Labradoodle Vs Goldendoodle – Which Poodle Mix Is the Right Fit for You?

Which breed is better Labradoodle or goldendoodle?

If you are interested in a medium to a large-sized designer dog, you are probably considering canines that have some poodle in them since the Poodle is one of the most popular purebred dogs that are used in intentional hybrid dog breeding.

Nonetheless, the other half of the mix will definitely have an impact on the looks, behavior and temperament of the pup that you get, so it’s worth taking the time to do your homework before making your choice.

The Labradoodle is a designer dog developed when a Labrador Retriever is crossed with a Poodle while a Goldendoodle is, of course, created from mixing a Golden Retriever with a Poodle.

Since the two crossbreeds have retriever in them, we can safely conclude that they have some similarities. As Poodle mixes, they also have similar traits inherited from the Poodle half of their lineage.

However, they also have some major differences and figuring out what they are is important when it comes to choosing the right dog for you!

If you are wondering whether the Labradoodle or the Goldendoodle is the right pet for you and your family, we’ve got you covered right here in our comprehensive Labradoodle Vs Goldendoodle comparison guide.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the similarities and differences of these two designer dogs to help you make the right decision.

What is a Labradoodle?

The cute and adorable Labradoodle is a result of crossing a Labrador Retriever with a Standard Poodle. This cross is the first poodle mix that became very popular from the very beginning. These dogs are excitable, loving and loyal.

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What is a Goldendoodle?

On the other hand, the Goldendoodle is a mix between a Golden Retriever And A Standard Poodle.

These dogs are also known as Groodles, Goldenoodles and Curly Retrievers. They have longer and wavier coats than Labradoodles.

However, like the Labradoodle, they are also considered to be hypoallergenic.

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Labradoodle Vs Goldendoodle: Which Pet To Choose?

Both these dogs are mixed breeds and they are also among the most popular.

Goldendoodles have been around since 1969, but their popularity rose in the 1990’s. On the other hand, Labradoodles were initially bred in the 1980’s and they have been popular ever since.

Both of these designer dogs can be excellent family dogs if you are careful about getting your puppy from a reputable breeder.

One important thing you need to keep in mind regarding mixed breed dogs is that they can inherit any trait from each side of the lineage in unpredictable levels.

This means that you may end up with more Lab or more Poodle, in a Labradoodle. The same applies to the Golden Retriever Poodle Mix.

However, you need to consider the similarities when trying to choose between a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle (this will probably make it even harder to choose between the two).

? Both the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle are wonderful family dogs. They are intelligent, friendly, and loyal dogs who can also be used as hunting dogs, service, and therapy dogs. Overall, both the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle are very popular because they are great family dogs.

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What Are the Differences Between a Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle?

? The first major difference between a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle is their full-grown size.

The size of a full-grown Goldendoodle or Labradoodle will vary significantly based on genetics, gender, size of the parents, health and many other factors.

Golden Retrievers will weigh anywhere between 55 and 75 pounds while Labrador Retrievers weigh around 55 to 80 pounds. On the other hand, Standard Poodles weigh anywhere between 40 and 70 pounds. As you can see, there’s a great level of variance based on the size of both parent dogs.


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? Some experts claim that full-grown standard Labradoodles weigh more than full-grown standard Goldendoodles while others say that the exact opposite is true.

Nonetheless, given the weight limits, if both parents for each crossbreed are full size, the standard Labradoodle should be slightly heavier than a standard Goldendoodle at maturity.

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Mini Doodle Size

If you are looking for a Mini Labradoodle or Mini Goldendoodle, you will need to keep the same size differences in mind.

On average, a full grown Mini Poodle weighs around 10 to 15 pounds. However, both the Labrador Retriever Mini Poodle Mix And The Goldendoodle Mini Poodle Mix might not be as small as you might imagine.

? If you’re still interested in a Mini Poodle Mix, try to find a F1b or F2 generation dog breeder. An F1b Mini Doodle is a cross between A Mini Poodle And A Mini Doodle and will most likely remain small at maturity.


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Are Goldendoodles or Labradoodles Bigger?

Some Labradoodles are bigger than Goldens, but the opposite could also be true.

Some Goldendoodles reach up to 100 pounds but weigh around 60 to 75 pounds on average. On the other hand, Labradoodles weigh around 50 to 65 on average with males generally being bigger than females.


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However, the size of your dog will depend on his parents. In order to determine the average full-grown weight of your puppy, simply add the weights of both the parents together and then divide by two.

Within even the same litter, some puppies might fall below or above the expected adult weights.

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Labradoodle Vs Goldendoodle: General Appearance

Both the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle pups are very cute.

The Labradoodle normally has short hair, which is wiry and wavy. Coat colors will vary relatively a bit. White, black, yellow, red, chocolate, cream and tri-color are the most common colors among Labradoodles.

The Goldendoodle has longer hair that is either straight or curly/wavy. The coat colors are not as varied with the most common colors being red, gold and caramel.


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Labradoodle Vs Goldendoodle Temperament

Doodle breeders tend to agree that both the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle are friendly, loving and loyal pups who have the potential to be great family dogs.

Known for their friendly and outgoing demeanors, both the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle are enthusiastic and sweet-natured dogs.

