Is The Pug Lab Mix Really Worth All The Risks?

pugador pug lab mix

The idea of a pug and Labrador cross breed sounds ridiculous to many dog lovers. Yet, there are some breeders out to create this odd hybrid.

The biggest question from many dog lovers is whether this pug lab mix is a good idea.

There is an extreme contrast in the parent dogs that could make breeding problematic. There are also health concerns that could be a problem.

Is this a desirable mix or not?

In this guide to this pug lab cross we will look at the most important pug lab mix info, as well as some common questions.

We will look at the size of the dog, the physical features, the health issues, temperament and other concerns.

We will also look at the best way to get one – should you still want one.

Before all of that, what is a pug lab mix called?

The term pug lab mix is common, as this is a clear representation of the breeding.

Yet, there are also many guides, owners and breeders that refer to this as a pugador. This cute name gives the mix its own sense of identity.

There are a few immediate questions about the physical features and health of this mix

One is the size difference and breeding issues that come with it. There are major health risks when breeding small and large breeds together.

The best pug and lab mix breeders will understand the correct procedures and look after their dogs.

They will know that the only way to create a healthy litter is via a male pug and female lab, with artificial insemination.

The opposite would be too dangerous for a female pug with the size of the pups. Irresponsible breeders may not know this.

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So how big do pug lab mix get?

We clearly have two very different sized dogs here, so what can we expect with the size of this cross.

Is this a tiny little lab on short legs, an over-sized pug or something in the middle?

The lab pug mix weight is classed as being between 35 and 40 lbs, with a height between 16 and 18 inches tall.

Yet, it is difficult to guess a pug lab mix size. Some may have a leaning more towards the lab mother and end up bigger than that.

Other physical traits to look out for with this labrador pug cross include the short muzzle, stocky build and the possibility of a longer version of the pug’s curling tail.

There are online pictures of lab pug mix puppies that give an impression of the physical features that you can expect.

Some see them as attractive crosses of the two parents. Others feel that this mix makes the attractive gun dog misshapen and ugly.

There will be some dog lovers that wonder if this might be a positive step.

Some may see this as a chance to breed some positive Labrador genes into the pug to remove some health issues.

There is the hope that a larger muzzle and stronger body might reduce any risk of breathing or joint problems.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. What is actually happening here is that breeders have shrunk the labrador, squashed in its muzzle and given it more health problems to contend with.

The list of risk factors with this pug Labrador mix is pretty long. There are joint issues carried over from the pug dog, as well as the risk of hip dysplasia from the lab.

This means that they need good joint care and owners need to watch out for weight gain. This could put stress on those joints.

There are also risks or eye problems, gastric issues and encephalitis.

Health care is essential with any dog, but there may be some pugador owners that struggle with this breed because of the issues raised here.

This is where an online guide, such as Kingdom of Pet’s The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health, can really help.

This will provide some basic information on food, exercise diet and health care to get you started. This is perfect when dealing with any joint or breathing issues.

The coat and grooming issues with this dog

Many that are new to this mixed breed will wonder about the possibility of different colored coats.

It all depends whether the pug breeds with a black, chocolate or yellow lab. There are many pictures around of black lab pug mix dogs.

A black lab and black pug are sure to create this color. There is also the chance of a pug yellow lab mix, with a much lighter coat, and pug chocolate lab mix. Some will also retain the fawn look of the pug father.

The problem with this coat is that it has the tendency to shed quite a lot.

Both pugs and Labradors are heavy shedders and this means a lot of time spent brushing these dogs.

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What about the pug lab mix temperament?

This is where things start to get a little more positive with this pug x lab dog.

The personalities are generally very appealing.

Both parent dogs are loving and friendly with a good heart. They are happy to be around kids and make great additions to the family.

Therefore, this hybrid offspring should also be a great addition to the home. They will love to play and be loyal to their family pack.

The only potential issue here comes with separation anxiety. There is a chance that this mix might become so attached to their family that they hate to be left alone for long periods of time.

Ideally, they should be with a family where someone is at home most of the day.

Training pug and lab mix puppies

All puppies need a strong training regimen from an early age.

Here the focus has to be on that separation anxiety, as well as general obedience and house breaking.

These dogs should be pretty eager to please and quick to learn with that mix of genes. This means that they shouldn’t be too hard to train.

Beware of using food-based rewards though, as lab mixes can gain weight and overeat a little too easily.

Any owner that has any trouble with these lab and pug mix training needs of these dogs should turn to Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer.

Doggy Dan is a respected dog trainer with experience with all kinds or issues and breeds. His simple step-by-step guide is an accessible approach for all kinds of dog owners. You can work on issues at your own pace, in your own home.

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Finding a pugador puppy for sale

As mentioned above, there is a clear need to find a responsible, experienced breeder with these sorts of extreme cross breeds.

The problem is that this is such an odd, rare mix that this could be tricky.

There may not be many breeders in your local area with any experience in breeding these dogs.

This either means a long trip to find one, or looking at litters from questionable breeders. Avoid those with inexperience, especially if you can’t meet the litter or parents before buying.

Also remember that the rarity of the cross, and the work involved in creating it, can lead to a high price tag. There are cheaper, more accessible Labrador crosses out there.

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Why not look at adoption rather than finding a pug lab mix for sale?

Pug and Labrador mix adoption is a great way for people to find a pug lab mix full grown in need of a second chance.

There could be many reasons why these adult dogs are in shelter – often through no fault of their own.

Some people may have given them up because the cute pups didn’t grow into cute little adults. Others will have struggled with the separation anxiety issues or healthcare costs.

This adoption process helps you to save a life and cut costs. Just be aware that you may need a little more patience on training if they were poorly trained as pups.

eliminate dog problems

Is this pugador dog a good idea or not?

There are some clear pros and cons with this dog. Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros.

Some breeders will have high standards and safe precautions when breeding their pug and lab mix puppies. Others could put their dogs at risk.

This is off-putting from the start. The end result can be a loving dog with fewer health issues than the pug parent.

However, there are many that will see this as an ugly Labrador with more health problems than its pure-bred mother.

lab pug mix dogImage Source

There are many people that question why breeders would want to do this to a Labrador, as there are few clear benefits.

It is difficult to argue against this point, especially if poor breeding standards create these misshapen, unhealthy litters.

There are better lab and pug mixes out there. Still, those that are keen on this pug lab mix could see the upside and enjoy their companionship.

If you are still keen, try a shelter before finding a breeder.

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