Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate? Safe or Not?

can dogs have pomegranate

Pomegranates are amazing and delicious fruits that are also very nutritious.

Even though they can be a pain to dissect, it all pays off when you get the juicy parts inside.

Actually pomegranates are some of the most highly nutritious fruits for humans but how good are they for your dog?

Can dogs eat pomegranates? This is a question that most dog owners ask.

Read on to find out this and much more about dogs and pomegranates.

Can Dogs Have Pomegranates?

According to most veterinary experts, you ought not to feed your dog pomegranate in any form. In recent studies, most dogs who consume pomegranate seeds end up being sick shortly after doing so.

Therefore, the conclusions that most vets make is that dogs are not able to handle the amounts of antioxidants that are contained in pomegranates like we humans do.

It is the high level and type of antioxidants that actually make pomegranates healthy for us humans to eat.

pomegranate and dogs

When it comes to your dog, he does require antioxidants as part of his dietary needs but does not necessarily need tannins, the type found in plants.

Pomegranates are loaded with tannins as well as ellagic and anthocyanin acids.

It makes it difficult for your canine friend to break these ingredients down hence in most cases leads to your dog having a stomach ache or even diarrhea and vomiting.

In a pomegranate, the seeds are the parts that are mostly eaten.

The seeds are the juiciest parts of the fruit and in order to extract the juice, you need to crush the seeds in your mouth. You may decide to eat the seed as well or simply spit it out if you do not like it.

Unfortunately, your dog may not have the intellect to spit out the seed and may end up swallowing them.

This may result into stomach ache and diarrhea because the stomach and intestines of your furry friend are not designed to digest the seeds which go through the entire digestive system undigested.

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What You Need To Do If Your Dog Eats Pomegranates?

You might be having that hyperactive dog that will stop at nothing until he gets his way.

If your dog manages to get his paws on your pomegranates somehow, don’t panic or despair, there is always a remedy for this.

You may notice that his stomach becomes rumbly and also his potty breaks might increase in frequency. Your dog may also vomit but I have some good news for you that it might not be actually fatal.

When your dog vomits, it is normal because that is his body’s way of getting rid of the unwanted in his stomach.

are pomegranates good for dogs

This does not have to cause you any panic but if it continues for more than 24 hours then you need to seek your veterinary’s attention because now your dog’s body is becoming weak and lethargic.

If your dog ingests any amount of pomegranates, observe him for excessive vomiting and diarrhea and this you need to do especially if your dog can’t hold anything down.

I would advise that you avoid giving them any more pomegranates and food generally for about 6 hours until they stop vomiting.

When your dog stops throwing up then you can start by giving him water to keep him hydrated and then you can re-introduce small amounts of regular food again.

Even if pomegranates are one of those fruits better left unshared with your canine friend, a little treat once in a while is harmless.

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Is Pomegranate Good For Dogs?

In other words, is pomegranate healthy for your dog? According to research, pomegranates have been said to contain moderate calories.

About 100g of pomegranate contains 83 calories. This is slightly more than those contained in apples. This makes it perfectly healthy for your dog to enjoy this delicious and juicy fruit without you having to worry about him gaining weight and becoming obese.

Pomegranates also do not contain any cholesterol or saturated fats. Your furry friend is safe and does not risk any heart diseases in future.

are pomegranates ok for dogs

Further, there are ellagitannin compounds like Granatin B and also one called Punicalagin that are found in plenty in pomegranate juice. You can once in a while sprinkle this over your dogs kibble so that he also gets to benefit of the nutrients contained in pomegranates.

Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C and are also loaded with fiber which is useful in your dog’s digestive system. The rich antioxidant properties of pomegranates make it useful in the manufacture of certain antioxidant supplements for canines.

Is Pomegranate Bad Or Harmful For Dogs?

As highlighted before, your dog’s digestive system may not be able to handle the amount of tannins and ellagic acids that are contained in pomegranates.

This may actually be one of the reasons that causes your dog to throw up after eating pomegranates.

Your dog may love eating pomegranates because it is surely a delicious fruit, however most dogs are not able to properly digest this fruit.

Don’t get it twisted, pomegranates are not toxic to dogs but you need to give it to your dog in moderation as you closely monitor his reaction after consuming pomegranate seeds.

In case you see him vomiting and twitching in pain, you need to rush him to see the vet immediately if the symptoms do not cease.

Can Dogs Have Pomegranate Juice?

Most dog owners ask: Can dogs eat pomegranate seeds?

Generally, you should not allow your dog to eat pomegranate seeds because of the implications they have on his digestive system.

If you want your canine friend to enjoy this sweet and delicious fruit, you can try to make them some pomegranate juice and just sprinkle it over their regular meals. This is probably one of the ways your dog can be able to eat pomegranates.

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How Do You Serve Pomegranates To Your Dog?

There are ways that you can give your dog pomegranates and you will not have to worry about your pooch getting a stomach upset.

