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Golden Mountain Dog

The name Golden Mountain Dog is one of the best around for a hybrid dog. It conjures up images of a majestic, mythic creature that we would only find in the highest, coldest mountainous regions.

Of course the reality is much different. It may have a cool name, but it is still a fairly normal hybrid dog that will suit many homes.

In this guide we will look at the most important Golden Mountain Dog information that all new owners need before committing to this puppy.

This includes details on the physical features of this animal, particularly the size and coat, as well as the personality traits to watch out for. Then there are also sections on the well-being and health care of the dog.

We will also look at different options when looking for Golden Mountain puppies for sale, before offering a final verdict.

Before we look at the size of this cross breed, let’s look at the parent breeds to see what a Golden Mountain Dog really is.

How do we get Golden mountain puppies?

When we break down the name Golden mountain dog, we can guess that this is some sort of cross between a mountain breed and a Golden Retriever.

In fact this is actually a Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever mix.

This means we have a hardy European mountain animal, with its strong build and devoted nature, and the more familiar Goldie, which has been a family favorite for a long time.

There are similarities and differences with these parent dogs. This means that while there is a unique mix to the pups, we don’t see the strange quirks that come with some of the more extreme pairings.

When we close our eyes and imagine the offspring, it isn’t too hard to get a good idea of what to expect.


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How big do these Bernese Retriever crosses get?

The next thing that we need to look at with this Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever mix is the size.

The Golden Mountain Dog size shouldn’t come as too big a shock to dog lovers because the parent breeds aren’t that dissimilar.

A full grown dog should reach a height between 24 to 28 inches, as the parent dogs are roughly the same in this respect.

However, there are a few more differences with the weight. This is usually between 80 and 120 pounds in a healthy dog.

There is a good chance of a dog that looks like a skinny Bernese Mountain Dog or a slightly larger Retriever.

On the subject of the Golden Mountain dog weight, it is important to remember that these dogs may put on a bit of weight if given the chance to over eat. Try and keep them to a nice, slim figure that suits their build.

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Other key traits with the looks of this Bernese Retriever mix

The look of this dog is a nice cross between the two parent breeds. It is a little slimmer than the Mountain Dog, but shares a number of other features.

Traits that all new owners should look for include the almond shaped eyes, the large floppy ears and the medium sized muzzle. Most also tend to have a long tail that they will happily wag at everybody they meet.

These physical traits are important when checking a puppy to be sure that you have a true Bernese Goldie cross, rather than some other type of retriever or other Mountain Dog.

There is the possibility that some people will breed a Pyrenean Mountain Dog with a Goldie and call that a Golden Mountain Dog too.

The other tell-tale sign of a Bernese cross would be the color of the coat. Despite the name, these dogs are rarely that golden in color. There are a lot of black coats, black coats with white marking or the typical tri-color markings of the Bernese.

There is the potential for whites, reds and yellows, but this is not as common. A Pyrenean cross would be much lighter.

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What do new owners need to know about Golden Mountain Dog shedding?

It isn’t just the color of the coat that new owners have to think about here. There is also the quality of the coat and the need for grooming.

This is likely to be a medium to long coat, potentially a little dense, which you would expect from these parent breed. This means that it will need regular grooming to keep it in good condition.

Weekly brushing with the right tools should keep the tangles at bay. Then there is the fact that they are frequent shedders too. Owners will spent a fair amount of time with the pet vacuum.

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Taking care of a Golden Retriever Bernese Mountain Dog mix at home

There are lots of considerations when bringing this dog into a family home, besides the amount of hair it might leave on the furniture.

This includes the diet, exercise needs and the size of the home. As was mentioned above, the diet of these dogs is very important because of that potential for overeating.

Be sure to give them a healthy diet with plenty of nutrition for their active lifestyle. At the same time be careful with the portions.

On the subject of that active lifestyle, this is definitely not a dog to walk once in the morning and then leave at home.

This energetic, playful dog will love to go out exploring the local area, especially dog parks where it can engage its social side. It also helps to have plenty of space at home where they can run around and play games.

Keep them active and engaged so that they stay lean and don’t get bored. This is a happy, loving dog so do what you can to make sure that they stay that way.

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Then there are the health considerations of these Golden Mountain Dogs

The Golden Mountain Dog life expectancy is around 10-12. Bernese Mountain Dogs are usually shorter lived than the Golden Retriever, so this is a good average between the two.

