle is definitely one of those dogs.

As the name suggests, this is a Bernese Poodle mix – a curious hybrid behind one of the dog-world’s most gentle and beautiful giants and the comical, intelligent Poodle.

Essentially a mountain dog and a circus dog. The result is an interesting 50/50 split with some of the best characteristics of both parent dogs shining through.

In this guide to this interesting hybrid, we we look at some of the most important Bernedoodle facts to give newcomers a better idea of what they can expect from the cross breed.

bernese mountain and poodle dogBernese Mountain and Poodle Dog

This means vital stats on their size, health care, temperament and other important characteristics that make these Bernedoodle puppies distinct from their parents.

We will also look at different ways of getting these dogs, from bernedoodle puppies for sale to adoption options.

Before that, it is important to understand a little more about where this hybrid comes from and what exactly constitutes a Bernedoodle.

Where does this interesting dog comes from and what should we really be calling it?

Bernedoodle names are important because all curious dog lovers need to know that they are referring to this dog by the right name when inquiring about owning one.

So far we have used the name Bernedoodle and this is what we will continue to use. It appears to be the most commonly used term and it is the one used by the leading breeder of the hybrid.

There is no surprise that this would be a popular choice when we consider some of other portmanteau names that are out there. The popular Labradoodle is the Labrador x Poodle, so it makes sense to call this the Bernedoodle rather than the Bernese Poodle – for brevity’s sake if nothing else.

Bernedoodle puppy traits and characteristicsBernedoodle Puppy – Image Source

Some may use a different spelling of berniepoo and others prefer Bernese mountain poo. Either way, this is always the cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle.

This cross is said to have originated in Canada, via Sherry Rupke of SwissRidge Kennels. Rupke first bred a little of these pups in 2003 and has developed a strong, healthy line ever since.

However, there is no reason why this cross hasn’t happened before and gone unrecorded.

What sort of Bernedoodle traits can we expect from this breed in terms of physical size and characteristics

There are many hybrid dogs where the looks, build and other physical features tend to show a clear leaning towards the dominant genes of a particular parent.

With this Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle hybrid we tend to see a pretty 50/50 split in terms of the features and build. This is of course as long as the parents are a pure Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle.

A mix of a Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle will see a greater percentage of Bernese Mountain Dog genes and a different look.

This means that this is more than just a big mountain dog with a Poodle coat and temperament or a lean Poodle with the tri-color markings of a Bernese Mountain Dog. Instead, they are clearly their own animal and the parentage may not be so obvious to newcomers.

bernedoodle weightImage Source: bernedoodle_bailey

The biggest issue in terms of the physicality of these dogs is their size – as this can vary.

You are sure to see varying ideas on the Bernadoodle size and weight depending on the website or blog post.

This is because there are actually three different ways to breed these dogs, with three different sizes.

The first is the dog with the highest Bernedoodle weight; they are the standard Poodle crosses. This is surely the best approach with breeding these larger dogs because of the better comparative size of the parents.

This cross should result in a Bernedoodle full grown of 70-90 pounds and 23-29 inches high.

Then we have what is known as the mini Bernedoodle. Mini Bernedoodle puppies are created from the Bernese Mountain Dog and the miniature Poodle – not the standard.

Naturally, they are smaller at 25-49 pounds in weight and 18-22 inches in height.

Mini Bernedoodle dogMini Bernedoodle – Source: miltonthebernedoodle

There are some questions over ethics and practices with the smaller parents and large Bernese Mountain Dog.

The bigger issue here is with the toy. A toy Poodle and full grown Bernese Mountain Dog should not mix.

Here this is actually a hybrid between a toy and a mini Bernedoodle, resulting in a 10-24 pound dog no higher than 17 inches.

While this is much safer for the animals concerned, there is the issue that this mean diluting the Bernese Mountain Dog traits further. It would not be that straight 50/50 cross.

What should owners expect with Bernedoodle characteristics regarding the coat?

The coat of these animals is something that many dog lovers will be curious about.

On the one side, there is the Poodle with that characteristic curly coat that is a perfect for all those with allergies. On the other, there is the thick coated mountain dog with the wavy fur of black, white and tan.

Understandably there will be many people hoping for the best of both worlds – that is a Bernedoodle hypoallergenic coat with the ideal tri color Bernedoodle markings. Breeders are keen to point out that there is no guarantee of this perfect mix.

While the coat quality is often curly with minimal shedding issues, it can also be much like that of the Bernese Mountain Dog and there are poor odds on a tri-colour pup.

Tri-color dogs with the typical black and white coat and tan markings can occur, but they are generally be accident.

Instead, Bernedoodle colors tend to lead to a lot of black and white dogs with varying patterns and markings. A litter of these pups can be quite diverse in appearance this way – but all are beautiful.

The quality of this dense wavy coat means that owners will need to be careful and considerate with grooming a Bernedoodle to keep it looking at its best. It can matt a little too easily.

Yet, there is the fact that Bernedoodle shedding is minimal to address the balance. You may be brushing them more, but there won’t be piles of hair all over the furnishings.

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What else do new owners need to know about the care of these dogs?

