All About The Sweet, Handsome Rottweiler Lab Mix

The best dog hybrids come about not from designer mixes of cute, teacup sized animals, but rather attempts to create a helpful, well-mannered working dog or family dog.

There are many breeders that understand the best qualities in temperament or physique of two breeds, and are able to create a strong, healthy line of puppies that offer the best of both worlds. One such creature is the Rottweiler Lab mix.

As the name suggests, this is a simple cross between two popular, well-known breeds, with the aim of creating a smart, good-natured dog that can settle into different work environments and homes.

Is this a match made in heaven, or are there issues with this Rott Lab mix that new owners need to be aware of?

In this guide to Labrador x Rottweiler we will attempt to provide you with the very best Rottweiler Lab mix info that all dog owners need before buying/adopting one of these dogs.

This means information on the breeding, and what this means for the size of the dog, the care needs and the personality.

We will also take the time to look at important issues such as their coat and grooming needs, their suitability in a family home and the issues with training these dogs.

This all leads us to a section on where to get a Lab Rottweiler mix puppy, and a final conclusion.

Before we look at the physical features of these dogs, lets consider two other important questions.

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What do we call a Lab and Rottweiler mix?

There are three main choices here that owners and breeders can take when referring to this cross breed.

There are many that will stick with calling it a Rottweiler Lab, because that is what many people are used to.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]However, every popular hybrid dog needs a cute one-word name that highlights its heritage, as well as its standing as a unique new cross-breed.

This is why you will see many breeders referring to Labrottie puppies and owners gushing over their wonderful Rottador. The choice is up to you. [/thrive_text_block]

Why create this Labrador Rottweiler mix?

A Rottweiler mixed with Lab may sound like a strange idea to those used to the pure Lab. However, there are plenty of reasons to breed this mix.

The Labrador is a popular dog that has been with us for a long time due to its mix of loyalty and intelligence. It is a keen gun dog that hasn’t lost any of its energy, enthusiasm or fetching skills during its time as a family dog.

The Rottweiler is better known as a working dog for security work and other military needs. It is more muscular and calmer than the Lab, but also has a protective nature that makes it perfect for guarding families and properties.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]This cross-breed should lead to two possible situations. A watchdog and military dog with a more easy-going nature and higher intelligence, or a family pet that is a little more chilled out and protective than a typical Lab. [/thrive_text_block]

labrottie dogLabrottie – Image Source

What does this Rottweiler and Lab mix look like?

There are two main questions that dog lovers will ask when it comes to the physical Rottweiler Lab mix characteristics.

How big will a Rottweiler Lab mix get and are they going to have that trademark black and tan look of the Rottweiler?

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]As you will see from the many Rottweiler Lab mix images that you will find online, there are two main color types here. There are those with the typical black and tan markings around the muzzle, front legs, eyebrows and chest. Then there are those that are much darker, almost all-black. [/thrive_text_block]

Coloration can depend on the parents. A black Lab Rottweiler mix will lead to a darker dog. There are breeders and owners that talk about brown and grey coats, but they appear to be much rarer.

When it comes to the size, this is definitely a larger, more muscular dog than the Labrador, with a broader head a stockier body.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]This all leads to a Rottweiler Lab mix average size of around 24 inches tall and Rottweiler Lab mix average weight of between 70-115 lbs. [/thrive_text_block]

This weight will depend on just how much your pup takes after their Rottweiler parent or their Labrador parent, as well as if they are male or female.

What do new owners need to know about the grooming needs and general coat condition of this Rottweiler Labrador mix?

Lab Rottweiler mix grooming isn’t too difficult, and they are considered a low maintenance breed, but there are some issues to consider with the coat.

Shedding could be an issue here because of the history of shedding with the Labrador and the likelihood of a double coat with this cross breed.

This is a breed that will shed moderately and frequently. This is a breed that will shed moderately and frequently. However, the amount, as well as the impact on the home, can be controlled with ease via regular brushing to deal with the dead fur.

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labrador rottweiler mix puppyLabrador Rottweiler Mix Puppy – Source

Are there any other issues with the general health of these Rottweiler black Lab mix dogs that owners need to be aware of?

Grooming is just the start when it comes to providing a healthy home life for these dogs.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]Clearly this larger breed needs a strong diet and plenty of exercise to keep it fit and healthy. [/thrive_text_block]

Ideally, this means a good long walk and plenty of time in the yard for play and fetch. This isn’t a dog that will suit the crowded conditions of an apartment.

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Then there are the other Rottweiler Lab mix health issues to consider.

There are a number of health problems that Rottweilers and Labradors experience that may also be seen in their offspring.

These include problems with their eyes and ears, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, bloat, heart problems and allergies.

