All About The Akita Boxer Mix (Boxita) With Pictures

Boxer Akita Mix Guide

The Akita Boxer Mix is a relatively new cross between the protective Akita and the similarly intelligent, strong and energetic Boxer.

Also known as the Boxita, the Akita Boxer Mix is smart and loyal. He is so brave that he can do anything to protect his family.

The Akita mixed with Boxer is a very loving dog, and he can also be an energetic and playful companion.

Although they are large dogs, they do well with children and enjoy playing with them.

In this guide to the Boxita, you’ll discover more about this designer dog, including their general appearance, temperament, training, and whether or not one of these pups would be a suitable pet for you.

Some Quick Facts About The Boxer Akita Mix

Breed Type:Crossbreed/Mixed Breed
Size:Large-sized dog
Other Names:Boxita, Akita Boxer, Akita Boxer Mix
Good Watch Dog:Yes
Good Guard Dog:Yes
Average Weight:65 to 95 pounds
Average Height:23 to 25 Inches
Lifespan:10 to 15 years
Apartment Living:No, they need a home with a spacious yard
Ideal for:Experienced owners, active families and anyone looking for a big and strong dog with lots of personality
Coat:Will most likely be short. It should also be both weather- and water-resistant
Coat colors:Black, white, brown, red, silver, brindle, fawn. They may also have markings or black masks
Suitable for first time owners:Moderate
Trainability:Relatively easy to train, 30 minutes each day
Grooming Needs:Low, brush them weekly and bathe them monthly
Energy Levels:Moderate to high
Exercise Needs:At least 60 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone:No
Feeding and Diet:3 to 4 cup of high quality dog food each day, divided into two or three meals
Possible Health Issues:Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, heart disorders, thyroid issues, bloat, cancer
Temperament:Loyal, playful, brave, intelligent, energetic, stubborn, protective and fun-loving
Cat Friendly:No, early socialization is required
Dog Friendly:Moderate, early socialization is required
Kid Friendly:Best suited to homes with older children (early socialization is required)
Barking:Yes, but with a genuine reason
Price:$500 to $1200

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What Is an Akita Boxer Mix?

The Akita Boxer Mix is the result of crossing an Akita with a Boxer.

A purebred Akita mixed with the Boxer is called a Boxita.

Akita Boxers, or Boxer Akitas as some prefer to call them, are mostly large dogs with a muscular body. Both parents are energetic and athletic. The Akita parent is particularly strong and athletic thanks to his background as a working dog.

Boxers, on the other hand, are christened the “All American Dog”. These are friendly, loving and affectionate canines. They are also energetic, so they require plenty of exercises and playtime to prevent destructive behaviors.

When crossed with a purebred Akita, you may get either a territorial or friendly dog. However, early socialization will still be required to keep any territorial instincts at bay.

Let’s find out more about the origin and history of the Akita Boxer Mix.


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The Origin and History of the Boxita

The Akita was originally bred in northern Japan in the 17th century as hunting dogs.

Those dogs were later on bred with much larger dogs, like Great Danes, to give them the energy and power they needed to track and kill larger game such as deer, bears and wild boar.

Over time, the Akita won the hearts of many people. These dogs became loyal companions, commonly used as guard dogs and trusted protectors of their owners and their property.

Sadly, the breed was on the brink of extinction in the early 1920’s, which compelled Japanese authorities to implement extensive reforms. Fortunately, their population rose after the Second World War.

After the Second World War, many fighters returning home brought many Akitas with them – which led to an increase in their popularity.

Akita Dog History

The Boxer is a very old breed. Their history dates as far back as 2000 B.C.

Boxers were originally used as protectors and war dogs alongside Mastiffs and Bulldogs. However, it’s believed that the Boxer’s most recent ancestors are the larger Bullenbeisser dogs that were often used for tracking and hunting wild boar, deer and bear.

Over time, Boxers have been used as guide dogs, service dogs, and search & rescue dogs.

Boxer dog Looking at the camera

The General Appearance of the Boxita

You can get a good idea of your Akita Boxer Mix by taking a closer look at the physical characteristics of each parent breed. Both the Boxer and the Akita are large dogs that weigh around 90 to 120 pounds and stand above 24 inches tall on average.

With his square-shaped head, medium-sized muzzle, and triangular-shaped floppy ears, the Akita Boxer Mix looks more like the Akita parent than a Boxer.

Size: How Big Does a Boxer Akita Mix Get?

