How to Stop Your Dog from Biting (8 Tips)

how stop dog from biting

Puppies like to nip or bite, and ouch! Their sharp little bites can be painful.

Puppy nipping or biting starts as some sort of fun, but should be curbed immediately to avoid future problems.

For many dogs, biting is a natural and important stage to go through.

Puppies like to bite just about anything, especially during their teething phase. You may even wonder if you have adopted a little monster, instead of the comforting little companion you had expected.

The good news is that you can train your dog to stop biting quite easily.

Here are 8 tips to get your dog to stop biting the hand that feeds him:

1. Start your training early on in your puppy’s life

Generally, the best age to adopt a puppy is 8 weeks, as this can reduce the odds of the puppy biting you.

By around six weeks, the bitch will usually be split from her pups for long periods. However, this doesn’t mean that they have stopped learning.

The period between six and eight weeks is the best socializing time. You see, puppies have a solid coat, and therefore, the juvenile jaw control usually doesn’t cause them any harm.

However, the fun can get rough, and a pup that is biting too much and bullying his mates will soon learn to reduce his excitement. He will realize this pretty fast, and this is known as bite inhibition.

Thereafter, he will try to use his little sharp teeth with great control. This is one of the main reasons for adopting and training your pooch at the right time.

Learning ‘bite inhibition’ can help your puppy to get along well with people and other pets.

2. Redirect your dog’s bites to other objects

Another way to get your dog to stop biting is to use the redirection technique.

Whenever you dog attempts to bite you, redirect his attention to acceptable objects. For example, when your puppy plants his sharp little teeth onto your skin, offer them a chew toy instead.

Whenever he bites your hand or legs, give him a toy to chew and encourage him to have fun with that instead.

Ultimately, he will start chewing acceptable objects every time he is in an aggressive mood instead of biting you.

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3. Be Vocal about His Biting

This is one of the best ways to stop your dog from biting. The secret is to make your dog believe that he is harming you every time he bites you.

When young puppies nip and bite each other, they stop only when one of the pups lets out a loud yelp. You can take advantage of this natural way puppies communicate by letting out a loud “Oww” or “Ouch” whenever your puppy bite.

The bottom-line is to let your dog know that he is hurting you with your cry, and then stop playing with him for the time being.

Your dog will eventually learn that whenever he bites you, you (his trusted playmate) move away.

4. Stop the Fun

Whenever your dog tries to bite you, stop the game and pull away from him as fast as possible.

Eventually, your dog will learn that every time he plants his teeth on you, playtime ends and you leave him alone. That way, you will control his biting quite easily.

5. Stop and Stand Still

If you have a dog that likes to chase and nip your feet, you need to know that the chase is actually the reason behind his nipping behavior.

Therefore, every time you feel your dog bite, stop and do not go until he removes his mouth from your feet. Once he does that, you can continue going.

Eventually, your puppy will learn that in order to get you going, he must stop biting.

6. Use a safe taste deterrent

Make sure you spray a safe taste deterrent on parts of your body that your dog loves to bite before you start any game.

Each time your dog starts nipping you, stand still and let him react to your chosen taste deterrent. As soon as your dog stops biting or nipping, praise them and resume the game.

Examples of safe taste deterrents are white vinegar and bitter apple. If you’re considering any other taste deterrent, make sure it is confirmed as safe for pets.

7. Be Consistent

Consistency is vital to all aspects of dog training. Make sure other members of your family sticks to the same methods of controlling bites.

Kids especially should be guided since they are very active and can be an easy target for your pup.

If your children are running around the home making loud noises, your dog will assume it’s play time and immediately start chasing and nipping them.

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8. Take a Time-Out

At times, dogs get overexcited. When your pup won’t stay calm, even if you end the game, it is strongly recommended to give them a break.

Place them in a crate with their favorite treat to continue chewing. Remember you are not punishing your dog, but making him calm down.

If you are concerned that you have a feisty dog that just won’t stop nipping or biting, please get help from a reputable dog trainer.

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