Tips on How to Train a Vizsla Puppy

How to Train a Vizsla Puppy

The Vizsla dog breed is believed to have originated from Hungary. The dog is popular around the world and is considered to be a loyal companion to man.

In addition, the Hungarian Vizsla dog is an outstanding all-purpose dog that is elegantly built with a medium sized body.

Those who wish to own a Vizsla dog must learn how to train a Vizsla puppy at home. The dog is well known for its excellent nose with good retrieving and stable pointing.

When working in water, this dog is known to have positive enjoyment and is full of fun. It can work and play in all types of weather as it has great stamina as well as equable and lively temperament.

The Hungarian Vizsla dog is covered richly in a beautiful russet gold coat. Its coat is coarse, short and easy to clean and care.

The Vizsla dog is considered to be one of the most intelligent dogs. It has an excellent memory and very responsive to intelligent handling especially during training.

Having originated from Hungary, the Vizsla dog is among the most popular pets among the natives. The dog adapts easily to living quarters of all types and sizes. The dog can also work in all environments including in the forest, water as well as in the field.

The Hungarian Vizsla dog is not only energetic and agile but also a versatile dog of endurance, power as well as drive. On the other hand, it is also an affectionate and tractable companion at home.

The native Hungarians often used the dog as both a retriever and pointer who hunted close to the owner. These traits can still be observed today as the dog prefers to act as foot warmer, or lean against its owner’s legs. The dog is hard-working and enjoys when it’s kept busy.

Most people use the Vizsla dog as a jogging buddy, hunting companion and Vizsla therapy dog. Vizsla dogs also have superb scenting skills and are often used as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs as well as drug-detection dogs.

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Facts about Vizslas:

Hungarian Vizsla Characteristics and Traits

1. The life expectancy of Vizsla is about 12 to 15 years.

2. It is loyal with a gentle Vizslas temperament. It is also energetic, affectionate and quite.

3. Male Vizsla dog will often weight approximately 20 to 29 kg. The female usually weigh between 18 and 25 kg.

4. The male dog can reach a height of between 56 to 64 cm and the female about 53 to 61 cm.

5. They have a beautiful coat with rusty golden color.

Vizsla dog traitsImage Source

Feeding and Nutrition

The growth of the Vizsla dog is crucial all way from its puppyhood to maturity. The dog is always lively and active and requires to be fed properly with the right types of food.

Depending on the size and age of your dog, you should feed them with a formula that provides them with all the necessary nutrients to its unique digestive needs.

Most dog food manufacturing companies produce formulas that are specific to a particular breed. There are formulas designed for the giant, large, medium as well as small breeds.

The life span of the large Vizsla dog breed is about 12 to 14 years.

Though what you feed your dog is entirely your choice, it is recommended that you monitor every phase of the dog’s life, to determine what type of food is appropriate at each stage.

One of the best ways of determining the best diet to feed your puppy or dog is consulting a professional dog breeder or a veterinarian. also Besides the food, you must ensure that you provide your dog with enough fresh and clean drinking water.

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Hungarian Vizsla Health

Just like any other dog breed, the Hungarian Vizsla dog is faced with numerous Vizsla health issues. Some of the most common health problems include:

1. Eye disease
This can be detected and treated at an early stage with the help of a professional breeder or veterinarian. If the Vizsla eye problems are left unattended, they can lead to temporary or permanent blindness.

2. Epilepsy
This disorder leads to seizures. Though it cannot be cured, the dog can live a healthy life if the disease is properly managed.

3. Autoimmune thyroiditis
Among the most common signs for the disease include infertility, low energy levels, irregular heat cycles, drooping eyelids, obesity and mental dullness. To treat the condition, the dog must take daily medication, throughout their life.

vizsla puppy temperamentHungarian Vizsla Puppy – Image Source

4. Progressive retinal atrophy
This is a degenerative eye condition that often leads to permanent blindness due to loss of photo-receptors.

5. Lymphosarcoma
This is one of the most common types of dog cancer that often attacks the liver, bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen and even gastrointestinal tract. It can only be treated with chemotherapy.

