Is There Really Such A Thing As A Pitbull Basset Hound Mix?

pitbull basset hound mix

The pitbull basset hound mix is a curious idea.

It is one that needs to be seen to be believed because of the shape and look of the two parents.

In this guide will we discuss what we can expect when we have a pitbull mixed with basset hound.

We will look at the personality traits of this dog, including any potential problems and how to train them.

We will also look at the physical features of this dog and coat type, as well as other care needs. From there we can discuss where to get one and issues of price.

What do we need to know about the pitbull basset hound mix temperament?

There is always a concern with any pit bull mix about aggression.

There are stereotypes that follow these animals around. Yet, the basset is a pretty soft dog when it comes to people. The same is true of the pit bull when trained well. Therefore, there is a good chance of this becoming a good family dog.


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That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any risks with the behavior traits of this pitbull and basset hound mix.

It is important to note that there are owners of this hybrid dog that say that it acts a lot like a hound, particularly when it comes to tracking smells.

This means that they could be prone to wandering if not controlled. There is also a hunting instinct with hounds.

At their worst, a hound crossed with an untrained, aggressive pit bull could be a nightmare. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as long as owners put in the right amount of training.

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Training pitbull basset hound mix puppies

Training isn’t as easy with this cross. Pit bulls are smart and want to please their owner, but basset hounds are a little slower and less inclined to put in the work.

This all means that these dogs need a strong training regimen from puppyhood.

This means consistent instruction on all the basics – from housebreaking and obedience to socialization, leash training and barking. Use plenty of positive reinforcement and adequate treats for the best results.

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What about the physical traits of this basset pitbull mix?

So what can we expect from the basset pit mix size and look?

There are plenty of basset hound pitbull mix pictures that showcase their physical features.

For the most part, they look a lot like the pit bull, with the familiar head shape and strong build. However, they are shorter, with elongated bodies and out-turned feet.

In fact, owners say to look at the feet first to check you have a true cross with a Basset hound.

Expect a height between 15 to 17 inches and their weight to be between 40 to 60 pounds.

basset hound pitbull mix dogImage Source

The colors will depend on the color of the parents, and if the parent was a blue nose or red nose pitbull. A black pitbull and Basset will lead to a darker coat.

When it comes to the coat and grooming of this basset hound pit mix, there is no need for anything extreme. You won’t need a furminator or too much vaccuming.

Shedding is moderate with this short coat, and regular brushing is still advisable.

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Finding a basset hound pitbull mix for sale

If this all sounds as though this cross breed will make a great addition to the home, you need to find some responsible local breeders. This could be tricky for a few reasons:

The first is availability. This is an unusual cross that might not be bred responsibly in the area.

The other is the risk of negligent breeders using poor pit bull stock.

In either case, you need to be cautious and take the time to see the pups, parents and home to be sure that this is a healthy litter from a good breeder.

Also be careful with the price. Avoid the cheap puppies from unknown origin, but don’t pay over the odds just because the breeders say it is rare.

The alternative to a breeder is a rescue shelter. Adoption provides a great way to save the life of an adult Basset Pit Bull.

Finding out the parentage of your new rescue dog

Adoption is always a rewarding process, especially for these animals with Pitbull genes that may have been mistreated and misunderstood.

However, there is still that risk that these animals aren’t quite what you think. Some shelters may only be able to guess at the breed linage of the dog.

An at-home DNA testing kit, such as the Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test, can help.

This provides a clear breakdown of the linage of a dog. It also offers information on any health risk markers.

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On that note, there are some important considerations with the health of this dog.

The lifespan is around 10 to 12 years.

Pitbull offspring can inherit the skin conditions and allergies of their parents. Bassets have some joint and digestive issues. Owners concerned by either can try The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

This includes great info on the basics of feeding, exercise, grooming and health risks.

This dietary information is important because the Basset Hound has a tendency towards weight gain. The genes of pit bull may make this dog more likely to be active and burn off the pounds, but portion control is still essential.

Is this Basset Pit mix breed right for you?

Hopefully all of this pitbull basset hound mix information has highlighted the best and worst of this dog.

There are some training issues here, especially when it comes to the hunting drive and desire to wander. Yet, this pit bull basset hound mix has the potential to be a great family pet with the right care and attention.

This is an odd looking dog, with a strange mix of physical traits, but it is still affectionate and desirable in the right hands.

Featured Image Credit: niner.time/otisthebassetpitty

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