Can Dogs Eat Cashews? Is It Safe to Share?

can dogs have cashews?

We all love to eat cashews not only because they are tasty but also because of their profound nutritional values.

However, most dog owners ask, are cashews good for dogs? Can dogs eat cashews? Is it safe to give your dog cashews?

Read on to find out this and much more about dogs and cashews.

Are Cashews good for dogs?

Cashews are very popular nuts for most communities around the world. For most people, just a handful of these tasty and delicious nuts can make a very delicious snack that is also readily available.

You can actually eat cashews in between meals and have no worries about adding on extra weight.

cashews for dogs

So, you may have discovered that there are certain types of nuts that are toxic to dogs, are cashews among them? Is it okay to give your dog cashews? Do cashew nuts have any health benefits to your canine friend?, you may wonder.

The answer is a simple yes, dogs can eat cashews. Cashews are not toxic to your dog in any way. However, just like any other treat, you need to give your dog cashews in moderation. 

⚠️ Avoid giving your dog cashews as a meal replacement. Just like the adage goes, too much of something is poison, this might not be taken literally but we can all agree that there is some truth to it.

Therefore, as you read on this article, I am going to highlight almost everything there is to know about dogs and cashews to help you make right choices when it comes to feeding your dog.

Are cashews safe for dogs?

What are some of the risks when it comes to giving your dog cashews?

1. Not all types of nuts are safe

It is good to note that not all types of nuts are safe for your dog to eat.

This is actually the reason why it is always good to be sure whether a certain type of human food is okay for your dog to eat before you give him. This will help and save your dog from getting allergies and eating toxic substances.

You need to note that your canine friend can eat almost any type of nut but, you need to be wary of nuts like macadamia nuts which are not safe for your dog.

Black walnuts are also not good for your dog to consume and they may end up causing a lot of health issues for your little furry friend. This should also be a warning for you to be cautious and not feed your dog on a mixed bag of nuts.

2. Cashews are high in fats and calories

You need to always know that there are good and bad fat in food. Cashews are known to be loaded with fats and calories. They do contain a high level of unsaturated fats. These are also known as “good” fats.

They include components like oleic acid that is also found in olive oil. The bad news about this is that, when you feed your dog too much unsaturated fats, they may be the reason why your dog puts on excessive weight.

This is particularly dangerous because it causes and may lead to your dog suffering from conditions like obesity. Obesity is bad news for any canine because it leads to illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and at times even arthritis.

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3. High fat content causes pancreatitis in dogs

The pancreas, even in dogs is a small organ that lies in between the stomach and small intestines. This small but vital organ is the one that helps in the digestion of food as well as the regulation of blood sugar levels.

When you give your dog too many cashews on a regular basis, you put him at a risk of developing this illness. Pancreatitis is when the pancreas is inflamed and it can be extremely painful.

Some of the signs of pancreatitis include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal stretching

Some breeds that are commonly known to be susceptible to this disease include dog breeds like miniature schnauzer, cocker spaniel and the poodle.

So if you have any of these breeds at home, you need to make sure that they eat cashew in moderation to avoid illnesses like pancreatitis.

are cashews good for dogs?

4. Too many cashews causes digestive upsets in dogs

When you give your dog too many cashews, you risk upsetting his stomach.

This is especially common in dogs when you try to introduce a new food to them. You risk upsetting your furry friend’s stomach when you feed him too many cashew nuts.

Most digestive upsets cause symptoms like vomiting, nausea, excessive gas and in other extreme cases, diarrhea may also be a risk.

Therefore, I would advise that when you are giving a new food to your dog, you need to do so slowly over certain duration of time.

Start by giving him few cashews and then observe his reaction. If he shows no signs of allergies and other issues, then you can proceed to give him more but in moderation.

5. Allergies

There are dogs that suffer from allergies just like human beings. I can assure you, though it is not very common in dogs, it can still happen.

So what do you do when you notice that your dog has some kind of allergic reactions after eating cashews? Try not to panic, stay calm and take him to the veterinary clinic for treatment.

So now that we have some insight on the potential risks that are linked to giving your dog too much cashews, I would like to also enlighten you on the benefits of cashew nuts to your dog.

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What are the health benefits of cashews to your dog?

Cashew nuts have a number of profound health benefits to your dog. They are a great source of essential minerals like copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorous.

These important minerals do play vital roles in your dog like maintaining healthy bones, joints, healthy blood vessels, nerves and also generally boosting the immune system.

