Black Dog Names – 500+ Awesome Ideas For Black Furbabies

dog names for black dogs

Are you searching for the best name to give to your new black dog?

Black dogs tend to be very beautiful creatures, so it goes without saying that you need to also get the perfect name for him.

You can’t help but just awe with adoration as you gaze at that shiny black coat that seems to shimmer in the sun. The soulful eyes that look back at you with so much trust and love.

When looking for the best black dog name, it really doesn’t have to be literal.

You can be creative and name your black-colored dog in another language like Spanish. This might be a simple but highly sophisticated and unique way of naming your pup.

As always, I want to make it easier for you by giving you a few suggestions that you can choose from.

Funny Black Dog Names

If you are looking for black dog names that will tickle that funny bone of yours, I have some that you might be interested in.

Here’s a list of some of the funny black dog names that we could compile just to make work easier for you.

? Domino

? Black Jack

? Suede

? Velvet

? Spade

? Muddy

? Diesel

? Domino

? Jet

? Blackie

? Inky

? Goob

? Reeces

? Juicy

? Chewie

? Foo

? Knobby

? Ford

? Chicken

? Trouble

? Lager

? Chancellor

? Boss

? Stick

? Tipsy

? Fancy

? Berry

? Tia

? Kiti

? Lucifurr

? Pina

? Panda

? Bishop

? Friar

? Pinocchio

? Spotty

? Raven

? Cookie

? Villain

? Zulu

? Moor

? Monk

? Prince

? Knight

? Sir

? Limo

? Coalface

? Storm

? Graphite

? Pitchy

? Catillac

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Badass Black Dog Names

Well, it goes without saying that there are black dogs that might need to have a badass, tough name.

If you have a black dog, you might want to give him a tough name that would give him more street credibility among his peers.

The last thing you want as a dog owner is to have a black dog that looks tough but has a name that sounds like a sissy. It is so not right.

Here are some tough, badass black dog names that might interest you:

? Bruno

? 2Pac

? Arcade

? Leo

? Ice Cube

? Kesha

? NeYo

? Linkin

? Busta

? Fergie

? Shaggy

? Usher

? Butch

? Robin

? Genghis

? Theo

? Bonney

? Tila

? Vlad

? Vader

? Rikers

? Chino

? Raiford

? Sing Sing

tough black dog names

? Stalin

? Zander

? Ozzie

? Lex

? Hades

? Hera

? Loki

? Captain

? Maia

? Neptune

? Shaitan

? Titan

? Thor

? Daenerys

? Ammo

? Bouncer

? Hitman

? Razor

? Sniper

? Spike

? Turbo

? Tornado

? Rhino

? Scandal

? Nitro

? Ajej

? Admiral

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Black Male Dog Names

Here are a few black male dog names that you might want to give to your furry friend:

? Ebony

? Ninja

? Zorro

? Darth

? King

? Phantom

? Bear

? Shadow

? Assam

? Knight

? Nero

? Noir

? Gothic

? Demon

? Beetle

? Smudge

? Tuxedo

? Hercules

? Omen

? Tarmac

? Pirate

? Kerwin

? Duggen

? Corbin

Black Boy Dog Names

? Bart

? Jerry

? Johnny

? Rosco

? Jake

? Jasper

? Nate

? Tony

? Paul

? Boris

? Zander

? Brad

? Trent

? Cooper

? Sila

? Ray

? Sammie

? Brad

? Frankie

? Rex

? Ernie

? Elmo

? Jepher

? Cree

? Bjorn

? elliot

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Black Female Dog Names

Most of us pet parents normally tend to choose black female dog names to show the world how we feel about our dog.

According to psychologists, we tend to form stronger emotional bonds with our dogs, which is actually true because I can attest to it.

In fact there are people whose dogs have taken the place for kids at least for a while.

There are many great female black dog names that you can pick from.

Here are some amazing black girl dog names that might just intrigue your imagination:

? Leila

? Sheba

? Inky

? Raven

? Kala

? Nala

? Velvet

? Kahlua

? Storm

? Melanie

? Cerin

? Dusk

? Elvira

? Morticia

? Cerny

? Magic

? Devaki

? Jetta

? Brena

? Nerissa

? Hershey

? Elektra

? Pango

? Cinders

Black Girl Dog Names

? Queenie

? Trinity

? Dahlia

? Misty

? Kanika

? Sherry

? Kali

? Cindy

? Liz

? Trudie

? Abby

? Candy

? Sue

? Grace

? Aurora

? Lily

? Rose

? Darlene

? Vilma

? Yasmin

? Britney

? Nancy

? Yolanda

? Daisy

? Tina

? Lola

? Paola

Black Labrador Dog Names

Do you have a Labrador retriever and are wondering what name you need to give him?

