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Catahoula Bulldog info

There is a good chance that many dog lovers outside of the Southern US states wont have heard of the Catahoula Bulldog.

The English and American bulldogs are well known, but this one is more of a local favorite.

This is not a pure breed, but rather a form of American bulldog Catahoula mix where two prized breeds were mixed for the best of both worlds.

In this guide we will look at the most important Catahoula Bulldog information that all new owners need to know.

We will start with some of the key physical differences and traits, such as the Catahoula Bulldog size and colors.

Then we will look at the personality of these loyal dogs and potential issues in Catahoula Bulldog training.

We will also look at some general care needs before discussing the best way to get one.

By the end, you should have a better idea whether this Catahoula Leopard Bulldog mix is right for you.

Catahoula American Bulldog mixCatahoula American Bulldog mix – Image Source

Where does this Catahoula American Bulldog mix dog comes from?

This animal is a cross between the American Bulldog and the Catahoula Cur, also known as the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

There may be some that work with a Catahoula English bulldog mix, but here we want to talk about the American dog.

These Catahoula Bulldogs have been bred for over 100 years in southern states as a herding and hunting dog.

They are bred to have the best possible characteristics for the ranch to handle hogs and other hunting needs.

The idea was to take the agile, smart and eager Leopard Dog and cross it with the Bulldog to give it a bit more strength and bulk for a better job.

So, how does it differ from the bulldogs that we are familiar with? How big does a Catahoula Bulldog get, for example?

Some of the important physical Catahoula Bulldog characteristics that make this interesting cross breed stand out

Those familiar with old Bulldog breeds will not see much of a Bulldog here, with the tight skin and lean frame. The key trait that gives them away is the wide skull. They have a long tail, large floppy ears and a strong muzzle.

They are seen using their ears in a very expressive way that seems to help with communication in a pack. This begs the question why any owner would think of cropping them for a better look.

The Catahoula Bulldog weight can vary, but is typically between 75 and 100 pounds depending on the dominance of the Bulldog or Cur genes. The height of the dog is approximately 25 inches tall.

One of the most interesting features about this good looking dog is actually the range of Catahoula Bulldog colors. This is seen in both their coat and their eyes.

There is a wide range of colors to the coat depending on the traits of the parent dogs. This stretches from whites and browns, with merles and all sorts of patterns in between.

On that note, there is interesting range of eye colors too, from deep browns to icy blues. There are some great Catahoula Bulldog pictures online that highlight the broad range of looks, including some dogs with two eye colors.

The coat itself is pretty easy to handle, whatever the color. These dogs have a simple, short single coat with minimal grooming needs.

This means that there is a minimal risk of Catahoula Bulldog shedding as a result.

Regular brushing will keep the dead hair under control and massage the skin for a good quality coat. Occasional baths and nail clipping are necessary where required.

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What about the personality traits of this gorgeous working dog?

The Catahoula Bulldog personality is pretty easy going and appealing.

This means that they do make great companion dogs as well as working dogs because of their loyalty and devotion to their master and family.

They also have a pretty gentle temperament that works well in families with kids.

However, there are some cases of an independent nature and slight dominance that may be an issue if not controlled early on. This is great when the dog is used to herd other animals, but not so good if it is not controlled in family environment.

The combination of loyalty, alertness and smart senses mean they can also be a great watchdog.

Catahoula Bulldog personalityImage source

How to train a Catahoula Bulldog

The intelligence of the Catahoula Cur helps to add some smarts to this cross breed and makes it great for working needs.

It is smart and eager, so wants to learn and get things right. You will need a strong training regimen from the start to make sure that these animals know precisely what is expected of them and can find their role.

Don’t forget about the importance of leash training because of their hunting drive.

Also work on socialization training for a good relationship with people and other animals. If you don’t, they may try and be a little controlling around other dogs and may not be too fond of the cat.

It can be difficult to get these new training regimens off to the right start, no matter what type of dog you are working with. That is why all new owners should take the time to learn along with some top online training guides.

Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer and Secrets to Dog Training are both great examples of accessible guides with helpful step-by-step solution on a range of issues. This includes socialization and leash training for your Catahoula Bulldog puppy.

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Looking after this Catahoula Bulldog mix at home

As you would expect with this breeding and background, this is a dog built to run and be active for long periods.

Those bred for work environments should get all the exercise they need. Those bred as family pets will need long walks and runs on a regular basis. A large yard is a great asset here.

Some that want the toughest, hardiest of ranch dogs may prefer the idea of using Catahoula Bulldog kennels, rather than keeping them indoors. Be aware that this acclimatization to the cold can lead to the seasonal growth of a thicker double coat.

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eliminate dog problems

Are there any important Catahoula Bulldog health problems that new owners need to be aware of?

The Catahoula Bulldog does have a few health risks. The most important regard their eyes and ears, with some becoming deaf in one ear, or blind in one eye. They are also known to deal with skin issues, including dry dog nose.

As for the Catahoula Bulldog lifespan, this is medium sized dog with a typical life expectancy of 10-14 years. Naturally, this will vary depending on their long-term health issues and general care.

Finding a Catahoula Bulldog for sale

Catahoula bulldog breeders are the first place to look for these pups.

There will be many keen and experienced breeders that understand how to breed this cross in a safe, responsible manner for a healthy litter.

There is a good chance that if you want one, but live out of the Southern states, you may have to travel. It is worth travelling and researching to find these responsible breeders that love their dogs. They will let you spend time with the pups and parents, and answer all your questions.

How much does a Catahoula Bulldog cost?

This mix dog is not as expensive as some “designer” dogs. That is because this is an animal bred for a purpose, not a fad.

The Catahoula Bulldog price will still vary from breeder to breeder. This cost can depend upon the location of the animal, the demand in the area and the stock that they were bred from. How much you pay is up to you.

However, be careful of those that try and charge too much for no good reason, as well as those trying to sell far too cheep. The latter could be a litter with defects, or other problems, that the breeder wants to get rid of. A good example of this would be those pups born deaf or blind.

Adopting a Bulldog Catahoula mix

Adoption could be a great choice for families depending on their location.

This is a great alternative to finding Catahoula Bulldog puppies for sale. It lowers the cost and allows dog lovers the chance to save the life of an adult dog in need.

This isn’t going to be a common shelter dog in all areas. It is also worth questioning why the animal was given up. Are they older, friendly dog that simply wasn’t fit for purpose on a ranch anymore? Or, do they have behavioral or health issues that you may struggle with?

Bulldog Catahoula mixImage Source

Is the Catahoula Bulldog a good choice for a family pet or working dog – or both?

The Catahoula Bulldog temperament is appealing to both families and ranch owners, and this shouldn’t come with much surprise after the careful breeding involved.

This is a dog bred to be loyal, smart and capable on the ranch, but this also translates over into family life too.

There are some challenges early on in the training process, and a few health problems to contend with. However, there are many advantages to this well-bred, interesting and attractive dog.

With the right attitude and care, Catahoula Bulldog puppies can be a great addition to any ranch or home.

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