How to Calm a Hyper Dog (7 Ways)

how to calm hyper dog

Dealing with a hyper dog can be extremely tiring. Hyperactive dogs can make a nuisance of themselves because they are too full of energy and do not have a proper way to unleash it.

Your puppy can be the cutest and most adorable thing in the world but can have the energy of a nuclear weapon.

Hyper puppies are all over the place, chewing, biting and taste literally everything in their path. It is therefore up to you as the owner, to channel all this energy elsewhere.

Here are a few tips that could show you how to calm a hyper dog.

1. Come up with a routine

One of the ways of dealing with a hyperactive dog is to come up with a routine.

Research shows that most dogs who tend to be hyperactive struggle with insecurity issues. This has been proven to be true for dogs that have been adopted several times and have not had much of a structure in their lives.

All dogs live on a routine, hence developing a daily program gives your dog a rough idea of what to expect. It does not have to be a written schedule, but maintaining consistency is key.

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2. Engage him with interactive dog toys

Get your puppy a few interactive dog toys that will keep him occupied. Mental exercise is also very important for your furry friend.

Work your dog’s brain as it can effectively wear out a dog that is hyperactive.

Puppies, just like toddlers can be quite energetic and playful hence it might not be possible to easily wear them out but you can work their brains to exhaustion.

You can try something like a game of “find it”, or a dog puzzle with a handful of his favorite treats. This can be so much fun and will quickly wear his brain out.

dealing with a hyper dog

3. Work his body

Physical exercise is recommended for every dog. This is to keep them healthy and fit.

If you have one of those hyper huge dogs that can’t seem to be slowed down, you might need to engage him in more intense physical work outs.

There is no standard for measuring the amount of exercise your dog needs, but if at the end of the day your dog is still hyper, chances are that you could be giving him less exercise than required.

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4. Offer rewards for calm behavior

Dogs love treats just like children. As much as you would be tempted to tiptoe around the house when your hyper dog finally takes a rest, you can decide to reward him when he is calm and well-behaved.

Sometimes your dog engages in naughty behavior simply to get your attention.

Seize the opportunity to reward your puppy when he is calm by giving him his favorite treat perhaps or shower him with praise. Then your dog will know that when he is calm he gets attention as well. This can be one of the most effective ways of dealing with a hyper dog.

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5. Feed him quality dog food

According to a recent study, there has been shown to be a link between certain dog food ingredients and hyperactivity.

You might be tempted to just pick any dog food that is cheap and readily available but whatever he consumes can greatly affect his behavior.

? Dog food that is cheap and of low quality contains ingredients that your dog probably does not need. This might be equivalent to feeding your dog with junk food.

Always make sure that your dog consumes high quality dog food that contains pure, healthy ingredients with no fillers and preservatives.

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6. Take him for a routine check-up

There are certain medical conditions that can present themselves as hyperactivity.

Conditions like hyperthyroidism, liver dysfunction and some neurological conditions can make your dog be somewhat hyperactive.

If you are concerned on how to calm a hyperactive dog or if your dog has suddenly exhibited a change in behavior, you can take him to your vet for a thorough examination and he will prescribe the best treatment for him.

things to do to help a dog live longer

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7. Instill discipline through training

When you have a dog that just won’t sit still when you want to put him on a leash before taking him out or is just jumping all over the place, it might seem hyperactive behavior but can also be a sign of lack of manners.

You can train your dog and teach him how to behave himself when he needs to get your attention. You can train him to sit for instance before he gets anything he wants. This will enable your dog to understand that when he sits good things happen.

Be consistent in training him and you will sure have succeeded in dealing with a hyper dog.

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In a nutshell, dealing with a hyper dog can be such a daunting task. However, with the right kind of training, physical and mental exercise, a well-structured routine and patience and consistency on your part, you can effectively learn how to calm a hyper dog.

Take your dog for regular check-ups to also rule out the possibilities of any medical conditions. Feed him on quality dog foods to enable him grow healthy, strong and not be hyperactive.


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