Your dog will get all the nutritious benefits of pomegranates and no digestive issues at all so it will be a win-win!

However, you need to remember to consult your dog’s veterinary before you introduce anything in your dog’s diet.


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1. Pomegranate extract

According to studies, giving your dog pomegranate extract can help to reduce the risk of your dog getting heart disease.

One of the most common causes of death in dogs is heart disease or rather heart-related illnesses.

Pomegranate extract could be an effective remedy to reduce the high mortality rate in dogs. If your vet permits, you can add a teaspoon of pomegranate extract in your dog’s food to boost the level of antioxidants in his diet.

How do you serve pomegranates to your dog?

2. Pomegranate dog treats

The other way that your canine friend can enjoy pomegranate without any worries of stomach upsets and digestion problems is by giving him pomegranate dog treats.

This will be a great way to enrich your dog’s dietary needs especially if he loves the taste of pomegranates which I am sure he does!

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3. Pomegranate Yogurt

Combining pomegranate and yogurt is a very healthy dietary pattern that can be of great benefit to both you and your dog.

Yogurt is a rich source of protein, calcium, vitamins B and 12, conjugated linoleic acid and also contains probiotics.

Giving your dog pomegranate yogurt is allowed but you need to exercise caution and make sure you do so in moderation. Yogurt helps to enhance general nutrient absorption and digestion so your dog is highly unlikely to experience any gastrointestinal issues.

Pomegranate yogurt will also help to keep your dog from adding excessive weight and also have reduced risks of suffering from illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Popsicles?

We humans enjoy eating our popsicles, and guess what; your dog loves them too!

You need to shed off the guilt of allowing your canine friend to enjoy that pomegranate popsicle. It is good for him, especially in hot summer weather.

Your dog needs to cool off and an occasional yummy pomegranate popsicle is acceptable. Of course this is not without debate because there are dog owners that think pomegranate popsicles are a poor and unhealthy treat for dogs.

My take is this, you can actually give your dog pomegranate popsicle once in a while because also too many in one sitting is a very bad idea.

pomegranate popsicles for dogs

The other thing I would like to recommend is that you need to make the pomegranate popsicles on your own.

You can make good homemade pomegranate popsicles using all natural ingredients.

The reason being, you can find pomegranate popsicles in the market that contain artificial colors and sweeteners. This may be harmful in the long run and you would not want to expose your dog to such harmful treats.

It is a good thing for your dog to cool off during hot weather to keep dehydration at bay and what better way to make sure your dog stays hydrated and healthy at the same time by giving him pomegranate popsicles. They are truly a great treat!

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Arils?

Pomegranate is a very healthy and nutritious fruit. However, can your dog eat pomegranate arils or seeds?

It is not advised but there are other ways that you can serve your dog this healthy fruit as highlighted above.

Pomegranate seeds may cause stomach upsets and may cause your dog to vomit and have stomach ache. In extreme cases your dog may experience diarrhea.

Can dogs eat pomegranate arils?

So you might be wondering what to do with pomegranate arils?

Arils, the edible seeds inside a pomegranate are usually full of very tasty and nutritious juice.

We humans ordinarily squeeze the seed to extract the juice or sometimes just consume the entire seeds. However, this may not be easy for your dog to do.

This means that if you insist on feeding your dog the seeds then you need to give him one at a time which is strenuous.

The best thing to do is to either extract the juice from the seed or simply skip giving your dog pomegranate arils altogether.

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Leaves?

This is a pretty obvious question that attracts an equally obvious answer.

Pomegranate leaves are not edible and therefore you should avoid giving them to your dog.

Your dog is not herbivorous in the first place so digesting pomegranate leaves is naturally unheard of. Your dog might end up having gastrointestinal issues.

Avoid giving your dog pomegranate leaves, it is that simple.

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Skin?

Pomegranate skin is not very tasty, we normally eat the inside part, its juicy seeds and throw away the skin.

You should not give your dog pomegranate skin as it may also be a choking hazard to your little pup.

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Final thoughts: Should You Give Pomegranate To Your Dog?

In a nutshell, you can feed pomegranate to your dog but in moderation, which is the way to go for any treat. Let it be an occasional treat and not a meal replacement.

Too much of pomegranate may cause stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea. Remember that this fruit is acidic and also your dog might experience difficulty in chewing the seeds of pomegranate.

So just to be safe, just skip the treat or look for alternative ways to safely feed your dog some yummy pomegranates.

pomegranate and dogs guide

Pomegranates have healthy benefits that can do your dog alot of good in the long run.

This delicious fruit is loaded with antioxidants which your furry friend needs.

It also contains dietary fiber and vitamins that help to prevent illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

You also need not to worry about your dog adding excess weight because pomegranates are relatively low in calories so obesity is not getting anywhere near your little pooch.

Be creative and try to spice up your dog’s kibble with a little pomegranate extract or juice. You will thank me later once you see your dog growing happy and healthy!

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