As we’ve already mentioned, your Boxita will most likely be a large dog. Both parent breeds are medium to large sized dogs.

A full grown Boxita will stand between 23 to 25 inches tall and weigh about 65 to 95 pounds on average.

Coat and Coat Colors

An Akita Boxer Mix dog’s coat will most likely be short. It should also be both weather- and water-resistant.

Coat colors usually include shades of white and brown. Other possible color combinations are black, red, silver, brindle, and fawn. Boxita dogs may also have markings or black masks.


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Boxita Temperament & Personality Traits

The Akita Boxer Mix is an energetic and playful dog, but they are best known for their bravery and protective nature. Even though their large size and strong character doesn’t suit everybody, they definitely have many excellent personality traits that make them a fantastic pet for the right household.

They are friendly and loyal to their owners and families. These dogs will always be there to protect and defend you if need be. Therefore, it’s important to socialize them early to ensure they know when to protect you and when to guard.

Keep in mind that Boxer Akitas can become aggressive towards other dogs, particularly if they are of the same sex. Again, the secret here is proper training and socialization.

Although most owners report that their Akita Boxers are well-behaved dogs, you still need to know how to handle such a big and powerful canine.

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Are Boxer Akitas Good Family Dogs?

Boxer Akitas make wonderful family dogs provided everyone in the family can confidently handle a big dog with a lot of energy and plenty of personality. They may not be a good choice for families with very small kids because their huge bodies can knock them over during playtime.

They are great family dogs for homes with older children who enjoy playing with them. However, everyone in the family should help with exercising these energetic dogs.


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Do They Get Along With Cats and Other Pets?

It all boils down to the personalities of both the Akita Boxer Mix and the other pets in the family. For instance, the Akita parent breed has a very high prey drive. This means they tend to pursue prey and this trait may extend to your cats and others pets too, so a Boxita owner should take proper care to manage and control the mix to keep other pets safe.

Make each socialization session short in the beginning, and make sure all the pets have their own safe place where they can find refuge if need be. Avoid leaving your Akita Boxer Mix alone with cats and other animals.

Raising a Boxita with other dogs in the home can be a challenging process since they might not get along well with them, particularly if they are of the same sex. Socializing a Boxer Akita puppy with older dogs of the other sex might work, but you can expect some issues as your mixed breed dog grows.


With confidence, patience and consistency, training a Boxita is quite easy. However, both parent breeds can be stubborn, so the Boxita is not the best choice for first time owners. With their stubbornness, housetraining may also be a challenge.

The good news is that it is still possible to successfully train your Boxita puppy, especially if you start early. Start training your puppy immediately using positive reinforcements like treats, praise and other rewards.

Besides housetraining, you want to teach your Boxer Akita to be an obedient dog. Start with teaching your puppy to see you as the pack leader. That way, your puppy will learn to feel safe and secure knowing that you are in charge.

If your pup shows aggressive behavior towards cats and other dogs, try and keep him inside a secure, fenced-in yard from puppyhood.

Introduce your puppy to different people, animals, and situations early in their life. Give them treats and other rewards for displaying good behavior. That way, your Boxita will learn to be friendly and calm around people and other dogs.

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Exercise Needs

The Boxita is a high-energy dog who enjoys playtime and requires at least one hour of exercise each day.

Daily walks, playtime and regular trips to the dog park can help meet the exercise needs of an Akita Boxer Mix.

Other recommended activities include swimming, obstacle courses and agility training.

If you do not give these lively dogs enough exercise to burn any excess energy, they might develop behavioral issues.

Intelligent dogs like the Boxita also need interactive dog toys to kill boredom and keep them mentally stimulated.

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Akita Boxer Mix Grooming and Shedding

The Boxita will shed probably throughout the year and most likely seasonally. Since this dog has a fine, short coat, he does not require much maintenance.

Brushing their coat at least twice per week should be enough to minimize the shedding and keep their coat and skin healthy.

Bathing can be done with a mild doggie shampoo only when necessary and not too frequently because it removes the protective oils that keeps their skin healthy. When not bathing your pup, wipe them clean using quality deodorizing wipes for dogs.

Besides coat care and maintenance, you also need to take care of your Boxita’s ears, teeth and nails.

Since their floppy ears are vulnerable to ear infections, you need to check them regularly and clean them as needed. Make sure your Boxita’s ears are clean and free of pests or debris. If you notice redness, excessive moisture or wax, or anything else that looks strange, make sure to consult your vet.

