Miniature Poodle

Challenging Misconceptions About The Miniature Poodle

The Miniature Poodle is a pure bred dog that is not seen as often as a family pet as some other breeds, such as the more familiar, larger Labs, Collies and German Shepherds.

There are common conceptions about the nature of this little Poodle dog and its care needs that might put some people off.

There are common stereotypes about Poodles more generally that are off-putting to those with families and no interest in a show dog. However, a closer look a this mid-sized Poodle type shows that there is more to this breed than initially meets the eye.Continue reading

how much do pugs cost

How Much Do Pugs Cost: The Highs And Lows Of Budgeting For Pugs

Pugs are one of the most popular small breeds across the world, as many dog lovers have fallen for their features and disposition.

There is a clear demand for pug pups, but how much do pugs cost?

Some may assume that these small dogs can’t cost all that much compared to other, stranger breeds. However, there are lots of considerations with the pug price.

The answer to how much is a pug depends as much on the breeder as the choices of the owner. Continue reading

Do French Bulldogs Shed

Do French Bulldogs Shed And How To Keep Shedding Under Control


French bulldogs are one of the most popular little dogs around right now. They are comical, attractive and good natured.

There are plenty of positives to the breed, but there are also questions on the minds of prospective owners. One of the most common is simple: do French Bulldogs shed?

There is a concern over how much do French Bulldogs shed for those that don’t want to spent ages grooming and tidying up after their dogs.Continue reading

agouti husky puppies

All About The Wolf-Like Agouti Husky

While many of us have clear ideas on what a Husky should look like, there are more coat colors and variations than many expect.

One of the more interesting is the idea of an agouti Siberian, But what does it actually mean to be an agouti Husky?

In this guide to the agouti Husky dog we will look at some of the most important agouti Husky information to help you understand this interesting type of Husky.

We will take a closer look at the make up of the agouti Husky coat and the reason for the agouti Husky color. This means a trip back to the primal genetics of the dog and a some of odd quirks that make this dog so appealing.Continue reading

how much do huskies cost

How Much Do Huskies Cost: The Varying Prices And Expenses In Husky Ownership

Huskies are beautiful dogs that are highly appealing to owners because of their looks, athleticism and nature.

Many breeders are aware of this, and it is not uncommon to see plenty of ads for baby Huskies for sale.

The question is, how much do Huskies cost?

When we ask this question, we are not simply talking about the basic prices quoted by breeders. We also need to discuss the issue of their ongoing costs as part of Husky ownership.Continue reading

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