Labradors are happy, energetic and playful dogs and if you have a black one, you need to find the perfect name for him.

Most people keep this dog because of its friendly and sociable traits. A Labrador retriever is not only a great companion but also very good kids because of its protective nature.

Here are a few suggestions that could give you an idea of the most suitable name for your black Labrador dog:

? Bella

? Baylee

? Luna

? Charles

? Cooper

? Max

? Sadie

? Justice

? Lily

? Zoey

? Scotty

? Stella

? Jack

? Blue

? Danger

? Coco

? Murphy

? Ellie

? Bo

? Remy

? Kona

? Sophie

? Milo

? Bentley

Black Lab Dog Names

? Hank

? Finn

? Tobie

? Rosy

? Zeus

? Koda

? Layla

? Ollie

? Diesel

? Emma

? Ace

? Don

? Brody

? Lady

? Oakley

? Hazel

? Ginger

? Sasha

? Otis

? Chase

? Ella

? Maya

? Ranger

? Cash

? Spencer

? Harley

? Catharina

Cute Black Puppy Names

There is just something irresistible about a cuddly black puppy.

You can’t help but stare and admire how a black puppy gleams pride, beauty and strength.

Choosing the right name for your black puppy is simply something that you can’t gamble with.

Here are yet again a few suggestions you might find useful when choosing your black puppy’s name:

? Adrian

? Bean

? Angus

? Bamboo

? Athena

? Berry

? Calla

? Dahila

? Darcy

? Delaney

? Ebony

? Bacon

? Legend

? Lyra


? Poppy

? Sable

? Smoky

? Thunder

? Storm

? Vega

? Yukon

? Wilder

? Tynan

Spanish Names For Female Black Dogs

? Vesper

? Jasper

? Skye

? Shadow

? Selena

? Rainy

? Oso

? Chocolate

? Pearl

? Persie

? Maverick

? Choco

? Keira

? Flint

? Duna

? Dash

? Colby

? Bran

? Asher

? Artemis

? Cupcake

? Eve

? Eclipse

? Emery

? Indigo

? Kuro

? Kit Kat

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Spanish Names for Female Black Dogs

Are you looking for some of the most popular Spanish female black dog names?

Well, here are a few that you may find interesting:

? Bella

? Alegra

? Alita

? Alma

? Bonita

? Alba

? Acacia

? Aida

? Abril

? Beatriz

? Bebe

? Chela

? Chiquita

? Amora

? Carmucha

? Eva

? Frida

? Ines

? Dulce

? Carmina

? Angelita

? Flor

? Juanita

? Lela

Ideas For Black Dog Names

? Lulu

? Lupe

? Luz

? Mariposa

? Bibiana

? Mija

? Mona

? Manda

? Lola

? Luna

? Lucia

? Sierra

? Reina

? Risa

? Vida

? Tia

? Tequila

? Solana

? Nina

? Paz

? Paloma

? Pina

? Carlota

? Nene

? Tierra

? Pilar

? Carilla

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Spanish Names for Male Black Dogs

Finding Spanish names for black dogs should not be a hard task anymore.

Check out some cool suggestions below:

? Bolero

? Chico

? Castro

? Bonito

? Amigo

? Amor

? Amar

? Benito

? Adan

? Alegro

? Carlitos

? Che

? Cielo

? Gitano

? Guey

? Gido

? Hugo

? Diego

? Fidel

? Dante

? Cruz

? Chiquito

? Gordo

? Felipe

the ultimate guide of Black Dog Names

? Cruz

? Lobo

? Bernardo

? Padre

? Pancho

? Omar

? Leon

? Jugo

? Inca

? Paco

? Nacho

? Toro

? Zorro

? Tigre

? Sanchez

? Sol

? Poco

? Quito

? Santo

? Bolivar

? Pepe

? Rio

? Pedro

? Tito

? Taco

? Alfonso

? Antonio

These are just but a few names that you can opt to choose for your black puppy. You are only limited by your imagination.

You can as well decide to name your black dog when inspired by different things like food, nature, other foreign languages etc.

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Black Dog Names Inspired by Food

Some of the popular and most common black dog names inspired by food include:

? Blackberry/Berry

? Oreo

? Pepper/Black Pepper

? Latte

? Hershe

? Kahlua

? Kala

? Bean

? Coco

? Cola

? Espresso

? Fudge

Names for Black Puppies

? Olive

? Licorice

? Pepsi

? Raisin

? Stout

? Coffee

? Guinness

? Porter

? Godiva

? Chip

? Crisp

? Stout

Black Dog Names Inspired by Black Animals

You may also want to name your beautiful black canine friend after other black animals like:

? Bear

? Black Beauty

? Jackal

? Jaguar

? Leopard

? Panda

? Panther

? Raven

? Kunguru

? Stallion

? Spider

? Falcon

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Black in other languages might also be a brilliant idea!

