Are White Pugs Really All That Special?

white pug

Designer dogs are always going to be a controversial topic as more breeders try to create something adorable and unique that dog lovers will pay thousands for.

There are cases where specialist breeding can help, as they can allow for the best qualities of two breeds to come together or for hypoallergenic dog.

But then there are those dogs that become must have items for a short period of time because they are fashionable, cute and would finish off a set of colors. The white pug is a great example of the latter.

There is no real health or behavioral benefit in trying to create white pug pups, but many see white pug images online and fall in love. The worst case scenario is over breeding and increasingly poor standards to meet demand.

Therefore, we need to know precisely what we are getting with a white pug. Are they all that special?

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Marshmellow the white pug

The problem with the popularity and desire for these white pugs is largely due to a little white pup called Marshmellow.

He is something of an internet sensation with social media accounts and YouTube videos.

Naturally, there are many people that now want their own little Marshmellow running around at home.

marshmellow the white pugMarshmellow the white pug – Image Source

The trouble is that this is one dog, that behaves in his own unique way. Also, this puppy charms may wear off.

This all reinforces the question over the worth of a white pug.

This just adds further controversy to an already controversial issue

The issue of pug colors is already very heated in the pug breeding world.

There are many that maintain the opinion that the only true, pure bred pug colors are fawn, black and apricot. They insist that all others are the result of mixed breeding, such as the french bulldog to create a brindle pug and other small breeds, like chihuahuas in the other colors.

There are some that are adamant about all of this, despite the instance of breeders that they have had mixed litters from pure pugs for ages. Some see fawn, smutty silvers, apricot and black and white pugs.

When we bring whites and silvers into the debate, it all gets much worse.

This is because of the breeding required to get such a pale dog, the best way to do so is with two silver pugs, a color which is also said to be completely impossible. Yet, there are white pug puppies like Marshmellow running around.

There are also going to be concerns about any white pugs for sale due to the confusion of albinism and a naturally occurring white coat

Albinism occurs when we have an animal with a lack of melanin that is so strong, they have virtually no pigmentation at all.

This is characterized by pale skin, white fur and pink eyes. This lack of pigment can be a major issue when animals are out in the sun as the lack of melanin can lead to skin damage.

An all white pug shouldn’t have these health issues, but there are still concerns over pale pugs in the sun, especially when combined with their breathing difficulties.

It is important to understand what type of “white” pug a breeder is selling

Are they a white pug that is pure and rare with all the correct qualities? Are they a white dog with pug genes, but other toy breeds in the mix to get this pale color? Or are they an albino pug?

Finding the right white pug breeders

The best thing to do with anyone with white pug puppies for sale is to go and see the animals and the parents. This will provide the perfect chance to see exactly where these dogs came from, the reason for the coat color and to learn about any potential health risks.

Another way to get an idea of which animal they are selling is to look at the price.

Those with a pure white pug puppy for sale with good breeding will charge quite a lot, as this is both a rarity and something of designer dog right now.

Those with albinos may go down the cheaper route as they are trying to get rid of their runts and bad stock.

Other issues with pigmentation and breeding

It is easy for most new owners to tell the difference between white and albino on viewing the animal because of the quality of the coat and the color of the eyes.

On that note, be aware of those breeders that are promising a white pug with blue eyes.

While it is possible to find this, on very rare occasions, you have to consider the breeding standard and potential inbreeding that goes into deliberately creating these dogs.

A genetic abnormality in the litter can be celebrated if there are no other apparent white pug health problems in play.

Yet, overbreeding is a problem in this small dog, which is already overbred enough to have those breathing and airway issues, as well as potential eye problems.

Remember that a dog as cute as Marshmellow is still going to pant, snort and grunt his way around the park.

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There are some important points to remember here

First of all, despite the close-minded instance from breeders and showers that a white pug is not a real pug, there is no doubt that this color type can exist. It just happens to occur quite rarely.

Secondly, pug lovers shouldn’t fall into any traps surrounding this new fad “designer dog”.

A white pug is still a pug. It will look like a pug, act like a pug and have all the same issues as a pug.

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Ask yourself why you want a white one over a fawn or black one. Does color really matter here?

The only time that color makes a difference is in registration and showing.

It doesn’t matter how many likes and followers a pup like Marshmellow gets, the AKC will never see him as a true pug.

If you want a pug, just find a pug in need of a good home. If you really want a white one, be careful where you get one to make sure they are healthy, happy and precisely what they should be.

Featured Image: Facebook/Marshmallow the white pug


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