Of course the lifespan depends on health and well-being. Owners need to take their dog for regular checks and look out for the following:

There are risks of epilepsy, heart conditions, Von Willebrand’s disease, joint dysplasia, hypothyroidism and ortosystemic shunts. Eye conditions, cancer and allergies are also worth keeping in mind.

Anyone that wants to know more about keeping their new dog in the best health should turn to a guide like The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

This is a great starting point for all those that are new to dog ownership and need some guidance on the basics.

What about the Golden Mountain Dog temperament?

Is this a friendly, family orientated dog, or are there hidden behavior issues?

The expectations are always the former with Goldie crosses, and families will be happy to know that they are in luck here.

The Golden Retriever x Bernese Mountain Dog personality is another important selling point with this dog. These pups are usually great with kids. They are highly playful and affectionate around them.

However, these cheerful, friendly dogs still need strong socialization from an early age – even with their loyal nature.

Just be aware that their desire for love and attention, and their devotion to the pack, may be a problem in household when both partners work long hours. These dogs thrive best in family set-ups where there is usually someone home.

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What about this idea that the Bernese Golden Mountain Dog struggles to shed its puppy traits?

There are many owners that will find that this Bernese Golden Retriever mix remains immature a little longer than some other breeds.

This isn’t a big problem, it just means that they still act like a puppy for longer than other dogs. This may add to their playful charms at some points. At others, it may make them a little more difficult to control.

The good news is that training isn’t too hard. So, while they are soppy and playful, they can still be obedient.


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Training these Goldie Bernese mix pups

These dogs are easy to train because they are good at listening to commands and retaining the information.

Positive reinforcement is essential with all obedience and socialization training with this loving dog. There is also lots of talk of them being great working dogs because of this trait.

However, they are terrible guard dogs because they just want to make friends with everyone they meet.

Anyone that struggled with training, perhaps those new to such an affectionate dog and socialization needs, should turn to some online help.

There are plenty of great online guides out there with step by step instruction. Two that always come highly recommended are Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer and Secrets to Dog Training. This is because they are so broad in their topics and so accessible to newcomers.

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Finding Golden Bernese breeders

If this friendly little Bernese Golden mix sounds like a great addition to the family, you will need to look for reliable Golden mountain dog breeders.

There may not be many breeders with Golden Bernese Mountain dog puppies around. This isn’t a popular designer dog yet.

However, there will be those that specialize in this cross and understand how to raise a good litter.

Research carefully to find the best match, even if it means travelling out of state. Also remember that not all breeders are in this for the love of the dog. Some are in this for profit and may not understand their parent dogs or the needs of the litter.

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Adopting a Golden mountain pup instead

An alternative option here is to look for a Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog mix for adoption.

This is a great way to provide a new home and a second chance for a dog in need.

There may not be many around in local shelters for two reasons:

First of all, there is the rarity of the dog as a cross breed. The second is the fact that this isn’t a problem breed likely to be abandoned.

Still, there will be owners that have to give up their pets if they move away, or simply can’t cope. Talk to local rescues and see what they have. You could end up saving a life of a dog that just wants a family to love.

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What do these two options mean when we consider the Golden mountain Dog price?

The cost of these pups could vary depending on the breeder and situation.

Naturally, adoption is much cheaper in the short term because of the smaller fees.

However, there may be additional costs to watch out for with the healthcare needs, training and other extras.

Puppies from breeders could be expensive in areas where there are few options. If there is a good, reliable breeder, and they are the only ones for miles, they can afford to charge a little more.

Be careful with the costs. It is easy to turn to breeder with high prices because they seem like the best option for the health of the pup.

However, there are some that overcharge for what they call “rare” dogs. This often happens with certain colors, so perhaps those that claim they have a “golden” Golden Mountain Dog.

Also beware of those that sell to cheap. They may be over-breeding their dogs for profit, or have unhealthy litter they need to shift fast. Be cautious. If a situation looks bad, or breeders wont let you see the animals, walk away.

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Is this Golden Retriever Bernese Mountain Dog cross right for you?

In the end, the Golden mountain dog is a great choice for families with the time and space to spare.

New owners shouldn’t have too much trouble with this dog because they aren’t too hard to train and have that great temperament.

However, nobody should underestimate the work that goes into keeping these dogs healthy and happy.

Take the time to learn more about their personality and needs. Give them the exercise and attention they need. Also, take the time to research the best way to find one in your area. Either look for a reliable, honest breeder with a fair price, or check out local shelters.

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