These pups enjoy being around their owners and require plenty of attention and affection. As family pets, both Labradoodles and Goldenoodles are obedient, loyal and protective of their owners and family.

When well socialized from an early stage, they get along with children and other household pets, usually becoming friends almost immediately thanks to their social nature.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in choosing a doodle for a specific kind of work, such as hunting, farming service or therapy dog work, these two designer dogs have some important differences that you need to keep in mind.


Labradoodles have a relatively higher energy level and are more reserved than Goldendoodles.

Moreover, Labradoodles tend to be more protective than Goldendoodles. This might be a positive trait, but some people may be worried about this turning into aggression.


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Although both Goldendoodles and Labradoodles might make poor guard dogs due to their friendly nature, they often make good watch dogs. You can expect either dog to bark at strangers in a loud and frightening manner, although they are unlikely to attack the person.

? Labradoodles are also generally stronger than Goldendoodles. For farming, hunting or public service dog, the Labradoodles is an overall better choice than the Goldendoodle.

Experts also consider the Labradoodle to be a better choice for a service dog or guide dog.

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Goldendoodles are generally calmer and friendlier than Labradoodles. They are generally less active and have a lower energy level.

Due to their cheerful, outgoing personality, experts consider the Goldendoodle to be a better choice for nursing home/hospital work and therapy dog.


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Are Labradoodles or Goldendoodles More Hyper?

The Goldendoodles are generally calmer than Labradoodles. Although Labrador Retrievers are generally gentle dogs, they often exhibit aggressive behavior in normal situations, making them more hyperactive than Golden Retrievers.

However, both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles can become great family pets provided they get enough training from a young age.

? Both breeds also need a lot of exercises on a daily basis to prevent boredom and destructive behavior.

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Labradoodle Vs Goldendoodle Training

Both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are intelligent breeds, which makes them particularly easy to train. The parent dogs – Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers And Poodles – are all known to be extremely intelligent.

Due to their loyalty and eagerness to please, both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles usually respond well to training.

These smart dogs are able to learn fast and perform virtually any tasks that their owners are willing to teach them.

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Energy Levels

As we’ve already mentioned, both doodles are active and energetic dogs.

Both are known to be high-energy dogs who love to run around. They also enjoy playing fetch and other games that allow them to burn off excess energy. Moreover, both Goldendoodles and Labradoodles love the waters and enjoy swimming.

In other words, both breeds require plenty of exercises to prevent behavioral problems that are associated with boredom in dogs.


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If you want a quiet dog who will stay in the house throughout the day, these dogs are not best choice for you. Although you can still train them to remain calm and stay at your side throughout the day, you are basically killing their spirit and endangering their wellbeing.

Do Goldendoodles Shed More Than Labradoodles?

While research has shown that there is no pet dog who is 100% hypoallergenic, the Labradoodle vs. Goldendoodle comparison offers two breeds that are considered to be ideal for allergy sufferers.

choosing a low shedding dog can help control the frequency and severity of pet-allergy symptoms. However, these low shedding dogs are not completely allergy free. Regular grooming can help prevent these symptoms.

? the Goldendoodle’s coat is generally longer than that of the Labradoodle. This means that the Goldendoodle requires more frequent grooming than a Labradoodle. It is recommended to groom a Goldendoodle every day and Labradoodle at least two to three times each week.

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Labradoodle Vs Goldendoodle Health Comparison

Purebred dogs are generally vulnerable to various health problems while hybrid dogs tend to have a much lower risk of the same health problems.

Poodles are vulnerable to hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease, progressive retinal atrophy and Cushing’s disease. Labrador Retrievers have a high risk of eye problems and hip and elbow dysplasia.

Golden Retrievers are prone to a number of health problems including hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, epilepsy, PRA, hypothyroidism and heart disease.


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Hybrid dogs are also at risk for the same health issues that affect their parents. Other less common health problems include allergies, thyroid disorders and skin issues.

Any health problem in the parent dogs can theoretically be passed along to the hybrid dogs. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the parent dog’s health certifications to ensure they have been cleared of common genetic health issues.

Reputable breeders offer a guarantee of the dog’s health for at least 12 months. Avoid any breeders who do not offer this as part of the puppy purchasing process.

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On average, hybrid dogs live much longer than their purebred counterparts. Both the Labradoodles and the Goldendoodles have an average lifespan of around 10 to 14 years.


The price of Labradoodle or Goldendoodle puppies for sale has risen considerably in recent times due to the high demand in the market today.

Both the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle have high price tags with some puppies costing as high as $1000. However, the price will vary from one breeder to another. Both of these dogs are often priced the same in the current market.

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Which Breed Is Better Labradoodle Or Goldendoodle?

Overall, the choice of Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle boils down to your personal preferences and the role you want them to play in your life.

Both dogs are quite similar in appearance and size, but there are different sizes available. Both breeds are also intelligent and easy to train. Just keep in mind that either breed will require proper training and exercise.

The good news is that you can’t go wrong with either breed. They do have certain differences, but both are also fun-loving and friendly dogs who will make an excellent addition to the right family.

Owners of both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles rarely get disappointed with their choice. So go ahead and choose the one that you fall in love with.

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Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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