6. Canine hip dysplasia
This is a heritable condition which causes the dog to show lameness or pain in their legs. You should be careful to identify any discomfort at an early stage or when buying/adopting the dog

Majority of the Vizsla dogs are healthy and are not faced with many health challenges. With the help of a responsible breeder, owners of the Vizsla dog can learn more about the specific health concerns of their pets. The best breeders and veterinarians will often utilize generic testing to identify and reduces the risk of developing health problems.

Those that are worried about the best way to look after these dogs could turn to a guide such as The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

This is a great read for first timers that are wary of how to handle these dogs.


Coat Grooming

The golden coat of the Vizsla dog is short and coarse. Though the dog sheds its coat regularly, you should keep a regular daily or weekly grooming. In addition to grooming, you should also bath them occasionally to keep them clean and at their best.

You must also trim the dog’s nails which grow very fast if unattended. To prevent the nails from cracking, overgrowing or even splitting, it is recommended that you use a grinder or clipper to trim them.

You should also check the dog’s ears to prevent debris and wax build up which can lead to infections.

Finally, you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly.

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Hungarian vizsla dogs guide


The Vizsla dog is bred to work and hunt with the humans. It is known to form a close and tight bond with its owner and hates to be alone.

This dog breed has numerous talents and is particularly excellent in most sporting activities. Therefore, you must ensure that you engage your dog in numerous activities so as to keep it fit as well as make full use of its brain.

The dog requires lots of Exercises and should be allowed at least 3 hours of exercise each day.

The Vizsla dog is also ideal for with an interest in dog activities and sports. In past competitions, the dog has proven to be a champion in terms of its agility, obedience, field and even conformation.

Vizsla dog training

Training a Vizsla Puppy

Successful Vizsla dog training usually begins when the dog is still a puppy and eager to learn. There are numerous Vizsla puppy training tips to help train your dog through confinement, establishing good habits and behavior.

Vizsla dogs are very sensitive and should be trained with positive reinforcement and kindness.

They are commonly trained as watchdogs due to their excellent protective instincts and precise senses. It can communicate with humans through a moan or whine.

If properly trained, the dog can show their mood, attitude or even opinion in various situations. However, some dogs can become recreational barkers, a habit that should be controlled early enough before it turns into aggressive behaviors.

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Crate Training

Crate training is one of the most popular Vizsla training methods. This method of training allows you to leave your dog safely and comfortably in the crate. It is also one of the most effective methods of potty training your dog.

Crate training uses a wire cage or a plastic airline crate to confine the puppy when the family is away from home, or unable to supervise the pet. If done properly, there are numerous benefits to both the dog and its owner.

The crate size for Vizsla should provide a safe shelter reducing the risk of the dog suffering from isolation-induced stress. Another benefit of using crates is easy transportation. With the crate, you can travel with your dog safely.

Besides house training your puppy, crate training is also effective in keeping your puppy out of bad habits such as inappropriate digging and Vizsla barking problems.

In addition, the crate can be used to establish a toy chewing habit. Crates are invaluable when your puppy is recovering from an injury or illness. Furthermore, your dog is likely to adapt fastest with less stress when you move to a new home. Even when staying at your friend’s home or in a hotel, your puppy will remain damage-proof in its crate.

Housebreaking Stage

The first stage of crate training involves housebreaking and the time a puppy takes during this period can range depending on some factors.

These factors include the individual puppy, knowledge of the trainer, experience as well as consistency.

The process can take between a few days to several months. The key to housebreaking is establishing a clear routine. For instance, you can reward or praise the dog once it has used its potty, or train the puppy to rush outside a few minutes after every meal. At this stage, your dog should not be allowed to roam unsupervised to avoid developing the habit of peeing everywhere.

Bladder and bowel control

During crate training, it is important that you don’t confine your puppy in their crate for long hours. This is abuse and may result to your dog developing inappropriate habits. One of the main benefits of crate training is that your puppy will learn how to control its bowel and bladder.

If confined for long hours, it will not hold it for long and will end up messing the crate. Avoid leaving your puppy confined in a crate when going to work. It is recommended that you allow the dog an opportunity to get relieved every hour. However, you should never allow your dog free run around your home unless you are sure both the bladder and bowel are empty.

