Why Is A Boxer Husky Mix Puppy Such A Handful? 

boxer husky mix boxsky

The Boxer Husky mix – or Boxsky for short – is a dog that sounds like a whole lot of fun until you consider all the negative behavioral traits of its parents.

There is no doubt that this pup could be a handful. But, there is every chance that a good owner will mold this dog into a great, well-behaved companion.

It all comes down to experience and knowing what to expect.

In this guide we will look at the most important Boxer Husky mix information, with a focus on their behavior and training.

We will also look at the best options for Boxer Husky mix puppies for sale and other key traits.

So what is it about this Husky Boxer mix that makes it such a handful?

There are a number of issues here that we need to consider with the behavioral traits of a Boxer mixed with Siberian Husky.

Each parent dog has personality traits that are a problem if they are not controlled from an early age.

The worst case here is that you will have a pup that exhibits many of these tendencies and requires a lot of training and patience.

Issues to look out for with the Boxer Husky mix temperament include hyperactivity, a strong hunting drive and a desire to wander.

There is also a good chance that they will be quite a dominant dog with an independent streak.

Those that are allowed to run amok could prove to be a problem around other animals and strangers.


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This personality of the Boxer and Husky mix means that they need an experienced owner that will provide the best training and best home life

There are two important issues here: the training regimen and the home environment.

Both need careful consideration when bringing Husky Boxer mix puppies into a family.

Starting with the training, that independent streak and hyperactivity mean that they could struggle to focus and obey.

This means that you need to assert your position in the pack, remain consistent and be patient.

It is important to remember to work on socialization, boundary training and leash training to keep these dogs under control.

Any owner that struggles should turn to an online guide like Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer for a more manageable approach to these different issues.

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As for the home environment, there are many additional considerations here that can help with training and caring for a Boxer mixed with Husky.

First of all, these dogs can become loving members of the home that crave love and attention.

This means that they will struggle if left alone for long periods. Try and limit this time alone and provide toys so they can entertain themselves.

They also need place of space to burn off all that energy, so a yard is a must. However, that tendency to wander means that they will test out any boundaries.

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Important physical Boxer Husky mix traits

So far we have covered the personalities and behavior of these Boxer Husky dogs.

Now it is time to take a look at the physical features of this dog. For example, how big do Boxer Husky mix get?

This is a fairly large dog with the muscle and build of its strong parents.

The average Boxer Husky mix weight is around 35-50 pounds.

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husky boxer mix characteristicsImage Source

Online pictures of Boxer Husky mix will show that there is a fair amount of variation in the look of these dogs, but some interesting features do emerge.

Some of the cuter pups are blessed with the strong black mask and muzzle of the Boxer with the piercing blue eyes of the Husky.

However, nobody should expect these traits. It is the luck of the draw with the genetics when asking the question of what does a Boxer Husky mix look like.

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Boxsky health issues that new owners need to be concerned about

No hybrid animal is free from the risk of illness or hereditary conditions, no matter what breeders may say.

It is important to remember that Boxers are more prone to tumors than many other dogs. There is the chance that this may be passed on to their offspring.

There are some great tools available to help new owners provide the best healthcare.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health from Kingdom of Pets is a great resource for information on different topics.

The Boxer Husky mix life expectancy is around 8 to 10 years.

Where to find a Siberian Husky mixed with Boxer

There are two options when looking for a half Husky half Boxer for the family.

The first is to search for a breeder with a Boxer Husky mix for sale.

There are sure to be plenty of legitimate Boxer Husky mix breeders out there with a great record and understanding of this cross.

However, there are also breeders that will try and sell cheap Boxer Husky puppies to make some profit. These breeders often have little regard for the health of the pups or parents.

Take the time to research local breeders and visit the pups before committing to a sale.

The Boxer Husky mix price is sure to be higher with these better breeders. But, be careful not to fall into any traps about rare colors or other traits. For example, some may try and charge more for those blue-eyed pups.

The alternative here is to look into Boxer Husky mix adoption.

This is a great solution for many hopeful owners for two reasons:

First of all, shelters offer the chance of a Boxer Husky mix full grown, which is ideal for those that don’t want to raise a puppy.

Secondly, they help to provide a second chance for disadvantaged animals.

These dogs may have been abandoned because inexperienced owners struggled with their behavior. It isn’t the dog’s fault. They just want a loving home and a family to play with.

So, is this Husky and Boxer mix a good fit for your family?

It takes the right family to raise this cross breed.

It cannot be emphasized enough that they need an experienced owner with a large home and plenty of patience.

This dog will thrive with a loving family – one that has the time and attention to give to the dog’s care and training. It will suffer if left alone too long and given inadequate training.

Those that know that they can take this dog on, and succeed, will enjoy a rewarding experience.

The Boxer Husky mix is definitely a handful, but a fun, loving one.


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