The Dachshund Beagle Mix: Understanding This Playful Hybrid

Dachshund Beagle Mix

There are many different hybrid dogs that are available to own, purely because there are so many breeds with the ability to create a new cross-breed.

Some of these dogs are rare, a little problematic in terms of their breeding and too much a handful.

The Dachshund beagle mix, on the other hand, is seen by many as an interesting cross with some great traits.

These US-bred mixes are a relatively new creation, and are not recognized as a breed that can be shown, but their blend of personal and physical characteristics makes them popular in certain households.

In this guide to the beagle dachshund mix we will look at a number of different issues that prospective owners need to consider before buying these pups.

These include the physical traits, the health care issues of the hybrid, the general care needs, the temperament and training requirements that may need to be considered and the different purchasing options.

Once all of the highs and lows of Doxle ownership have been considered – from the highs of their personality and care to the lows of inherent behavioral traits and health issues – you can start to understand whether or not this mix is right for you.

What is a dachshund beagle mix called?

As with all popular cross bred dogs, there has to be a catchy name that dog owners can use to describe their pet and give it some sort of identity – rather than simply calling it a beagle/dachshund cross.

Most owners now call the hybrid a Doxle – and this is in fact the one name that it recognized by the American canine hybrid club.

It is a short, simple name quite unlike the labradoodles and cockerpoos of this world and it brings a better sense of identity to help it to stand out.

Other names that are often used in regard to this dog include beagle dachshund, beagle wiener dog mix and beaschund.


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What can owners expect regarding the physical characteristics of a half beagle half dachshund pup?

First impression of a Doxle suggest that it will be more like a dachshund in terms of its size and shape than a beagle, but there are a number of key beagle traits in there too.

beagle dachshund size

It essentially has the face of a beagle and its stout shape, but with the long, short-legged body of the dachshund.

As a result, these dogs tend to get no taller than 9-11 inches in height and tend to weight between 20-30 pounds.

The colors of these dogs can vary greatly. The majority are black, black and tan, brown, white with various markings.


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How does this shape and size affect a dachshund beagle’s health care needs?

These long lived dogs, with a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years, have one very important area where there are key problems can arise – their skeletons.

The biggest problem here is the weak spine due to the length of the body and lack of support for the vertebra. Not only can this be an issue if this active dog is running and jumping around, there are concerns over the way that it is picked up and held.

What makes this worse is that some dogs can develop problems with their joints, specifically their knees. Dysplasia can occur and some animals require regular anti-inflammatory treatments.

Other issues that owners need to be aware of when considering the health of a wiener dog beagle mix regard the eyes and ears.

They can develop eye problems that may eventually lead to partial blindness and there are reports of these pups becoming more hard of hearing in old age, sometimes to the point of deafness.

As with any dog, regular vet check-ups are a must to ensure that the dog is well-cared for and that there are no underlying problems.

Make sure that regular blood work and x-rays carried out, as well as the usual tests, vaccinations, etc.

Those that are worried about the best way to look after these dogs could turn to a guide such as The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

This is a great read for first timers that are wary of how to handle these dogs.

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Understanding the care needs of the beaschund

There is another potential problem that Doxle owners need to be aware of in relation to the health of these dogs, and that is obesity.

The build of these dogs means that it can be too easy for these little pups to put on weight without the right exercise and diet regimen, and this can put even more pressure on the joints and bones of the dog.

The other reason that exercise is vital with this hybrid is that this is a highly active dog with a lot of energy to burn.

Their small size means that they can adapt to apartment living pretty well, but it does help to have a yard where they can play fetch to their heart content.

These pups love ball games and need plenty of mental stimulation as well as physical play.

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Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated

The other way to prevent against obesity is to ensure a healthy diet for your beagle and dachshund mix. 

A Doxle will need approximately 1.5 to 2 cups of dry dog food each day, with no special formulas required – just good, nutritious food.

doxle guide

Will you have to deal with the issue of Doxle shedding?

Another important issue that owners will always ask about when choosing a new breed and considering care is grooming.

There are short haired and long haired dachshund beagle mix pups out there and they will have different grooming needs. Some have fine coats and others have quite wiry coats.

This means that each pup will require a different approach to clipping, bathing and general grooming, but the good news is that shedding is no more than average.

Some see this cross as a very low maintenance option that simply needs a brush of its fur and teeth once a week and a bath once a month.

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What’s the temperament of beagle dachshund mix?

The beagle dachshund mix temperament is something that is praised a lot by owners and it easily seen as one of the key reasons to choose this hybrid over other options.

With the right training and attention, these little hounds are loving, playing family pets that are just a lot of fun to be around.

