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rotterman guide

Important Rotterman Information For New Owners (Doberman Rottweiler Mix)

The Rotterman is a “designer” dog with a bit of a difference.

Some breeders put two dogs together to create something cuter or smaller for wider appeal, or perhaps focus on the unusual coat color or features of a strange mix.

Here we have an understandable cross between two working dogs. As the name suggests, we have pups that are half Rottweiler half Dobermans.

This means one muscular, strong and potentially stubborn working dog, with another leaner, intelligent one. But what does this mean for the look and behavior of the offspring.

Is it really a good idea to have a Rottweiler mix with Doberman? Is this a great hybrid for the police and military only, or should family reconsider this pup?

In this guide we will look at some of the most important Rottweiler Doberman mix information that all new owners need to be aware of.

The first aim here is to look at some of the possible misconceptions with this cross breed.

There will be some that assume that this pup is no good for a family home due to behavioral issues or size. Here we will look at the personality traits of the animal, with a focus on aggression and training, as well as the physical traits, with their size.

Then we will look at other aspects of their care, such as exercise and health issues.

Finally, we will discuss options for getting one of these Doberman Rottweiler mix puppies for the home.

In the end, you should have a better idea of what to expect and whether they will be a good match.

doberman rottweiler mix dogImage Source

What do new owners need to know about the Rotterman temperament?

These misconceptions with the Rottweiler and Doberman breeds means that it is important to look at the personality of these cross-bred animals first.

There are sure to be plenty of people that are concerned about the potential for aggression, as well as the dog’s worth as a family pet.

The good news with the personality of these dogs is that they are actually a pretty affectionate breed and can be very loving and loyal to their family pack.

They are more likely to want a cuddle than show any aggression as long as they are treated well.

One potential issue here comes with the sense of protectiveness and dominance that may have unfortunate consequences in a dog that isn’t trained well.

With the right approach, they can be a great family pet and will respect the other children and animals in the home.

This blend of protectiveness and loyalty with the softer, cuddly side makes them ideal for families where kids are comfortable with larger animals and can keep their pet in line.

Just remember that well trained Rotterman dogs will be calm and well behaved. A badly trained one could be a little hard to control.

Any owner that is slack with the training regimen may not get the pet they want – as with all breeds. Therefore, it is important to plan the training well from an early age.

rotterman temperamntImage Source

Doberman Rottweiler mix training

There is good news when it comes to the training of these Rotterman pups.

Both parent breeds are pretty sharp when it comes to learning commands and following orders.

This is one of the reasons why they are so popular as working dogs in military, security and police capacities. This should mean a hybrid of the two that is quick to learn commands, with little need for repetition, and able to respond well.

However, Training can be a little difficult in some of these pups as a few are known to exhibit a bit of an independent streak. Therefore, they may understand precisely what is required of them, but simply choose to do their own thing.

This is where a strong, consistent regimen is required. It helps to be firm as a pack leader, but also to stick with positive reinforcement for the best possible results.

Socialization training is obviously essential here. However, it also helps to work on separation anxiety issues from an early age too.

These big softies can get pretty attached to family members and enjoy their attention. This means they may not like being left alone for long.

There are challenges here, but an experienced dog owner will enjoy the process of turning this bundle of energy into an obedient family pet.

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However, there will be some new owners that struggle when it comes to training a Rotterman

This is where guides such as Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer come in handy.

Doggy Dan is a respected trainer with countless happy clients. His guides provide help on all kinds of training issues – including separation anxiety and those breeds with a stubborn streak.

The style of the information means that they work with pretty much any breed and hybrid, and any owner willing to put in the time and effort for a good result.

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Understanding the physical Rottweiler Doberman mix characteristics

Moving onto the physical characteristic of these dogs, there will also be a number of questions from new owners regarding their size.

What should owners expect here? Is this Rottweiler Doberman mix full grown a big muscular dog, or something leaner like the Doberman?

Some owners may be surprised by the Rottweiler Doberman mix weight here.

Essentially, we end up with something in the middle of the two parents. Leaner than a Rottweiler, with a better shape, or a Doberman thats put on a bit of muscle and width in the frame and face.

The Rottweiler Doberman mix size will vary depending on the leanings of the genetics. Those that take after their Rottweiler parent are a little bulkier.

Remember that the max weight of the Rottweiler is 135 pounds and the maximum for the Doberman is 90 pounds. It is easier to estimate the height as both parent dogs measure around 27/28 as a maximum height.

rottweiler doberman mixRottweiler Doberman Mix – Source

The coat of a Doberman mixed with Rottweiler and their grooming needs

These Rottie/Dobie crosses are pretty low maintenance in terms of grooming and are generally considered to be minimal shedders with their short single coats.

