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The interesting thing about the domestic dog is that so many breeds can come together and create pups – either naturally or artificially. This leads to common hybrids like the Labradoodle, but also some oddities like the lab Chihuahua mix.

There isn’t much information available on this hybrid, unlike other crosses.

In fact, there are more comments from people that question the validity of the breed than those who celebrate it.

It is weird to think that we can get a lab mixed with Chihuahua. The size difference and issues of natural breeding make it seem impossible.

There are also those that question the point of this hybridization. Why does this dog exist?

In this guide to the Labrador Chihuahua we will look at some of the ethical issues and pros and cons involved.

black lab and chihuahua mixBlack Labrahuahua – Image Source

We will start with their breeding and the issues of creating these pups, from the methods needed to the disreputable breeders.

We will then look at the physical features of these puppies that are bred from these parent dogs. What does a Chihuahua lab mix look like and what expectations should new buyers have about the size?

This is followed by a section on the personality of these dogs. Are they a calmer version of the Chihuahua once those Labrador genetics are in the mix, or are there behavioral issues involved? What do owners need to consider when training them?

Then we will offer a final verdict on the worth of these dogs, both as a family pet and more generally as a hybrid.

What is a Chihuahua lab mix called?

Let’s start with some of the basics with this new breed, beginning with the name.

There are two terms that you will see when searching for information on this dog online.

Owners and breeders will either refer to them as a Labrador Chihuahua cross, or they will use the more simplistic name of the Labrahuahua. The latter is the name it would probably have if it were an official breed or simply more popular.

Just make sure that whatever breeders are calling it, the two parents are a pure Labrador and a pure Chihuahua.

How do we get a lab Chihuahua mix?

The next question for many dog lovers doesn’t center around any physical or behavioral traits.

Instead, people simply want to know how it even came into existence. The two breeds just don’t seem to fit. It all comes down to responsible breeding methods, but even then some question the practice.

Natural breeding between Chihuahuas and Labradors just wont work.

Instead, a female lab will have to be artificially inseminated with the genetic material of a male Chihuahua. The opposite would put a female Chihuahua at great risk because of the size of the pups.

Careful breeders can do this in a safe, healthy manner with the right stock.

All buyers should be careful with any breeders selling these hybrids to make sure that the pups and parents are healthy, and that the business is legitimate.

Some may claim to have the pups under false pretences. Others may overcharge for the rare mix or a “rare” color.

Be smart and careful with any transaction and make sure to see the pups and parents for the most informed choice.

How big do Chihuahua lab mixes get?

It is difficult to place an average generalization on either the lab Chihuahua mix size or the lab Chihuahua mix weight.

This is because there are so many variations seen in the shapes, height, build and weight. You have one parent that is a maximum of 9 inches high and 8 lbs and another that is a minimum of 23 inches and 65 lbs.

This leave a lot of room in the middle. Some stay fairly small with a few lab characteristics in the facial features. Others are more stocky with a few Chihuahua features. There is a luck of the draw with this odd mix.

chihuahua lab mixChihuahua Lab Mix Puppy- Image Source

What else can owners expect with the looks of this Labrahuahua pup?

There are so many different pictures of Chihuahua lab mix dogs out there that it is difficult to know precisely what to expect.

The shapes and colors and facial features vary so greatly. Also, there is a chance that some were sold as “exotic” lab Chihuahua mix puppies incorrectly.

Understandably, the color of the dog will depend on the colors of the parents. A black lab and Chihuahua mix will result in a darker dog, as will a chocolate lab and Chihuahua mix.

A yellow lab Chihuahua mix with a fawn Chihuahua will be much lighter. There is also the chance of a black and tan dog in some cases.

Grooming needs for these lab and Chihuahua mix dogs may vary depending on the genetics and the coat type. For example a long hair Chihuahua lab mix could have a longer coat with greater needs for maintenance.

As both parents are moderate shedders, owners of this hybrid can expect this too.

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Considerations for the exercise and lifestyle of a lab Chihuahua mix

As this is a bigger dog than the Chihuahua, with some playful lab genes thrown into the mix, these dogs are likely to need more exercise. They need the right regimen to keep them fit, healthy and happy.

Some long walks and games of fetch are essential here to keep them trim and active, and also to stop them from becoming bored.

The gun dog linage makes them prime candidates for fetch and other retrieving games. Still, their size can mean that they are more adaptable as apartment dogs. A good run in a yard will suffice on busier days and they don’t require quite as much space.

golden lab chihuahua mixGolden Lab Chihuahua Mix – Image Source

Potential lab Chihuahua mix health problems to watch out for

Labs have a tendency to gain weight because of the lack of a gene to tell them to stop eating.

It is unclear quite how this affects the smaller lab cross here, but weight gain could be a serious problem on smaller legs, joints and organs. Too much strain will put them at risk.

Keep them active, watch the potion sizes and meal plans and keep up to date with health checks, especially on their joints.

Anyone that wants to know more about keeping their new dog in the best health should turn to a guide like The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

This is a great starting point for all those that are new to dog ownership and need some guidance on the basics.

There is also another great tool for new owners called The Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test, it provides a more detailed look at the genes and risk factors your Labrahuahua puppy may face.

Expectations on the personality of these lab Chihuahua mixes

There are many that will expect the best from this mix. This means expectations of a cute little dog with a soft nature and family friendly traits of the lab, which will essentially overrule any of the negative behavior issues that come with a Chihuahua.

The reality of the lab Chihuahua mix temperament and potential behavioral issues is a little different.

Unfortunately, the genetic mix here isn’t all that simple. While they are loving, friendly dogs out there, there is a clash between the playful, out-going lab and the protective, anxious little toy dog.

There are owners of these Chihuahua crosses, and others like them, that point out that some of the strong Chihuahua traits are still present.

The loyalty to the family can verge into over-protectiveness. This in turn can make these dogs a little more anxious and wary of strangers, not the social, friendly, playful lab-mix some expect.

Others deal with anxiety over new situations and separation.

There is also a strong potential for barking with these toy dogs that may come through in the hybrid offspring.

lab mixed with chihuahuaChihuahua and Lab Mix – Image Source

Training aids for your lab Chihuahua mix puppy

There is the potential for both intelligence and stubbornness with this dog, which can make training a little difficult.

These training needs only increase if the dog picks up the small dog syndrome of its Chihuahua linage, or other anxiety issues.

Anyone stuck with training should work with Doggy Dan the online dog trainer.

This online guide provides clear step-by-step instructions for dealing with a range of issues in the security of the home.

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Labrahuahua adoption

All of this Chihuahua lab mix info shows that there is a lot of risk involved here.

It may be better to find a dog in need of a good home from a shelter and beware of breeders altogether.

Adoption is a great alternative for a Labrador Chihuahua mix.

First of all, you will be saving the life of a pup in need, perhaps one from a litter that was unwanted or abandoned because it wasn’t as cute or well-behaved as hoped.

Second, adoption is ideal for those looking for a lab Chihuahua mix full grown that don’t want the hassle of puppy training.


Is this Chihuahua and lab mix a good fit for your family, or a good hybrid at all?

While there are some cross breeds that work brilliantly by blending the best of great dogs, this lab Chihuahua mix arguably crosses a couple of lines and isn’t as appealing.

First of all, there is that niggling doubt over the ethics of the breeding methods. Second, the issues with the temperament mean that this isn’t going to be the easy-going smaller lab-cross that some will expect. Third, there are question marks over their health and size.

There are better hybrids out there for people that want a small dog with the best lab features, and better hybrids that compliment the build of the Chihuahua.

Take the time to consider the issues with this dog before committing.

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