Magnesium is important in ensuring that your dog has healthy bones and muscles. It also helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure so you need not worry about cardiovascular illnesses in your canine friend.

Cashews are loaded with zinc that helps to greatly boost your dog’s immunity system. It helps to heal any wounds and prevents infections as well.

Iron in cashews help to reduce the chances of your dog becoming anaemic because we all know iron is an important component of haemoglobin which helps to carry oxygen around your dog’s body.

You need to give your dog cashews once in a while because they contain anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help to protect the body cells from free radicals. These antioxidants help to fight against cancer and other diseases.

How much cashews can I give my dog?

If you are giving your dog cashews for the first time, you can give him just a half to see if he has any possible allergic reactions.

Cashews as we have said earlier have a high calorie and fat content so do not allow your dog to have too many of them at one go.

If you have a smaller dog breed, you may need to break the cashew down into smaller pieces to avoid any possibilities of choking. Larger dog breeds may not have a problem with eating the cashews as they are.

Is cashew butter okay for dogs?

Cashew butter makes a yummy treat for your dog. However, just like any other treat, you need to give your dog in small amounts.

It should also be an occasional treat. You can add some cashew butter to your dog’s meal once in a while to just make it tasty, however, make sure it does not replace his main meal.

⚠️ Cashew butter has high fat content and giving your dog too much fat will increase the risk of him having diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. It may also cause your dog to become overweight and eventually obese, which is not good.

Is cashew milk okay for dogs?

Cashew milk is a popular beverage that you can easily make at home. It is made from whole cashews and water.

It normally has a rich and creamy consistency and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and other beneficial plant compounds.

It is perfectly fine to give your dog this nutritious drink as it helps to boost the immunity system, improve the heart and also makes your dog’s fur coat to shine.

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Do I give my dog raw, cooked or roasted cashews?

So you might be wondering on how to give your dog cashews. Do you give them to him raw or cooked or simply roasted with salt?

One thing that you need to note is that you should never give your dog raw cashews. Make sure that they are either cooked or roasted.

Raw cashews may contain some compounds that are toxic to your dog. These components may be removed during the process of cooking or roasting.

are cashews ok for dogs?

Again, you need to choose unsalted or cashews that are unseasoned. Excessive salt or spices are not good for your dog’s health. It is also important that you go for cashews that are not covered in chocolate because chocolates are toxic to your dog.

Remember that not all nuts are good for your dog. There are some types that are toxic to your dog, this include nuts like macadamia and walnuts. Just choose plain and natural cashews for your furry little friend.

Can cashews kill dogs?

Dogs, just like kids can also be manipulative. Do not give in to your dog’s adorable puppy eyes when you know they should not eat any cashews especially when the risk outweighs the benefits of giving them cashews.

Cashews cannot kill dogs, however, there are dogs that should not eat cashews at all. These include the following types of dogs:

1. Dogs that suffer from pancreatitis or have such a history. The high fat content in cashews makes it worse. You really do not want your canine friend to suffer again from pancreatitis if you can avoid it by not giving him any cashews.

2. If you have an older or overweight dog, avoid giving them cashews at all costs. Also, female dogs of certain breeds like the poodle, miniature schnauzer and cocker spaniel have a high probability of developing pancreatitis, so avoid giving them cashews.

3. If you know that your dog is allergic to nuts and not just cashews, it is advisable to avoid cashews in general. Instead you can opt for a treat that is lower in fat content like a healthy vegetable or fruit.

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Final thoughts on cashews and dogs

In conclusion, cashews are not toxic for dogs. However, you ought to give your dog cashews as a snack. You may also choose to occasionally sprinkle a little over their food and not every day.

Too much of these nuts may only lead to weight gain and your dog may also suffer from serious digestion problems.

If you happen to find your dog sniffed out a packet of cashew nuts and helped himself to all of them, then you need not panic because cashews are okay for dogs to eat. If he has an allergic reaction, it is recommended that you take him to see the veterinary as soon as you possibly can.

are dogs alleric to cashews?

Cashews are generally a healthy snack due to their high nutritional value. They are also a good source of protein and energy.

Cashews contain fiber, vitamins E and B2 and some essential minerals like magnesium, copper, phosphorous, selenium and potassium.

Although dogs can eat raw cashews and still be okay, it is not advisable to let them eat raw.

The reality and truth of the matter is that dogs do not have consume nuts at all. They are naturally carnivorous creatures, so they naturally prefer meaty foods.

However, it is not a crime to change your dog’s diet once in a while. Let him enjoy this amazing and healthy treat every once in a while!

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