All About The Great Dane Boxer Mix (Boxane)

Great Dane Boxer Mix

A Great Dane Boxer mix sounds like a handsome – if a little large – desirable dog.

There are plenty of expectations on size and behavior with a Great Dane mixed with Boxer because of the parents. But what do we really get?

Here we will look at the best Boxer mix info for a better idea of what to expect with this dog. For example, how big does a Great Dane Boxer mix get? Is a Boxane puppy hard to train?

This guide aims to answer those questions, while also looking at other physical and personality traits with this pup.

The first place to start with this Boxer Great Dane is the size.

What does a Great Dane Boxer mix look like?

The size and height of the Great Dane means that there are plenty of expectations about a large, muscular Boxane.

The truth is that the Great Dane Boxer mix size isn’t a big as some may expect, and does vary depending on the more dominant genes and gender of the dog.

This is not as large as a pure Great Dane, with a Great Dane Boxer mix weight of anywhere between 60 and 150 pounds. 

Even so, it is still an imposing dog. It have the muscular, defined build that is much like the Boxer. The ears are generally turned down, but can be erect.

There are lots of pictures of Great Dane Boxer mix puppies online that highlight the beautiful shape and look of this interesting cross breed. These pictures also highlight the different colors.

boxane dogImage Source

The Boxer Great Dane mix coat and grooming

This dog has a short, dense coat with moderate to heavy shedding. It has a glossy look when maintained well, but this does require regular brushing and grooming.

This regular brushing also means that owners can deal with the frequent shedding more easily.

The coat color is generally brown because of color of most Boxers and the brown Great Danes. Still, there are some that are lighter like the white Great Dane Boxer mix. This could occur with a cross such as a pale Dane and white Boxer. Then there are others that are much darker, as well as the chance of brindling and white patches.

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The energy levels and exercise requirements with a Boxer and Great Dane mix

The Boxer mixed with Great Dane is an energetic dog that is playful and mischievous.

There are some that mention a charming naughty streak, but this will often depend on their activity levels and training.

They like attention and the chance to run around and play. This means that they need lots of time outside to walk, run and play. This is essential if they are to burn off the energy and stay fit.

This dog also needs a large home with plenty of space in the yard. Apartment living is a terrible idea for this cross. On the subject of that yard, make sure that there are tall, secure boundaries in place.

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boxer mixed with great daneImage Source

The general health of a Boxer Dane mix

This Boxer x Great Dane needs plenty of exercise and a good diet to stay fit, but this not the only health consideration.

The interesting thing with this dog is that can be a surprisingly long-lived dog for their size. There is the potential of a Great Dane Boxer mix life expectancy between 12 to 15 years. However, this is not a guarantee with all pups as illness and other conditions can shorten the lifespan significantly.

Many will be quite healthy with the right care and diet. Yet, there are risks of cardiomyopathy, joint issues like hip dysplasia, Wobbler’s Syndrome, subaortic stenosis and some skin allergies.

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What do new owners need to know about the Great Dane Boxer mix temperament?

There are some mixed ideas on potential of this Boxane within a family unit. Some believe that they will do well with the right family, while others say that they are better off with experienced couples.

There is no doubt that this is a friendly playful and loving dog, but some say that they are not great with kids. Some also struggle with other animals.

New owners have to remember that this is a large, bouncy pup that may be too much for small children to handle. Socialization training is essential for this pup, whatever the situation. This leads to our next consideration.

eliminate dog problems

Training Great Dane Boxer puppies

Training shouldn’t be too difficult with this cross breed. This is not the smartest dog around, but not the dumbest either. It will get there with time and patience and the experience will be rewarding.

Those that struggle with any aspect of training here should turn to Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer for advice. This great online guide provides step-by-step approaches to all kinds of issues. It also helps users adapt their process to the dog, which is perfect with these Boxane puppies.

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300 x 250

Finding a Great Dane Boxer mix for sale

The best way to find Boxer Dane mix puppies is via respectable Boxane breeders.

There will be owners that know how to breed and care for these animals for the best pups. They will also allow buyers to take the time to get to know all the animals and ask questions.

The cost of this dog may be high because of the work that goes into the process. It is expensive to raise these pups and feed their parents, as well provide all the right health checks. Options may also be limited due to a lack of local breeders.

Research carefully before committing to a puppy. The alternative approach for those keen on this cross breed is to look for a Great Dane Boxer mix for adoption. This is a great way to find an adult Great Dane and Boxer mix in need of a second chance.

boxer and great dane mixImage Source

Is this Boxane dog right for you?

In the end, this Great Dane Boxer mix is a rewarding dog for the right owner. This large creature will love owners that give it the time and care it needs.

Experienced couple with time to spare, and a big home, could do well here. Families and busy professionals may struggle.

Patience is required with all the training and activity requirements, but this handsome Boxane is still a great cross.

Featured Image: Instagram/cutest.olive


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