Do Poodles Get Along With Cats?

poodles and cats

Do Poodles Get Along With Cats?

The short answer is Yes, poodles actually do get along with cats.

As a matter of fact, it has been observed that the dog has a very protective tendency which could come in handy when your cat needs extra protection from aggression. However, it is important to remember that when all is said and done, poodle is still a dog.

And as you probably already know, canines and felines rarely agree on anything.

So, there are obviously some cases where these two amazing pets could engage in some violent confrontations.

As the pet owner, it is imperative that you understand exactly how poodles and cats interact with each other. This post shall try to dig deeper into that, among other aspects of this topic.

More about Poodles

Poodles is actually a term that encompasses three different types namely – Standard Poodles, Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles.

It is also one of the dog breeds whose origin has not been well documented. There are disputing accounts on whether the dog has its origin in France or Germany.

poodle dog in a park

According to the British Kennel-Club and the American Kennel-Club, the breed traces its origin in Germany. Both of these bodies argue that the poodle was originally used in Germany to hunt ducks.

They also argue that the word Poodle actually stems from the German word Pudel or Pudelhund, which loosely translates to – To Splash In Water.

However, the Fédération Cynologique-Internationale holds that the poodle is a close descendant of the French Barbet.

According to this organization, which interestingly has France and Germany as its members, the breed came about as a result of a cross between its progenitor and the Hungarian Puli.

However, the narrative of the poodle having been originally used for duck hunting appears to be consistent.

standard white poodle dog

But disputes aside, poodles are known to be some of the most protective dogs out there.

With proper training, they can be used to perform virtually all critical doggy functions; from guarding, tracking and even herding. However, most poodles are kept for companion needs.

In terms of intelligence, they only come second to Border Collie, which makes the dog easier to train and breed. They find it easier to master commands and have often been used as fetch dogs, especially for people living with disabilities.

The poodle is also a fairly agile dog that shows profound interest in doggy activities and sports such as obedience training and circus performances.

There are various other dog breeds that resulted from the poodle, including the Standard Schnauzer, the Miniature Schnauzer and many more.

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Poodles And Cats

Having briefly highlighted what poodles are, the question remains – do poodles get along with cats?

Yes, poodles actually do get along with cats. But as expected, you must ensure the introduction happens slowly and carefully.

how well do poodles get long with cats?

Both cats and dogs are extremely territorial pets and will easily fight off any stranger trying to encroach into their territories.

It gets even worse if the stranger is a pet from a different species. Thankfully, most poodles are fond of cats and will not mind living alongside them.

The most important way cats can benefit from poodles is leveraging their protective nature. This is why they are especially a great option for kittens.

? Aside from fostering a good understanding with cats at home, poodles are also known to be sympathetic to just any other cat. You can take him for a walk around the neighborhood and you will not see him chasing off any cat he comes across.

But in order to fully understand how poodles interact with kitties, we will try to delve deeper into the three various categories of poodle and see if their interactions with cats is consistent.

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Do Standard Poodles Get Along With Cats?

Standard poodles are, as the name suggests, the average-size poodles. They are usually around 15 inches tall, but could be much larger than that.

You can find standard poodles that measure up to 21 inches. In terms of weight, they normally average between 45 and 65 pounds.

As compared to other categories of poodles, standard poodles need extra room, and that might be a bone of contention.

standard poodle and cat

? As long as you can find your standard poodle ample play space so he does not constantly contest for it with your cat, you can expect them to get along pretty well.

An ideal option would be getting your standard poodle a fenced yard where there is ample space to run around.

Remember that by virtue of their size, they also need lots of free space to play and let out more energy. This is all the more the reason you should get them an extra room.

Enough exercise has a way of mellowing down your standard poodle, making him relaxed and easy around cats, especially cats that detest hyperactive dogs. Aside from other cats, standard poodles are also good with older kids and other pets.

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Do Miniature Poodle Get Along With Cats?

Miniature poodles are ranked between standard and toy poodles in terms of size. Their height usually measures between 10 and 15 inches. Miniature poodles weigh somewhere from 12 to 18 pounds.

Due to their rather diminished size compared to their standard counterparts, miniature poodles are more ideal for apartment dwellers.

But as expected, the more space you can create for their play activities, the better for your dog.

? In terms of energy and power, miniature poodles are the most hyperactive of the three poodle types so they need more space to let out their excess energies.

Miniature poodles are great with cats as well as other dogs, though they may not be ideal for your kids.

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Do Toy Poodles Get Along With Cats?

Toy Poodles are the smallest of the three types. An adult toy poodle usually reaches a height of just 10 inches. Their weight normally ranges between 4 and 8 pounds.

If you are a reclusive person or are someone who is not very hyperactive, the toy poodle may be ideal for you.

But just like the other types of poodles we have reviewed here, toy poodles also need some form of exercise, so you must ensure you get him ample space for that.

Toy poodles get along with cats fairly well, perhaps due to the fact that the two pets are almost equally matched in terms of size.

poodle dog origin

? One of the reasons cats normally fear dogs is that dogs are quite intimidating by virtue of their size. So to find a dog that is almost the same size as your cat is great for keeping the two animals side by side.

Interestingly, toy poodles do not cope well with young children under the age of 15 years.

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But Just How Well Do Poodles Get Along With Cats?

In order to establish how well poodles get alone with cats, it is important to dig deeper into the breeds we have just reviewed.

? Generally, all poodle variations do well with cats, but there are certain features that make some types of poodles more ideal.

As we have already mentioned, you might consider going for the toy poodle based on their rather smaller size. Most toy poodles are the same size as cat and some even smaller than certain cat breeds.

When pets are equally matched, not only do they enjoy lots of playtime together, aggression is also rare. And when it happens, they will normally size each other up and upon realizing they are equally matched in size, they will not bother to engage in a fight.

But aside from its size advantage, toy poodles could not be very great for cats since they have a rather foul temperament. They are known for their snappish behavior which cats may not always find friendly.

poodle dog origin

In terms of temperament, standard poodles emerge as some of the best for cats. They may be very large in size proportionate to your cat, but standard poodles will not take undue advantage of their size in order to hurt the cat.

Standard poodles are especially known for their mellow attitude, which makes them get along very well with cats.

Perhaps the lack of hostility between your standard poodle and your cat could also be inspired by the fact that since they are way larger than their cat, they do not really consider cats to be a threat.

? This confidence, coupled with their mellow temperament has seen them frequently being recommended as some of the best companions for cats. It does not matter the age or body size of your cat, they will always love it hanging around a big brother that is so chill.

standard poodle origin

Last but not least, it is important to remember that the miniature poodle is the most hyperactive. This is not to mean they are more energetic or powerful than standard poodles. It only means they are very playful. So on that aspect, they may be great for your cats.

Of course, miniature poodles would require regular training to help release some of their excess energy. If you do not offer them enough exercise, they may be tempted to engage your cats in rough playtime, thereby stirring up aggression.

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Conclusion: Do Poodles Like Cats?

Yes, poodles surely do get along with cats. However, you should ensure you introduce the two pets carefully.

First and foremost, you may need to trim your cat’s nails and ensure that for the first few days, the poodle is also kept on leash.

Observe how they react with one another and immediately separate them as soon as they begin their snappish confrontations.

The two pets should have different territories. Ensure that you also keep their litters in different places and only make the pets come close to each other under your supervision.

Give your cat a convenient place to hide in the event she is being harassed. As for your poodle, make sure he gets ample exercise so that he does not play rough with your cats. That is especially recommended for miniature poodles.

Above all, be patient because on a long enough timeline, these two beautiful pets will surely get along.


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