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Category Archives for Puppy Training

Boston Terrier Training

A Guide To The Good And Bad Points Of Boston Terrier Training

Boston terriers are a popular family dogs known for their larger than life personalities. There is a lot of love and a lot of energy in these dogs and they are the pet that just keeps on giving. Of course it doesn’t hurt that these dogs are also very attractive and generally easy to look after.

There is a lot to love with this dog. However, there are still questions over their trainability because of these personalities.

Bostons are called the American Gentleman, largely due to their black and white markings and smart coat. Still, newcomers to the breed will wonder how much of a gentleman are they really? The big question therefore is simple. Is it really that difficult to succeed with Boston Terrier training, or have these dogs evolved new traits with the companionship role?Continue reading

chihuahua training

Chihuahua Training: Is It Really That Difficult?

Puppy training is essential in any breed. Yet there are some breeds where there is an instinct from owners that less effort is required. We see this in Chihuahuas, where animals are spoilt and are left to do their own thing. However, Chihuahua training is essential.

The question is, how to train a Chihuahua puppy and just how difficult is it? Are these animals spoiled pets because they are so passive and sweet, or because training is so problematic. Anyone that has met a stranger’s Chihuahua may have the answer there, but Chihuahua lovers can be oblivious.

In this guide to training a Chihuahua we will look at the issue in three main areas. There are the problems that owners can face with these dogs, such as how to potty train a Chihuahua or combat barking, and then there are the solution that go with them. This means advice on techniques, aids, training guides and obedience schools.

In addition to this, we will also look at the psychological elements of bad behavior in the breed. Just what is it that makes these dogs tick, and so different to some other breeds?Continue reading

How To Potty Train A Yorkie

How To Potty Train A Yorkie: Is It Really As Hard As People Say?

Toilet training is an essential part of any dog’s upbringing. They need to know where to go so that they can evacuate safely without breaking the rules of the home.

There are different schools of thought on the best way to train dogs. This is especially true when determining how to potty train a Yorkie. Yorkie puppies are a challenge when it comes to training. However, with the right approach, you can ensure that these little dogs know the rules.Continue reading

How To Potty Train A Boxer Puppy

How To Potty Train A Boxer Puppy: A Step-By-Step Guide

All About Your New Boxer Puppy

So you’ve just purchased/adopted a new boxer puppy! Now you’ve got to actually learn, and learn very fast, how to potty train a boxer puppy.

Otherwise, you’ll be in for quite the disaster around the household and for a longer time!

Your first priority as a new puppy owner, is to learn quickly about potty training for these little guys.

The great thing is that these little puppies are so cute and they make great family dogs once they have been house trained. These little guys also really need lots of love, care, attention, and exercise in order to help them to control their own rambunctious side whilst they are young.Continue reading

How to Train a Vizsla Puppy

Tips on How to Train a Vizsla Puppy

The Vizsla dog breed is believed to have originated from Hungary. The dog is popular around the world and is considered to be a loyal companion to man. In addition, the Hungarian Vizsla dog is an outstanding all-purpose dog that is elegantly built with a medium sized body.

Those who wish to own a Vizsla dog must learn how to train a Vizsla puppy at home. The dog is well known for its excellent nose with good retrieving and stable pointing.

When working in water, this dog is known to have positive enjoyment and is full of fun. It can work and play in all types of weather as it has great stamina as well as equable and lively temperament.Continue reading