Grooming is just the start with these pups, they need to placed in the right home with the right love and care.

The next piece of helpful Bernedoodle info here is that they are generally seen as a good family pet. This is because of its way with children.

It is a playful dog with energy to spare, but calm and good natured. It also happens to be a great watchdog that will bark at intruders, unless it has some of the unfortunate Bernese Mountain Dog traits seen below.

The size of the animal and this energy level means that the home needs a yard for exercise and play.

It is a pretty active dog that needs plenty of exercise. They will happily go for walks and runs and many will also like to go for a swim, that is if the Poodle genes shine through a little brighter.

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==> How to walk a dog

With a good walk and a day of play, these dogs need the right diet. This will vary from Bernedoodle puppy to adult and you also need the right portion sizes for the right type of Bernedoodle.

This is where the dog food secrets e-book can help. Not only it will provide great help on nutritious meals for this family dog, it can help with determining portion sizes for a standard Poodle/Bernese Mountain Dog cross or a mini Bernedoodle.

Bernedoodle health care and life expectancy

There is the common belief that hybrids such as the Bernedoodle are pretty healthy animals that rarely inherit diseases and go on to lead long, healthy lives.

This all depends on shared afflictions and risks between the parent breeds. Here there are few shared concerns and minimal risks.

This means that not only do owners of these animals have less to worry about, there is a good chance that they will enjoy the company of the dog for a long time.

bernedoodle factsBernese Mountain dog Poodle mix – Image Source

The Bernedoodle lifespan is generally 12-15 years, outliving the Bernese Mountain Dog and bringing in some of the healthy genes of the Poodle. This could be longer with the mini Bernedoodle.

Even so, there is still the potential for issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, skin problems, and cancers. The latter is important because the Bernese Mountain Dog tends to have a much higher rate of fatal cancer than other breeds.

It could also help to buy an Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test.

These helpful kits offer information on genetic traits that might lead to health risks. It offers a form of precaution for improved peace of mind.

New owners will also appreciate the helpful information on general care from Kingdom of Pet’s online guide – The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

dog health ultimate guide

What do new owners need to know about the Bernedoodle personality and are there any behavioral issues to watch out for?

There are many dog owners that will love the Bernedoodle temperament.

This dog is seen as being playful and affectionate with a good nature. It can be placid and loyal from the Bernese Mountain Dog and goofy and intelligent from the Poodle.

This means that it is a great companion dog with a high level of dedication to the family. At the same time, there is a good chance that this hybrid will work well as a therapy dog.Despite all of this, there are some Bernedoodle dog behavior issues to look out for.

As was mentioned above, they are pretty energetic dogs that will need to be kept active to avoid boredom and frustration.

These problems persist more the smaller the dog gets, which again suggests that the standard cross is much more favorable than the mini or the toy.

The added issue here is that these dogs need a lot of human interaction, so cannot be left alone for long periods.

There is also the potential that the Bernese Mountain Dog side may allow them to be a little skittish with strangers. They won’t be aggressive, just a little wary of new people.


This all means that owners need some good Bernedoodle training to get the best from these animals.

The hybrid is seen as a headstrong dog due to the Bernese Mountain Dog genes, so training needs to happen from an early age.

Training a Bernedoodle in socialization with strangers and other animals is essential here because of the risks mentioned above, as is crate training for a good environment in the home. This is essential if they do need to be left alone. A good crate like the AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate can form a comfortable den with reassuring items for those that struggle.

The good news is that they are also intelligent dogs, so should learn fast.

Those that struggle can benefit from training aids such as online guides like Doggy Dan the online dog trainer. This step by step guide is ideal for helping owners breakthrough difficult tasks.

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What can we expect when looking for Bernedoodle breeders and what sort of price do these new pups go for?

Those that like the sound of these dogs are sure to search for a Bernedoodle for sale, either through standard or mini Bernedoodle breeders.

The issue here is that there are so few breeders specializing in this Bernese mountain dog Poodle mix that they may be difficult to find.

This also means that the Bernedoodle cost is sure to be much higher than some of the other hybrids around.

This rarity is also an issue with Bernedoodle adoption.

As with any dog, the potential of Bernedoodle rescue is often much more appealing than that of buying from a breeder, particularly those looking for an adult Bernedoodle over a puppy.

However, the rarity of this new hybrid, and the issues with the different Poodle crosses, mean that it could be difficult to find a legitimate BMD/Poodle hybrid in a shelter or for adoption.

Here is a lovely video for a Bernedoodle named Mylo doing some of his favorite tricks:

What have we learnt about the Bernedoodle, and is it a good option for your family?

Hopefully this concise Bernedoodle 101 guide has provided the basics on this new hybrid.

The only problem is that it has surely cemented the idea that this is an attractive, family friendly dog while also highlighting the rarity.

There is no doubt that this new pup is appealing for anyone looking to find a mini Bernese mountain dog or an alternative hypoallergenic Poodle cross.

The dogs have the potential to be good natured, well-behaved and long lived. Yet, these issues of Bernedoodle price, availability and the problems for those looking to adopt a Bernedoodle are a concern for new owners.

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