The hair will fall fairly continuously, but not in excessive amounts. This is great news for those that worry they will end up cleaning up after these animals all the time.

These coats will require regular brushing to stay in control, but nothing more. The coats are very attractive with the right diet and conditioning, so these dogs need plenty of fish oils in their diet for a glossy look. Brushing with the right mitt also helps to improve blood flow and oil circulation.

They mostly come in black and tan, as the colors and markings of both parent breeds are pretty similar.

There could be variations depending on the color of the parents. Dobermans come in many lighter colors, with blues, reds and fawns, and this could be visible on a dominant gene.

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Taking care of these Rotterman puppies at home

It is essential that all owners provide the best possible living arrangements for these animals in order for them to be happy, calm and obedient dogs. This means a large home, a healthy, protein rich diet, plenty of love and play time and the right exercise regimen.

The exercise needs of this Doberman and Rottweiler mix, combined with the size, mean that this is not well-suited to a small home.

Not only does it need the time and attention for a good long walk everyday to stay trim and in shape, it needs playtime in the yard.

This is a muscular breed with a great shape when owners take the time to work on the right exercise regimen. You want this dog looking its best and feeling healthy at all times.

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Important information about Rotterman health problems

There are many dog lovers that turn to these hybrid dogs because they believe that they are healthier due to what is known as “hybrid vigour”. The problem is that there is no guarantee that these animals wont inherit the same health problems as their parents.

There are many potential risk factors to look out for here. They include major diseases like bone cancer, Von Willebrand’s disease, Wobbler syndrome, panosteitis, and narcolepsy.

It is also worth keeping an eye out for hypothyroidism, bloat, heart issues, allergies and eye problems.

Keep up with vaccinations and vet checks to stay on top of any issues that may arise.

Unfortunately, the Rottweiler Doberman mix lifespan wont be that high either. The Rottweiler only tends to live to an average of 10 years, this average age isn’t raised all that much with the doberman genes, as the Doberman average life expectancy is 11.

This means that this is a short-lived dog for the size. Still, they can bring a lot of joy in this period.

Finding the best Rotterman breeders

The first place to look when dealing with these puppies is with a respectable breeder that understands these dogs.

A good Doberman Rottweiler mix breeder will welcome you into their home to meet the puppies and parents. This shows that they have good, well-bred stock and an understanding of how to treat the cross breed.

They will also give you the time to ask questions and learn more about the litter. Beware of those that wont let you into the home or near the parents.

Then there is the added issue of the Rotterman price.

Different Rottweiler Doberman mix breeders will expect different prices. There are various factors in play here, such as supply and demand, linage and extras in a care package.

Some will offer a broader service, with health checks and good stock at a slightly higher price. Some will overcharge with false claims of rare colors and other features. Then there are those that will go too cheap to offload unhealthy pups. Be smart and shop around.

rotterman dogDoberman Rottweiler Mix – Source

What about finding a Rottweiler Doberman mix for adoption?

Adopting a Doberman pinscher Rottweiler mix can be a highly rewarding experience for many families.

Adoption removes all the stresses and concerns associated with breeders and allows families to save a life.

There are sure to be Rotterman pups in need of a good home in shelters, either due to incompatibility with the family or abuse. Shelters offer a second chance to these dogs, at a reduced cost to the new owner.

However, it pays to learn about the animals and their personalities first. Some may have behavioral issues that mean that they aren’t suited to a family home. Others may not have been trained well and could be a challenge best suited to an experienced owner.

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What have we learned about this Rottweiler and Doberman mix?

Hopefully all of this Rotterman dog information has provided a clearer sense of what to expect with this pup.

There are sure to be misconceptions over the size and personality of this dog, but this should dispel some of those myths.

With the right handling, training and home environment, there is every chance that this dog will be a loving, calm family pet that everyone will get along with.

There is even the chance that they will be big softies where their loyalty comes out in cuddles and a positive type of protective streak.

There are downsides to this dog in terms of the training and exercise needs, as well as the health issues. But, there are also plenty of positive elements to their behavior, their grooming needs, their intellect and their looks.

This is a great family pet for those that put the work in and find the right breeder.

Should your family go looking for a Rottweiler Doberman mix for sale?

The Rotterman is clearly a special dog that requires the right owner and home life.

The question that you have to ask yourself here is whether or not you can provide that perfect scenario and treat the dog well.

You can’t coop them up in a small home and ignore them for long periods. You can’t neglect their health needs or training else there could be negative repercussions.

If you have a family with the love and determination to get this right, it could be a great idea to buy a Rottweiler/Doberman cross. Just make sure to do your research, find a good breeder and treat them well.

Featured Image: Instagram/Source

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