Is The Blue Heeler Lab Mix Too Controlling For Families?

Blue Heeler Lab Mix

There are very few dogs that are more familiar or well loved than the Labrador. This is a well known, well loved family pet that does well with many families. It is smart, docile and fun to be around.

Many breeders like to add these traits to those of other dogs for the perfect hybrid. This either sharpens up the Lab for different roles, or softens up a working dog. An interesting example of a Lab cross is the Blue Heeler Lab mix.

In this brief guide we will look at some of the interesting physical features and personality traits with this pup. There are some clear advantages to a Blue Heeler Lab mix, but also some downsides.

We will also look at where to get Blue Heeler Lab mix puppies, before delivering a final verdict.

What is this dog called?

Before we look at their physical features, we need to consider the name of this cross breed.

There are different names for this Heeler Lab mix dog depending on breeders and location.

The term Blue Heeler Labrador mix may sound a little old fashioned to some dog lovers, who would prefer the term Australian Cattle Labrador mix. This is due to the alternative name of the Heeler.

Then there are those that shorten it to LabraHeeler.

Physical Lab and Blue Heeler mix features to look out for

One of the first things that is obvious from Blue Heeler Lab mix pictures is that this is a very attractive dog. There are aspects of the shape and physical features that are very much like the Lab.

For example, he has the floppy ears of the Lab, rather than the erect ones of the Heeler.

But the coat has the color variations and markings of the Blue Heeler. This is seen in the patches and merle look. Still, you need to know if this is a Blue Heeler that is mixed with a black Lab or a yellow Lab? This could make a difference.

On the subject of the coat. There are some that find that Blue Heeler Lab mix shedding is anything from moderate to heavy.

It can depend on whether they have the normal hair of the Lab or a more corded, denser feel. Regular grooming is essential to keep it in good condition.

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This interesting blend of physical traits leads to an important question: how big does a Blue Heeler Lab mix get?

When it comes to the Blue Heeler Lab mix size, this is more in line with the Labrador parent.

The Blue Heeler Lab mix weight is anywhere between 35-79 pounds and it has a height of about 18-28 inches. This can change depending on genetic leaning and gender.

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blue heeler black lab mixBlue Heeler Black Lab Mix – Image Source

The Blue Heeler Lab mix temperament

The mix of genes here means there is the potential for a playful, gentle and loving dog.

However, an interesting trait with the Blue Heeler Lab mix personality is the tendency to herd. This is common in herding dogs like Heelers and cattle dogs.

Sometimes this instinct still comes through with hybrid offspring. Pups can be found herding other animals, or even children, into the “right” place. This leads to the idea that they aren’t great with kids unless trained early.

eliminate dog problems

Does this mean that this mix is more of a working dog than a family pet?

This is the potential downside with this pup. The instincts and purpose of the Heeler parent raise question over the role of Blue Heeler Lab mix for hunting, not as a companion.

Those that struggle to train these animals well could struggle with this pup. They may become too dominant and controlling around kids – even if they are merely trying to protect them. This isn’t the docile, family-focused Lab anymore.

Still, there is potential for a great pup for those with the time and effort to get things right. Some turn out to be a great combination of a watch/guard dog and devoted pet.

Blue Heeler Lab mix training shouldn’t be too difficult. Here we have a pup with the intelligence of a herding dog and the eager to please nature of the Lab.

Still, there are lots of areas to work on, such as socialization training, recall and leash training, Anybody that continues to struggle with training should look at doggy dan the online dog trainer’s online training course. This accessible guide provide advice tailored to all sorts of problems and breeds.

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300 x 250

Health and general care with this Blue Heeler and Lab mix

It is important for new owners to remember that this is a high energy dog that need plenty of exercise and play.

This means long daily walks and a yard for games of fetch.

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One interesting bit of good news with the care and health of this dog is the Blue Heeler Lab mix lifespan. They tend to have a pretty long life of 12-16 years.

Finding a Blue Heeler Lab mix for sale or adoption

There will be some great Lab Heeler mix breeders that know how to breed these animals for healthy, desirable pups.

They won’t be cheap, but this isn’t such a well-loved dog that lots of dodgy breeders will try their luck.

Even so, do your research and visit the home and pups before buying.

The alternative to buying one is to look for Blue Heeler Lab mix puppies for adoption.

Some rescue shelters may have dogs in need that previous owners couldn’t handle because of the issues above.

This is also a great way for dog lovers to find a Blue Heeler Lab mix full grown in need of a good home.

LabraHeelerLabraheeler – Image Source

Is this Labrador and Blue Heeler mix right for you?

Hopefully this Blue Heeler Lab mix information provides a bit of an insight into the pros and cons of this interesting hybrid dog.

The pros are the stunning looks of this medium sized dog, the long life, the high intelligence and the potential for a great temperament in the right home.

The cons are the risks of behavioral issues, especially around children, and the need for lots of attention, walks and training.

The Blue Heeler Lab mix isn’t for everyone, and it deserve the ideal owner that will understand its needs.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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