– Kuro (Japanese)

– Giza (Swahili)

– Schwarz (German)

– Nero (Italian)

– Preto (Portuguese)

Names for Your Black Chihuahua

Black Dog Names Inspired by Movie Characters

You can also choose from movie characters that are black and actually end up with a cool name for your dog like:

[one_third_first]? Zorro[/one_third_first][one_third]? Ninja[/one_third][one_third_last]? Batman[/one_third_last] [one_third_first]? Bandit[/one_third_first][one_third]? Blackbeard[/one_third][one_third_last]? Blade[/one_third_last] [one_third_first]? Knight[/one_third_first][one_third]? Poe[/one_third][one_third_last]? Vader[/one_third_last] [one_third_first]? Warlock[/one_third_first][one_third]? Khaal Drogo[/one_third][one_third_last]? Bullet[/one_third_last]

black german shepherd name ideas

If you are into magic and spooky stuff, the following names might just be the ones for you:

? Dracula

? Vamperina

? Elvira

? Goth

? Midnight

? Merlin

? Moon

? Morticia

? Phantom

? Caper

? Rorschach

? Voldermot

? Mystery

? Magic

? Mori

? Ghostie

? Tiara

? Cedric

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What you need to consider when choosing the perfect name for your dog?

There are a number of things that you need to consider when looking for the most suitable name for your black puppy.

1. Choose a simple name:

I would recommend that you go for a simple name that your dog can easily recognize when called out.

Just like kids, your puppy’s brain may fail to recognize a name that has too many syllables. Dog names that end with ‘a’ or ‘e’ can be great.

Also make sure that the name you choose is short and simple.

A name like “Nala” is unique yet very easy for anyone to pronounce. Such a name can easily be pronounced even by a young child in your home.You can be sure that even your dog will soon be able to easily respond to it.

2. Avoid commanding words:

When choosing the perfect name, avoid names that sound like the usual commands that you normally use in the house.

Words that are similar to “SIT!” “STOP!” may not be very suitable for your pup. Dog names that sound almost similar to the everyday commands that you give your canine friend may end up confusing him.

Pick a name that is different and doesn’t sound like words you use everyday in the house lest you confuse your pooch.

Cute Black Puppy

3. Choose a name that you comfortably use in public:

Remember that there would be times that you will take your dog out to the dog park for a walk or to play.

You need to ensure that your dog’s name is something that you would be willing to shout out in the public and not feel embarrassed.

For instance, even though your favorite band is called “Doom Shackles” you might not want to give your cute black dog such a name.

Your black dog needs to have a name that not only depicts his beautiful color,but also his aura of power and elegance.

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4. Consider your dog’s breed:

Your dog’s size and breed could be a great way for you to narrow down to a specific name for him.

For instance if you have a small black dog, you might want to call her “Kala” which is Hindi for “black” and would sound perfect for a small, cute black female pup.

If you have a large dog breed a name like “Storm” would be just perfect. What I essentially mean is that depending on certain characteristics that your dog possesses, you may choose to pick out a suitable name for him.

Your dog’s physical features may go a long way in helping you to find the perfect name for him.

A small dog for instance, with tendencies of being shy might be called “Kivuli” which is simply Swahili for “Shadow”. Such a name depicts her character of shyness, just like a shadow that is always with you but won’t make itself known because,well,it’s “shy”.

dog training with positive reinforcement

5. Pick a unique name:

A simple but unique name would be just perfect for your cute ball of black fur.

Choose a name that is simple to pronounce and that is very unique.

A name from a different language might be a good idea and would obviously be unique too. That is just a suggestion though, listen to your heart and pick the most perfect name for your furry friend.

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6. Make your family aware of the name:

Once you have finally settled for your dog’s perfect name, you need to make everyone aware of it.

The last thing you want is to have everyone in your household calling your beautiful black dog their own names.

Again, you really would’t want to confuse your new puppy who wouldn’t have an idea as to whom he needs to answer to.

You can also have a special dog collar made for your beautiful black dog. It can be engraved with his name so that whenever he wears it, be it at the dog park or his favorite chill spot, anyone can easily call him by name and he will respond positively.

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In a nutshell, I know it is very exciting to bring home a new puppy.

Just like bringing home a new born baby, you also need to prepare for your new pup. You also need to prepare your family as well.

You need to pick a perfect name for him as well. Choosing a suitable name for your black dog has now hopefully been made easier with this ultimate naming guide.

Take your time, do your homework and above all, listen to your gut feeling when it comes to picking the most suitable name for your dog.

Congratulations and all the best!


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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