The Quirks And Difficulties Of A Boston Terrier Husky Mix

Boston terrier Siberian husky mix

The Boston Terrier and Siberian Husky are both quite different dogs in terms of their origin and purpose.

On the one side we have an American Terrier that is now more commonly found in family homes as a devoted pet. On the other there is the Russian Husky that works hard in cold climates with its pack.

Both have similarities and differences, which makes the prospect of a Boston Terrier Husky mix quite appealing.

In this guide we will look at important information about the looks, health, personality and training of this Husky Boston mix dog.

It is also important to note that this is also known as the Siberian Boston, for those that don’t see any ads around for Boston Terrier huskies. We will sometimes use that term here.

What does this Siberian Husky Boston Terrier mix dog look like?

This dog has a size between 15-20 inches high and a weight between 20-40 pounds.

It is generally a lean dog with the build of the Husky, and occasionally those bright eyes too. It has tall, erect ears reminiscent of the Boston Terrier.

As you will see from online pictures, the markings and coat colors can vary. Some have paler coats like the Husky, while some have that characteristic Boston mask.

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The coat type can vary based on genetic leanings.

Some dog will have hair that is short, straight and easy to handle with moderate grooming and brushing. Others will have a coat that is thicker like the Husky, with a greater risk of seasonal shedding. These dogs may require the additional purchase of a pet hair vacuum and furminator.

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This is a dog that needs a lot of care and attention for the following reasons:

1- their personality, and the effect this has on training.
2- their exercise needs and activity level.
3- the risk of separation anxiety.

The personality and training needs of this Husky Boston Terrier mix

This can be a very good natured, easy going dog with those Boston genes. This, plus the intelligence of the Husky, can allow for smart, well-behaved pup that isn’t too hard to train.

However, there is the chance that this animal inherits the more dominant side of the Husky genes. This can lead to stubbornness and independence that makes training more difficult.

Therefore, these dogs need a firm, dominant owner that is willing to be patient and put in the effort.

Strong effort from an early age leads to a great temperament.

In either case owners of these dogs can always benefit from a helping hand. Guides like Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer offer easy-to-follow guides on lots of different issues. One such issue is leash training. These dogs may have some boundary and recall issues unless trained well early on.

It can also help with socialization for a calm attitude with other dogs. Again the prey instinct of the Husky could potentially come through.

Then there is barking training so they can hone their skills as a watchdog.

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Their energy levels and exercise needs

This dog’s high activity levels mean that they need a diet that will support their needs, as well as the right exercise regimen.

It is therefore important that families make the time to take these dogs on long walk and offer active playtime.

They are best suited to family homes with yards where they can work off some energy with fun games.

Their intelligence means that it helps to mix up the games and challenge them now and then. Interactive dog toys and the Brain Training for Dogs can help to keep them occupied as you form a strong bond.

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Feeding them the right dry dog food isn’t enough. They also need good healthcare more generally.

Important health considerations with these dogs include a series of eye problems such as Corneal Dystrophy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) Cataracts and Cherry Eye.

A dog well cared for should have a lifespan of around 10-14 years.

Anyone that struggles with this topic can try the user-friendly advice in The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health from Kingdom of Pets.

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The risk of separation anxiety

These dogs can have a tendency to get attached to their owners, and pretty bored when no-one is around to lavish attention upon them.

Separation anxiety is a possible problem here. They can get stressed out if left alone for too long, perhaps even a little destructive. That is why it helps to place these dogs in homes where they have constant attention.

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Finding breeders and shelters with these Siberian Bostons

There are two options when bringing one of these dogs into a family home:

The first is to look for a breeder with a Boston Terrier Husky mix for sale.

Make sure that they are responsible breeders that put the health of their animals first.

Always take the time to meet the breeders, litter and parents to learn more about the puppies. If something doesn’t seem right, walk away.

As be careful with the cost. This dog might not be cheap, and some may try and charge more for rare colors or those piercing blue eyes.

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The alternative here is adoption.

Adoption offers the chance to help an animal in need. Perhaps a previous owner couldn’t handle all the requirements laid out in this guide.

Whatever the circumstances, there are sure to be some Boston Siberian dogs in rescue shelters.

This is also a great way to work with an adult dog, if puppies seem too demanding.

Don’t forgot that there is now DNA testing for dogs when new owners are unsure of the heritage of a rescue dog. A great choice is the Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test.

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Are you able to meet the needs of this Husky Boston cross?

If you feel that you can handle the requirements of this devoted, active and potentially stubborn dog, you need to put in some hard work.

Research the best breeders with a Siberian Boston for sale, pay attention to their care needs, train them well and give them the attention they need. Those that do so will find that the Boston Terrier Husky mix becomes a great pet.

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