It’s vital to take proper care for your Boxita’s teeth. Practicing proper dental hygiene for dogs will help prevent harmful dental diseases in the future. Brushing their teeth regularly is recommended. You can also buy quality dental chews for your dog or ask your vet to help you create a custom dental care program for your puppy.

Nail trimming can be done monthly to prevent the nails from getting too long. However, you might still want to cut your puppy’s nails more frequently if they grow too fast or aren’t getting worn down.


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Feeding and Diet

You should feed your Boxita high quality dog food that has been made to meet the specific nutritional needs of large breed dogs.

Since the Boxita is prone to kidney disease, it’s a good idea to buy a diet dog food for your full grown dog to help reduce the risks involved.

You may also want to discuss this with your vet to ensure you’re feeding them the proper amount.

Boxer Akitas tend to gain weight quickly, especially if they don’t get enough exercise. So, along with giving them the correct daily ration, you want to ensure they are getting adequate exercises.

Moreover, you should add probiotics and wild Alaskan salmon oil to their diet to protect them against joint issues.

Finally, make sure your Boxita is always hydrated by giving him fresh water all the time.

Akita Boxer Mix Health Issues

The Boxita has an average lifespan of about 10 to 15 years.

Hybrid dogs like the Akita Boxer Mix are typically healthier and less prone to various health problems than their purebred parents. However, this doesn’t mean that they do not experience any health issues.

Some of the health conditions that affect this hybrid breed include: cold and heat intolerance, bloat, and arthritis. More serious conditions may include elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, cancer, heart disease and eye problems.

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Finding a Healthy Boxer Akita Mix for Sale

Before you buy an Akita Boxer Mix puppy from any breeder, it’s important to do your homework.

You should not buy a puppy from any place just because the puppies are available. You want to ensure that the breeders use genetic testing to avoid the passage of genetic diseases or undesirable traits.

Without genetic testing, the parent dogs could be carriers of serious health conditions that might affect your pup later on.

Moreover, make sure that the breeder keeps their puppies in a healthy environment.

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a sick puppy. You also wouldn’t want to promote the unethical activities of anyone who mistreats dogs.

The Price of Akita Boxer Puppies

As a relatively new hybrid dog, Boxita puppies for sale may be a little difficult to find.

This designer dog is still not well known. This means that Boxita puppies may be a bit expensive.

You should expect to pay about $500 to $1200 for a healthy puppy from a reputable Boxita breeder.

The cost will also vary depending on the value placed on the parent dogs, the number of puppies available, the location, and whether or not they have received a lot of veterinary care before being listed for adoption.


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Akita Boxer Mix Adoption

Since it can be difficult to find a Boxita at a breeder’s premises, it’s a good idea to consider going through an animal shelter or humane society.

You may not find a healthy puppy at a rescue, but adoption could be a good idea if you want an older dog.

The best place to start searching is at an Akita- or Boxer-specific rescue. Such breed-specific centers often deal with mixes as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Akita Boxer Dogs Aggressive?

Although both the Boxer and the Akita were originally developed as fighting dogs, they are no longer aggressive thanks to responsible breeding practices. However, some Boxitas can be aggressive or dominant towards other dogs, particularly if they are of the same sex.

Some may also be cat chasers due to the Akita parent’s strong prey drive. So, proper training and socialization is important.

Do Boxitas Bark a Lot?

No. Very few Boxitas bark excessively. If your Boxita barks, odds are there’s a good reason.

Barking might be his way of talking to you. He may also bark due to boredom. So try giving him food puzzles and interactive dog toys to keep him entertained, especially when you are not around.

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Are Boxitas High Maintenance?

No. Boxitas are considered low maintenance dogs when it comes to their grooming needs. However, make sure to trim their nails regularly.

Can Boxitas be Left Alone?

No. Boxitas are dependent upon human companionship. You should not leave your Boxer Akita Mix alone for hours on end. This dog should live with his owner and family.


The powerful and protective Akita mixed with the smart and energetic Boxer is called a Boxita. This cross is likely to have a strong and athletic build. Both parent breeds have a muscular physique, especially with their history as fighting and working dogs.

With patience and consistency, the Boxita is relatively easy to train but may be stubborn so they are best suited to experienced dog owners.

However, they get along well with children and generally have a calm and friendly disposition. They are extremely loyal and can be a wonderful companion for an active owner.


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