Why The Dachshund Lab Mix May Not Be What Dog Lovers Expect

Dachshund Lab Mix dachsador

The Dachshund Lab mix, also known as the Dachsador to its loving owners, is one of those dogs that has to be seen to be believed.

The two parent breeds are such contrasting dogs, in so many ways, that it is difficult to imagine the results.

Some expect a Labrador on tiny legs, or a more athletic dog with the face and features of a dachshund. The reality isn’t usually quite as extreme as that – although there are some reports of genetic mixes gone wrong.

So what can new owners expect here?

In this guide to the Lab Weiner mix we will provide plenty of Dachshund Lab mix info on the key areas of interest.

The most important of these has to be the size of the dogs and their build. Are they a small dog with Lab tendencies, Lab-sized with Doxie traits or something in the middle?

Dachshund Lab mix infoLabrador Dachshund Mix – Image Source

We will also look at other key physical features like the colors and coat.

Then we will look at the pros and cons of their behavioral traits and the potential training issues involved.

Finally, we will look at the risks of finding Dachshund Labrador mix puppies for sale against the potential in adoption.

Before all that, there is still one burning question to answer. How do we get this Lab and Weiner dog mix?

How do we get this Lab and Weiner dog mix?

We all know that it doesn’t usually take much for two adult dogs to breed. Take an un-neutered male and a female in heat and there aren’t too many limits when it comes to hybridization.

However, it becomes more difficult with a tiny Dachshund and a larger Labrador.

There are cases of male Dachshunds impregnating female labs naturally – somehow – but the general method is through artificial insemination.

Here it has to be a male Dachshund and a female Lab because a female Dachshund simply would not be able to carry those pups in a safe manner.

Responsible breeders will do this in an ethical way with the best stock.

However, not all breeders are ethical when a designer pup is involved.

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How big does a Dachshund Lab mix get?

The size of these dogs can vary depending on the strength of the genes and the way they lean with their build and stature.

There are some that look more like a stocky, heavier lab on shorter legs – not to extend that some imagine. Here the Dachshund Labrador mix weight can be surprisingly high.

Many others find that the Labrador Dachshund mix size comes nicely in the middle of the two parents, with legs around three quarters the size of the Lab and a leaner, longer body.

lab and dachshund mixLab and Dachshund mix – Image Source

What else can we expect from their looks?

Other physical Lab Dachshund mix traits to look out for are the sleeker shape, the slightly longer face that is seen in the Dachshund, and cute ears.

Many people will also wonder what color their cross will be. Will there be a mix of colors in the litter, or are they generally the same.

Many photos online show dogs with quite dark coats, with many dark browns and blacks. The latter is surely the result of a black Labrador dachshund mix.

A brown or black dachshund and a brown or chocolate lab doesn’t leave much room for variation.

This is one reason to steer clear of any dachsador breeders claiming to have rare colors at a higher price. There are silver Dachshunds but it is unlikely to find a silver Dachsador.

The variation in the coat comes instead from the length and quality of the fur.

There are many dogs that end up with a shorter coat much like the lab, sometimes water repellent. This goes nicely with the webbing on the feet that many also tend to inherit.

However, a long haired Dachshund Lab mix could lead to a more coarse, longer coat. This raises the issue of Lab Dachshund mix shedding.

The longer the coat, the worse the problem and as labs are generally pretty moderate shedders anyway, it is unlikely that Dachsador owners will avoid this problem.

Collecting hair and vacuuming is part of the process when caring for a Lab and Dachshund mix at home, as is good health care within a loving family.

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Potential health issues with a Labrador Dachshund mix

One of the biggest health issues to consider with a Dachsador dog is their weight.

Both parent breeds have a tendency for weight gain, with the Labrador struggling to know when to stop eating. This means that both are at risk of obesity.

This trait is likely to be passed onto their offspring, so a healthy, careful diet and good exercise regime is important. This is especially true in the stockier pups with short legs that may place too much strain on their small limbs.

The good news is that this can be avoided with that good diet and all that playtime.

Also, the Dachshund Lab mix life expectancy should be pretty good, somewhere around 12-14 years and potentially higher.

What do new owners need to know about the Labrador Dachshund mix personality

As this is a Labrador Retriever Dachshund mix, there are many of the Labrador traits that new owners hope for in this mix breed.

They are a loving dog with a lot of energy and a keen need to please and play. This means plenty of games of fetch and a love of swimming.


They love their family dearly and make great family pets in the right home. This is enhanced by the Dachshund genes as they too are a happy, affectionate breed.

This love, crossed with some of the additional Doxie genes, can lead to the self belief that these dogs are still lapdogs. They haven’t all figured out quite how big they are. Some may find this annoying, others will find it endearing.

Dachsador Dog GuideDachsador – Image Source

Are there any negative qualities to the Dachshund Lab mix temperament and how can owners resolve them?

Unfortunately, there are some aspects to the Lab Doxie mix that aren’t quite so positive.

The Retriever genes come out in positive ways through play, but the hunting genes of the Dachshund can lead to a desire to dig and chase other animals.

Where this was comical with the Dachshund, the Dachsador cross is a much bigger, leaner and faster machine that can chase down and kill unsuspecting animals.

The devotion to the owner could potentially lead to separation anxiety without the best training early on.

They also have a tendency to chew in early years and may be a little vocal.

Dachsador Training

The issues above show that there are a number of hurdles that some Lab x Dachshund owners may stumble into.

Therefore, owners need to work hard when training a Dachshund Lab mix puppy.

With so many behavioral quirks to keep under control, they need strong, consistent training from an early age.

The good news is that they are quite a smart, eager dog that will learn with patience and time. They can be a well-behaved dog, even if they may slip at the sight of a rabbit.

Those that struggle with the training process or additional issues can turn to Doggy Dan the online dog trainer.

This online guide provides simple step by step guidance on the best possible way to train your mix breed in the comfort of your home.

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Where can keen dog lovers find a Labrador Dachshund mix for sale

Although they aren’t that common, there are some breeders that will specialize in these crosses because of their potential.

The positive side of a breeder is you should know what you get if you see the parent dogs. However, not all breeders are trustworthy.

Be careful with any breeder that claims to have these Lab Dachshund mix puppy and give them all a through check. This is because of those aforementioned issues with the breeding and the potential for health and size issues with bad genetic mixes.

The alternative option here is to look into Dachshund Lab mix adoption for a Dachshund Lab mix full grown.

This is preferable to some new owners for a number of reasons:

First of all, these are dogs in need, perhaps abandoned by breeders for not being quite as expected.

Second, the shelter is sure to have taken care of them in preparation for their new home.

Third, they may be adult dogs, rather than a puppy in need of training.

Finally, the process is much cheaper than buying an overpriced “designer” pup.

Is the Dachshund Lab mix a good choice?

Those families that find a Dachshund Labrador mix in need of a good home – one that isn’t suffering from extreme or ill-breeding – could find that this is an interesting alternative to the typical lab.

In some ways, there are benefits in this smaller size, as they are perhaps easier to care for and an interesting way to stretch out the legs of the misshapen Dachshund into a more “normal”, handsome looking dog.

However, this mix does bring the potential for those health issues and some unwelcome behavior traits.

Do your research, consider this hybrid carefully and turn to a shelter before a breeder.

Featured Image: Instagrm/ellie_the_dachsador

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