The Adorable, Protective Little Corgi Chihuahua Mix

chihuahua corgi mix guide

There are two small dog breeds that many dog lovers seem to believe are the cutest, sweetest little dogs around. They are are the corgi and the chihuahua.

Many love the corgi for its infectious smile, playful nature and beauty. Others love the chihuahua for its devotion, small size and cute features.

So what happens when breeders create a corgi chihuahua mix? Do we get the best of both worlds?

In this guide to the welsh corgi and chihuahua mix we will look at some important traits to consider.

We will start with the look of the dog, from the size to the coat. This leads to health and general care of the animals.

Then we will look at the corgi chihuahua mix personality and training needs, before considering where to find corgi chihuahua mix puppies for sale.

Before all of that, what is a corgi chihuahua mix called?

The name of these cross breed dogs is important. It helps us identity this mix over other chihuahua crosses.

This dog is commonly referred to as the chigi now, which makes this dog sound much more like its own breed than a hybrid.

It is a cute term that many that toy dog-lovers will find cute. Others may use the term chorgi or chi-corgi as an alternative.

The corgi chihuahua mix size and general look of this cute little cross breed

How big will a chihuahua corgi mix get?

This chihuahua corgi mix is clearly going to be a smaller dog, but not as small as a chihuahua.

Corgis are quite stocky dogs, even if they are short. This may come through in the size of this dog.

Expect a dog that either resembles a stockier, larger chihuahua in size, or a slimmer corgi.

On average this means a height of 7-12 inches high and corgi chihuahua mix weight of between 10-20 pounds.

corgi chihuahua mix weightImage Source

As for the look of this dog, they share many traits with the corgi, but there is still an undeniable look of the chihuahua here too.

These corgi chihuahua mix traits usually include a long tail and stockier build. There is often a look of a longer muzzle, like a deer head chihuahua, with the oversized ears of the corgi.

Some would argue that this takes the tiny, over-bred chihuahua and makes it even more attractive.

What about the coat and the risk of corgi chihuahua mix shedding?

This chihuahua and corgi mix tends to have a medium sized coat that will require plenty of brushing to keep it looking good.

The length may vary depending on the type of chihuahua that the corgi was bred with.

For example, is this a corgi long haired chihuahua mix. This coat types means that there is a pretty minimal risk of shedding.

Chihuahua corgi mix pictures show that this coat is often a warm color, reflecting the common tones of the corgi and chihuahua parents.

The reds of corgi are often dominant, sometimes with the typical corgi markings around the face and chest. Paler parents will result in paler pups. There is also the chance of darker, black dog with a black chihuahua.

Are there any health issues that owners need to be aware of with a corgi mix with chihuahua?

The corgi chihuahua mix lifespan is around 12-14 years, with the right care and attention and no major health problems during its lifetime.

It is important to keep up with health checks for this small dog.

There are possible issues with heat tolerance, eye problems and heart issues. Some warn about other risks of epilepsy, collapsed trachea and von willebrands.

There are some great tools available to help new owners provide the best healthcare.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health from Kingdom of Pets is a great resource for information on different topics.

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When it comes to the general care needs of this chihuahua cross corgi, there are pretty basic needs with their diet and exercise.

Their activity levels are not that high. This means that a good daily walk and plenty of playtime at home should be enough to burn off energy.

Be careful with their diets so that they don’t eat more than they burn off. This is especially important in any pup with a corgi parent, as the corgi does have a tendency to overeat. This gene may be passed down to the offspring.

temperament of corgi chihuahua mixImage Source

What can new owners expect from the corgi chihuahua mix temperament?

One thing that all of those cute corgi chihuahua mix images can’t show us is their temperament. So are they as cute as they appear?

This is generally a loving dog that will be an affectionate member of the family.

This come down to the desire for attention from the chihuahua and the playful, cheerful nature of the corgi. They are also protective and loyal with the right family and handling. 

Some will be gentle enough to be good with children with the right socialization.

Chigi behavioral issuesImage Source

Still there are risks of behavioral problems with this chigi dog.

There is a concern that comes from the strength of that bond that it creates with the owner.

Chihuahuas are known for getting a little too attached to one owner, to the point of jealousy. Owners should be careful not to let this obsessive behavior develop here.

As for the corgi side of the family, these herding dogs can get a little over protective.

The herding instincts come out in an a desire to control the movement of people, like family members and strangers.

Ultimately, the behavior of the pup all comes down to the right training.

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Training these corgi chihuahua mix puppies

These potential behavioral issues mean that this dogs need the right training regime from an early age.

This should also be a pretty smart dog, which should mean that it has the ability to learn commands and retain information pretty well.

Socialization is vital from an early age to help them deal with other animals and people. This should help to combat either risk of possessive behavior and herding, as well as other anti-social behaviors.

There is also a need for good housebreaking with this apartment dog, obedience training and possibly barking training.

Those that struggle with the training needs of this little chihuahua corgi mix dog can turn to Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer.

Doggy Dan is a world-renowned expert on all kinds of issues and traits seen in all kinds of species. This step-by-step guide helps owners through key problems in the comfort of the home – or back yard.

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Finding the right breeders with a corgi chihuahua mix for sale

Regardless of these potential behavior issues, many people are immediately drawn to these puppies through online ads and forums.

There is something adorable about them that makes them seem worth the effort and cost.

The best approach is to search for a reliable breeder with a healthy chigi for sale.

This may mean travelling if you are sure they are a good breeder.

Take the time to meet the litter and parents. This way you can be sure about what type of chihuahua was involved, and the health of the family.

The best breeders will be open and knowledgeable about this mix.

chihuahua corgi mix dogImage Source

This also means finding breeders that offer a fair corgi chihuahua mix price.

Some breeders can charge as much as $700 for one of these puppies. This can seem overpriced when there are other breeders asking for half that.

Question their motives for the price tag.

Is this a reputable breeder with a bigger package of care and support on offer? Are these corgi chihuahua crosses that rare in the area? Or, are they trying to con people based on physical features or a false linage?

At the same time, don’t fall for a price that is too low. These breeders may not have the dog’s interests at heart. They may only be in it for profit.

eliminate dog problems

The alternative here is to look into chihuahua corgi mix adoption

Adoption is a great way to find one of these chi-corgi dogs at an affordable price.

These lower shelter fees are appealing, as is the chance to save a life. The problem is that there may not be that many chihuahua corgi mixes in a local shelter.

There is also the possibility that the dog was abandoned due to behavior problems or health issues. Make sure you know what you are committing to with a shelter dog.

Is this corgi chihuahua puppy the right choice for you?

Hopefully all of this corgi chihuahua mix info has highlighted the pros and cons of this little cross breed.

The pros are clear in the sweet nature, simple care needs and lack of corgi chihuahua mix shedding.

The cons come in some of the potential behavioral problems and need for training – as well as the price of some of these corgi chihuahua mix puppies.

Still, there is no denying that the chihuahua corgi mix is a great addition to the right home.

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