Doberman Colors

Doberman Colors: Which Color Variants Are There And Why Are Some More Acceptable Than Others?

There is a lot of debate regarding Doberman colors: which are the true color combinations, which should be accepted in show dogs and which colors should be avoided altogether?

Some dog owners believe that Dobermans are beautiful no matter their color and coat markings, while others stand by the rule that there are only four different colors of Dobermans that are acceptable.

What color do Dobermans come in and why does color matter so much to owners, breeders and associations?Continue reading

German Shepherd Life Span

Understanding The German Shepherd Life Span And How To Prolong It

Understanding the German Shepherd life span is important when caring for these dogs. The tougher question to ask, however, is how long do German Shepherds live? These dogs can’t stay with us forever, so it is important that we understand the perils of GSD old age and their average life expectancy.

The aim of this guide on the German Shepherd average life span is to look at the general life expectancy of this breed, the different stages of their life cycle and some factors that may influence a longer life or premature death.Continue reading

Dog Ear Cleaners

Dog Ear Cleaners: How To Choose The Best Ingredients For Your Dog And Apply Them Correctly

Our dogs require require check-ups and grooming in order to make sure that they are in prime physical condition and there are no problems or infections to treat. One area that cannot be overlooked here is the ear.

Dog ears are sensitive to infection and it is important to keep them clean and free from bacteria so that the ear canal can function properly. In order to do this, you need regular checks and a good dog ear cleaner.Continue reading

Can Dogs Eat Tuna Fish

Can Dogs Eat Tuna Fish: The Dangers and Benefits Of Fresh And Canned Tuna

When we think of protein sources for dogs, meat and poultry tend to be to of the list because they are the more natural, accessible options for our pets. What dog doesn’t love a good bit of chicken? While these food sources are great, it can be beneficial to mix things up with some fish every now and then because of the great taste and health benefits.

The problem for some dog owners is that they are not too sure what fish to feed them. Can dogs eat tuna fish? The obvious answer may appear to be yes – as it is a common food stuff and an ingredient in some dog food – but there are different views on the subject. For some tuna fish is a great food source when handled correctly; for others, the risks are just to great.
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Baby Shampoo For Dogs

Baby Shampoo For Dogs Vs Specialized Dog Shampoos


Bathing our dogs can be a necessary trial at times. In some cases we may only need to get out the products, run the bath and plead with out pets to keep still once a month to get rid of some loose hair and grime, but it can still be a trying ordeal.

The best bathing sessions require a happy, patient dog, a patient owner and the right products. This means finding the right shampoo. Choosing a shampoo could pose a problem for many dog owners.

Is human shampoo safe for dogs, should you stick to baby shampoo for a gentler formula, or is it more beneficial to avoid the human products altogether and get a natural formula for dogs?Continue reading

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