Vizsla puppy in crate

Where to place your crate

Most dogs live as a pack or a family. It is recommended that you put its crate in a family room or even kitchen, where it will not feel isolated and lonely, or suffer from Vizsla separation anxiety.

You should avoid keeping your crate in a shed or garage. If your dog is too young, you can opt to put the crate close to the door that the dog often uses when going out to poop. This will prevent it from messing your house as well as causing accidents when rushing out from its crate.

The most important thing when crate training is to ensure that your dog is happy and enjoy staying in the crate. This can only be accomplished by introducing the dog to the crate in the most comfortable and enjoyable means possible. You can come up with interesting and fun activities to do while in the crate.

To introduce the crate to your puppy, ensure that you set it up in an open space so as not to startle your puppy. For the beddings, use old sheets, towels or blankets that are not too absorbent, to inconvenience the puppy in case it urinates. You should also ensure that your puppy does not develop a habit of chewing the bedding.

When feeding your puppy in the crate, it is recommended that you bolt the food and water bowl to avoid spilling its content on the bedding.

One of the best ways to keep your puppy occupied in the crate is using safe chew toys such as the Tuffy Kong toy. To keep the puppy more entertained, you can stuff the toy with a biscuit, bone or freeze-dried liver.

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You should also create a den-like atmosphere in the crate by placing an old sheet or blanket on the sides and top of the crate. Ensure that you tuck in the ends of your blankets such that your puppy cannot pull them down when playing.

When crate training your Vizsla puppy, it is important that you come up with tricks to introduce the puppy to its crate. You can choose to place the puppy’s favorite meal inside the crate so that the puppy can stick its head into the crate. When it is comfortably feeding in the crate, this is the ideal time to begin associating commands with particular actions. Your commands should be consistent and brief. When the puppy is out of the crate, leave the crate’s door open so that the puppy can get back in at its free will.

When the family is at home, ensure that you familiarize the crate to your puppy regularly by throwing a toy or treat in the crate. Lavish the dog with praise each time it walks into the crate at will.

When it’s time for confinement, remember to give the puppy a tasty treat. Ensure that you have a specific command for calling your pet into the crate for confinement.

Avoid using the crate as a punishment or whenever you are angry. The crate should never be associated with fear. It should be the puppy’s most secure and gentle place that prevents behavioral problems, destruction as well as accidents. 

Hungarian Vizsla dog training guide

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is very essential for training the Vizsla dog. They are very sensitive, and you should avoid harsh treatment and negative reinforcement, even when training a Vizsla to hunt.

The Hungarian Vizsla dog is widely known to possess the ability to pick up basic commands when still young. They are also able to retain various training commands that you may introduce in the course of the training. They can learn and follow complex and chain commands mainly due to their excellent recall combined with fast response to the commands. This is perhaps the main reasons the Vizsla dog is a popular canine sports dog.

As the dog grows, they continue to excel in their training, becoming more obedient and loyal. The dog breed is very intelligent and will quickly learn new commands and tricks each day.

Though the dog rarely barks, they have a very powerful protective drive. They will always protect their owner as well as property when faced with danger. However, they rarely show any aggression even to visitors, under normal circumstances.

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Vizsla’s relationship with family and other dogs

The Hungarian Vizsla dog is not only gentle but also kind to all people including children. They don’t have a tendency of being pushy or rough to the kids. Instead, they enjoy the company of children and love to play games. You can comfortably leave your Vizsla and children playing without any harm. They do not attempt to dominate the children like most dogs do while in a pack.

The Vizsla is also not aggressive or snappy making it a perfect dog to families with small children or those keeping a dog for the first time.

The Vizsla dog is friendly and good-natured when working with other dogs. It can socialize very fast with other dogs especially when they are still young. They rarely get into fights or become aggressive over dominance in a pack. They can live with other dogs in the same compound, treating them as part of their family or pack. Also, they easily mix with other pet and domestic animals such as cats and hens.


You can buy Vizsla puppy from the various online stores or individuals who offer their puppies at a wide range of prices. You can use their websites to know how much is a Hungarian Vizsla. You can also get other useful information including Vizsla dog collars, Vizsla and allergies, Vizsla growth chart as well as Vizsla behavioral problems. They can also provide you with tips and pointer of how to train a Vizsla puppy.


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