Also remember that the Labrador tends to have weight control issues where it doesn’t understand portion control, and may becomes overweight. There is the potential that new owners may see this trait in their new Lab Rottweiler puppies.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]It is also important to note that the lifespan of a Rottweiler Lab mix is 9-12 years, although this is clearly just an average figure and will depend on the care and general health of the dog over the years. [/thrive_text_block]

What do new owners need to know about the Rottweiler Lab mix personality?

There are going to be some preconceptions from prospective owners about the temperament and traits of this dogs.

>> Some will assume that it is nothing but a big softie because of the personality of the Labrador and the potentially sweet side of the Rottie.

>> Others will not be so well-up on the traits of the Rottweiler and worry that this will be a tougher, more aggressive version of the Labrador.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]In an ideal situation, with the best training and genetic mix, you should find that this provides the best of both worlds – the family-friendly, loving nature of the Labrador with the more gentle, protective nature of the Rottweiler.

They are likely to be a bit more laid back then their pure-bred Lab cousins and a better watchdog. [/thrive_text_block]

Rottweiler Lab Mix dogImage Source

Are their any important issues with the Rottweiler Lab mix temperament that limit their appeal for families?

There are clearly plenty of positive traits to these dogs that mean that they have great potential as family pets.

However, there are some other aspect to watch out for.

This protective nature means that they may have a tendency to bark at threat and strangers, which may lead to slightly excessive barking around the house. The right training should help to keep this under control.

There is also a risk of separation anxiety for those pups that are attached to their families and want constant attention. Crate training may help for short periods of absence, but they won’t respond well to being left for hours on their own.

Their desire for attention and their subsequent boredom may lead to some destructive behavior.

eliminate dog problems

How to train a Rottweiler Lab mix?

These potential issues with the behavior and personality of these dogs means that it is vital that all owners implement the best training regimens for their animal.

The good news here is that the intelligence of these dogs should hopefully come through pretty well.

The parents breeds are pretty sharp and keen to please, and this should be bred into the offspring.

Even so, it is important to start training as early as possible and to maintain an on-going, consistent regime of positive reinforcement. This ensure that the dog understands its socialization training, obedience skills and house-breaking without too many problems.

Anybody that find themselves having a little trouble with this hybrid dog should consider turning to some online help.

There are many different guides available with tips on specific issues, but two of the most popular with dog owners are Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer and Secrets to Dog Training.

These online courses provide plenty of helpful information for first time owners on training and care for all sorts of breeds and cross-breeds. The step-by-step guides are easy to follow and should help most owners to learn in their own homes, at their own pace.

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Take your time when choosing the best Rottweiler Lab mix breeders

Naturally, the best place to find Rottweiler Lab mix puppies is with local breeders.

However, it pays to be careful and research local breeders and all your options. You want to make sure that the dogs for sale are happy and healthy.

A responsible breeder is one that knows precisely how to breed these animals in a safe, caring environment. They will understand the traits of the parent and ensure that the pups have all the checks and paperwork ready.

Take the time to visit the home to see the dog in this environment. Also ask plenty of questions about the linage of the dogs and potential issues.

The best breeders will be open and honest and give you time with both the puppies and the parents. They should want their puppies to go to the right home. It shouldn’t be all about money and profit.

lab rottie mixLab Rottie Mix – Image Source

What about adoption?

Adoption is a great way to find a Rottweiler Lab mix full grown that needs some love and attention, and a second chance at a forever home.

There are some owners that just wont be able to handle the needs of these dogs because of their personality or size. They will feel that the only option is to give the dog up for adoption in the hope that a more suitable family will come along.

Then there are those breeders that end up giving up some of their puppies because they didn’t meet the “correct” standards or have the “correct” coloration. There are lots of unfortunately reasons why dogs end up in shelters.

What about the Rottweiler Lab mix cost?

Adoption and shelters bring up the issue of price.

Adoption is a great opportunity to find a sweet, beautiful example of this cross-breed at a lower cost, because of the reduced fees.

You have to remember that the prices of Rottie Lab mix puppies can vary greatly between breeders, and will be significantly more expensive than adoption.

Be careful with breeders that try and charge excessive amounts for puppies because of some rare genes or special stock.

At the same time, be aware of those with “cheap” puppies that they want to sell quickly. Look for the middle ground.

rott lab mixImage Source

Does this all mean that the Rottweiler crossed with Labrador is a great combination for most families?

There is great potential here for a loving, wonderful family dog for those that do their research and give this dog all the care and attention that it needs.

The best examples of a Rottweiler Lab mix are charming, good looking animals that will do well in a large home with experienced owners.

Take the time to research Labrottie breeders, care needs and training to get the best possible pup and to get the best out of them as they grow up. Give them the time and love they need and you will enjoy many years with this sweet, protective member of the family.

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