The aforementioned energetic nature plays into this and means that they love games in the park and long family walks.

Others point out their curiosity about the world and while some will find this to be charming, others will quickly see the downsides without the right approach to training.

Some see this breed as the ideal companion dog because of the sweet, playful side, but others focus on the elements that make it a great watchdog. Again, in the wrong house, these elements could be problematic.

There are not too many dachshund beagle mix puppy behavior problems to be concerned with, but two of the main issues could be a big problem if owners do not train their pups out of that behavior from an early age.

The nosiness and curiosity of the dogs means that they can put their noses where they are not wanted and, depending on the mix of genes from their parents, they can inherit the strong Dachshund tendency to dig.

The watchdog element of the cross breed also means that their interest in every new person, smell and sound can lead to an assumption that the home is potentially under threat. This then leads to barking, something that comes from both sides of the family.

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brown dachshund beagle mixImage Source

The final issue to be aware of, especially in a home with other pets, is that the hound parentage – both mother and father being small, tenacious hunting dogs – means that a primal hunting instinct can remain.

It is important that this desire to stalk and kill is trained out of these dogs from an early age as it is not too far-fetched to suggest that they may end up going for a pet rabbit, hamster or even a cat.

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Secrets to dog training solution

What to consider regarding beagle dachshund mix training

Clearly, training of these curious little balls of energy has to begin from an early age. The sooner you start to positively reinforce good behavior and deter bad habits, the better behaved they will be in adulthood.

The problem is that it is sometimes easier said than done. This is an intelligent, stubborn little dog that is good at learning commands but may not always be up for the performance.

Be patient, be sure to reward the correct behavior when it comes and don’t force them. Turn training into a fun, playful bonding experience and you should both go far.

Socialization is vital with these beagle dachshund puppies. The sooner that you get them used to being around other people and animals, especially those within the household, the less chance you will have of them deciding to give chase or act aggressively.

Luckily, this can be a fun easy process because all you need to do is ensure that the new puppy meets everyone in a positive, playful environment.

They want to play with new friends so make sure they understand how to do so in a positive way from the very start.

Asking neighbors to the house can be a great way to test their progress. Also, keep them on a lead in the park around other dogs but encourage a friendly hello.

Those that struggle with training their new dachshund beagle mix puppy can turn to an online guide, such as Doggy Dan the online dog trainer.

This is a great, accessible solution for many different dog training issues.

The step by step guides let owners handle the issues at their own pace. This is a great alternative to doggy obedience classes, where these wary dogs may not excel.

300 x 250

Looking at doxle puppies for sale

Now that you have a better idea of the temperament, training needs, characteristics and health implications of this cross breed, it is time to decide if they are a good fit for the home and if you still want to buy one.

If you do, be aware that some breeders charge extortionate amounts for these dogs.

They are seen by some as uncommon hard to find pups, hence some of the high price tags that end up near the $1000 mark.

Many others appreciate that this is a pretty easy hybrid to create with the right parents.


The most important thing to do when looking at dogs for sale is to find healthy dachshund beagle mix puppies that have happy, healthy parents and no apparent health issues.

Spend time with the litter and the parent dogs and talk to the breeders about the pups. This effort may also allow you to get an idea of the potential personality of your pup.

It is impossible to know how much they will take after their mother or their father, but you can observe behavioral traits in the parents and be a little more prepared.

black beagle dachshund mixImage Source

The alternative is to search for doxle puppies for adoption

Adoption is a great way to find a new family pet because not only is there a wonderful range of mismatched hybrids out there looking for a home, you know that you are saving them from a life they should be able to forget.

Adoption costs can also be a lot lower than breeder prices. You may have a harder job training these puppies if they are a little older and socialization and behavior correction has not properly begun, but it depends if you are up for the challenge.

You could have the chance to take a beagle dachshund cross and allow them to fulfill their potential in the ideal new home.

What we have learned about the beagle dachshund mix dog and is this still a good choice?

There are clearly plenty of risks to consider when opting for beagle dachshund mix puppies over the pure breed parents or a different type of hybrid dog.

There is that gamble of the inherent traits that come through from the parents, a few health issues to watch out for and the constant love and attention that must be directed at these loyal, loving balls of curios energy.

These dogs can be a handful but, with the right environment and training, they can become wonderful family pets.

dachshund mixed with beagle

Is this doxie mix dog still right for you?

If you are put off by the training requirements, physical characteristics or the idea of such a high priced price at the breeders, maybe this dachshund beagle mix isn’t the best choice.

If, however, you are up for the challenge and committed to getting the best out of this cross-breed, you could find that you, your family and the dog are all thankful for the decision.

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