Is The White Pitbull A Problematic Varient Or Just A Pretty Pup?

white pitbull

Pitbulls are a love them or hate them breed. There are some people that think they are brilliant, sweet and misunderstood dogs full of potential. Others are put off by stories from the news or the muscular shape.

One factor that divides opinion, in regard to their looks, is the “best” color.

There are some people that argue over the merits of red and blue Pitbulls. Others are drawn to the idea of the white Pitbull.

In this guide we will look at the possibility of owning a white pit, and the potential issues that come with this variant.

white pitbull dog and girlImage Source

Is it possible to get an all white Pitbull?

There are some breeds of dog where there are very few color variations available in pure bred, AKC approved animals. Then there are the Pitbulls, where it seems that pretty much anything goes. As you will see from online pictures of white pitbull dogs, there are plenty of animals with an all-white coat, and plenty of other variations.

Differences in appearance, such as eye color and nose color, will depend on the genetic lines of these dogs.

There are white pits with the blue nose gene and others with the red nose gene. There are also plenty of other variations with white coat genes, where other dominant colors come into the mix.

One of the most common types is one that is often referred to as the Moo Moo Pitbull. This is the white Pitbull with black spots, or other patches of brown, tan or brindle that give them an appearance similar to that of the hide of a cow.

moo moo pitbullMoo Moo Pitbull – Image Source

How popular are these white Pitbull puppies?

The popularity of these dogs is open to debate.

There is no doubt that the most popular, or at least most common, are the Moo Moo brown and white Pitbulls. This could be down to availability more than looks or other traits. Others insist that the white is less popular than the more interesting, old fashioned reds with the true Irish genes.

In the end it mostly depends on personal preference over color types and lines.

We have to remember here that there is no difference in terms of personality and behavior to rule one color out over another. A white is not going to be more aggressive or less inclined to become a family pet.

However, there are still those that are concerned about the health of these animals.

white pitbull puppyWhite Pitbull Puppy – Image Source

White pitbulls health problems and the risk of albinism

One of the biggest concerns here with this dog is that new owners may be sold an albino dog with defects, rather than a true, all-white Pit.

This is understandable for all those that have not seen white coated Pitbulls before. There is a chance that some less reputable breeders will try and sell an albino pitbull as a pure white with no problems.

The easiest way to determine this is to see the pup and get a good look at it before committing to a sale.

An albino pup will have the pale skin, pink eyes and lack of pigmentation common in albinism. A white pit will have different colored eyes. Be careful with those that have naturally red noses, as this may look pink rather than a healthy red. Check the eyes and gums.

white pitbull guideImage Source

Even if the animal is a true white coat pit puppy, there are still some health implications to keep in mind

First of all, the Pitbull is known to be prone to skin allergies over the course of its life, and this could be more prevalent in these true white Pitbulls.

The most important risk here is that of sun sensitivity in these dogs. These animals can burn a little too easily and may be susceptible to sunstroke if left out in harsh conditions.

Owners need to keep them in the shade in high temperature and provide shelter. White Pitbull skin allergies and sun sensitivity are easy to deal with, as long as owners have the right creams and skin care regimes. Your local vet will be able to point you in the right direction.

However, the problem does intensify with the white red nose pitbull. It is unclear why, but owners of these dog are advised to be particularly cautious and put sunscreen on their noses.

Finding white Pitbull puppies for sale

If you decide that this white variant is worth the risk, and you are prepared to take all the necessary precautions with skin care, the next step is to look for a breeder that sells these all-white pups.

There are plenty of genuine all white pit bull breeders out there, as well as those with dogs with mostly white coats.

Check what they mean by white if you are keen on a completely white Pitbull dog.

As was mentioned above, it really does pay to meet the breeders, the pups and the parents to understand the lines and health of the animals. A healthy pup from a responsible breeder should be a great addition to the family – if you are willing to train them and care for them like any other Pitbull.

As for the white Pitbull cost, all white Pitbulls could be more expensive depending on availability and demand.

Remember that you are likely to pay even more for a white Pitbull with blue eyes because breeders know just how desirable this rarity is.

The truth about the white Pitbull

In the end, there is no doubt that this white pit does exist and there should be few concerns over the implications of this all white coat.

There are some white pitbull health issues that aren’t as common in the other colors. Yet, there is little else but this pigmentation to separate the white pit from other colors – except for price and availability of course.

This white Pitbull is attractive and desirable to many, but this is still a Pitbull with the same demands and traits. Make sure that you can handle the breed before rushing into a purchase, just because you fell for a snowy coat and some blue eyes.

Featured Image: Instagram/nuxpup


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